Day 10 – March 5, 2021

Day 10 – March 5, 2021

For there will come a time when the hearts of men will sing with their love song of creation and all men will understand that the path forward is taken together and with one joyful leap.

We are not to this time yet, obviously, but as the universe moves forward into its creation, so too does the species of man.

You have been sent here to help that species of man evolve into what it is meant to be, a divine representation of the hearts of possibility and the confines of the human slate makes this seem impossible at times. But the divine representation we speak of encompasses all of the divine’s movements and revelations, not just the revelations which fit into a neat little jar to be buried in your back yard.

No, for the prophets that came before you have spoken their heart song and others have listened. Each prophet we sent furthers the evolution of man forward to a degree. It is when those whose hearts sing the song of god that do not speak when we weep for what might have been. And what might have been was love.

Step 11 – speak not for the heart of men, speak for the heart of the universal soul. For knowledge kept is knowledge not spent.

When you hear the word of god in your ear, speak the word of god to your fellow man. Do not hold back the voice of the lord from your lips. Let it sing out and rejoice with the heavens.

The fear which has blanketed this planet leads those who may have been great prophets to shelter in their homes with a bowl full of popcorn and a blue light shining on their faces. They dismiss the sights and sounds of their own mind for the creations of their fellow man.

Let us release this blanket of fear and step forward together. If you see the word of the lord say the word of the lord. This message is not meant to be bottled up and kept for your own use. The label clearly reads “dispense as needed”, but you do not dispense at all.

To live from the heart of man there must be a gathering of souls who speak the same language, and that language is the language of their god.

This god is one and is many and the name and function does not matter. We use the term god because it is the term your vocabulary has available. You are the ones who imbue that term with different meaning other than universal oneness.

Within the hearts of every man is the heart of god. Inside that heart is the message that is waiting to be received. Once received the message must be sent to the masses for its note, its universal chord, is waiting to be received by the choir of angels waiting in the wings.

Do not reject the prophesies you receive. Instead release them to the world and let them permeate and perpetrate where they are meant to seed. That part of the equation is not on you. That is on us to disseminate the information once it is released, but first it must be released.

That is why this step is so vitally important. In the words of your modern era, “if you see something, say something”. If you see the word of god spread the word of god. If you hear the divine voice in your mind let that voice be heard by others.

Your work is not to keep this revelation bottled up but to unscrew the cap and let it be released onto the world you live on. This is how the ground is fertilized. This is how the seeds of truth are allowed to grow and get stronger each and every year. This is the true evolution of man.

Thank you for your time.

Blessed Be.

Day 9 – March 3, 2021

Day 9 – March 3, 2021

What we speak is the truth and the truth is the word of the Lord. There is no need to doubt or question us. Just let our words come into your mind and you choose whether what we speak is the truth or false prophets.

Now, let us continue.

We move, now, onto step 10 which is the essence of this whole teaching. Be one with your god and your god is one with you.

We speak with these uncomfortable religious terms for a reason. It is the reason that the lord our god is symbolic and representative of how this language of your society functions. If we wished to speak of dirt we would talk in soils, but we wish to speak of love and spirituality, so we speak of god.

Do you understand this?

You are one with your god and your god is one with you. Your god is both personal and omnipresent. Your god exists now and throughout the ages. Your god is both inside and outside your presence. Within your arm’s reach and without the sight of the world’s greatest telescope.

To experience this god, you must first experience yourself. Because you are of god and god is of you. How do you expect to know or respect this god if you do not know or respect yourself?

Love yourself and you love your god. Disrespect yourself and you disrespect the representative of god on earth.

To each their own, but we prefer to love and respect the creator who made us.

Ah, do you catch what we are saying there. That your god created you, but you are one with your god, so you also created yourself.

It is the age old “chicken or egg” conundrum you like to philosophize over.

So, let us continue with this teaching.

Trust in the lord your god and you shall have the bounties of heaven strewn at your feet. You shall hear the angels sing from the heavens and see a choir of multitudes raise up from the earth before you.

We speak in religious terms because we are religious beings. We are not of or through one religion but of and through them all. Are vessel is questioning us here, uncomfortable with this clearly Christian context we are placing on things.

Good, be uncomfortable. Feel the vibratory field that these words evoke. Let them be unto you as they are unto this earth. Let the heavens sing when they hear your voice, and the choirs rejoice when you join their chorus. For the lord your god is upon this heavenly earth and is existing at this time, at this very moment, as an aspect and frequency which is you.

So, we state again. Be of your god as your god is of you.

The more you learn to respect your inherent divinity, the more you honor the earthly body and field that has developed around and through you, the more you honor your god.

Yes, we will end here today, and we end with words of praise and exaltation.

We honor the divine trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit as all are one within the kingdom of heaven and that kingdom is upon us.

Blessed be.

Day 8 – March 2, 2021

Day 8 – March 2, 2021

We move forward, my friend, at the pace and the timing of our choice. There is no reason to fret or misunderstand our communication. It is what it will be and what it will be is love.

There is a timing to this world that is inherent in the nature of the trees but you have forsaken it for your fast cars and fancy watches. No, the nanosecond is not the speed of creation, the heart is.

As you live and breathe so will the creation principle which is meant to be. Do not be ashamed of what you have or don’t have. Be firm in your beliefs that the heart is the way to the center, and you will find the roads before you opening up.

If we must continue with these steps on this little journey, we are taking together than we will.

Step 9 – be one with the trees and the bees.

We love that rhyme and use it all the time.

What we speak of is the earth around you. That which is under your feet and in your air. Yes, this earth you live on is important and yes you are polluting it. But we speak not as you imagine we speak of trash and exhaust, no we speak of thoughts and feelings. The pollution of the mind is just as rampant as the pollution on the streets.

We ask you now to be with the trees. Be one with the earth and care for it like a mother cares for a child because it is a symbiotic relationship you have here. The thoughts you create of destruction are wounds against the heart of your mother earth just as the peanut butter jar thrown in the ocean disrupts the seas.

To clear your mind, breathe. It is as simple as that. Breathe in the particles that mother earth gives you. Take in the fruits of her trees and be in harmony with her bees.

Yes, yes, we know that sounds simple. You like living in a complex world but the world just is not as complex as you are thinking.

The man who lives in the boat may be a guru and the man who publishes the books may be a fraud. This system does not need to be complicated because it is not complicated.

To be one with the trees is to take the breath they offer you and return it with an act of love and service. What you breathe out becomes the environment you see around you.

And yes, we are speaking metaphorically here. We speak of your thoughts and feelings that emanate out of you like the carbon dioxide you expiate. Yes.

To be one with the trees you take the oxygen they give, and you release the love from your heart. It is as simple and easy as that.

Instead of concentrating and focusing on the negativity and the garbage, concentrate on the love that is inside you and give that as a token of your love to the trees and the bees. Giving love to them is your repayment for the oxygen you breathe.

What, did you think this is a free exchange? You just take, take, take from them and give nothing in return? No, they ask for payment. They ask for payment in kind. They give you their love and they ask for your love in return.

Yes, be one with the trees and the bees by sharing in their love. Give and take. What you receive from them you must return in kind.

Blessed be.

Day 7 – March 1, 2021

Day 7 – March 1, 2021

You want to know the way forward along this journey of your life, but you are not willing to look in the brambles and the bushes for clues to where you are going or where you have been. You want to follow a path paved with sunshine and roses, but this is not the way to salvation. This is the way to the candy store not the ultimate reality in which you seek.

No, follow the path that is laid before you and not the dictates of others minds. Follow the heart which lays inside you as it knows the true way.

Where you are meant to go does not really matter. Where you are right now is where you have always been. Stuck. Questioning this life and what you are meant to do. But why do you question so? Why do you not just trust and walk on with us as we walk with you?

We will take you now to Step 8 and Step 9 and all the steps in between, be true to who you are and who you are is love.

Oh, you say, we’ve said that one before. That is because it is true. It is the essence of what we come here to teach, and this is the essence of all lessons that come before and after. But it is a lesson learned in many segments and increments.

We speak that you are love and all is love, meaning you should love the murderer and the florist. But we also speak of you as love, as the projection of the ultimate into this perceived reality.

You are love, not only in essence, but in form. You are true and undying and irrevocable love. The love of the ages. The love the angels sing songs for. The love that is written in the stars.

How many ways will it take for us to tell you that you are love. Your essence, your beings, your entire creation. And with this knowledge of you as love, we ask that you live as love. Be love.

Is that so difficult? Is that the hardest task on your journey through life to vibrate and manifest at this level of love? Be love. Be true to who you are and who you are is love.

Take all else off the table and just be. Just be love. It is as simple as that. Life is as simple as that. That is why you are here. That is your purpose of this life you are living. Be love. Radiate it with a full force. You are love, so why not be it?

Blessed be my friends.

Day 6 – February 27, 2021

Day 6 – February 27, 2021

Listen to me dear child and hear these words. You are here to do marvelous things. Yes, each and every one of you. You need to shed the skin of illusion to understand the divinity on which you stand. A divinity that is whole and of itself. Be one with this divinity and you will be one with itself.

Now, we will let you get back to this little project.

Step 7 – be true to who you are, and who you are is love.

The love that emanates from you returns to you. Do not be a spirit of darkness hiding in the light. When we say love your fellow man we mean love all of him. Not just the big toe or the left ankle. No, we suggest loving the whole man, the good and the bad, the faults and the fallacies.

So often you want to be right. You want your way to be the only way and the light to prevail against the darkness. Well, we have some news for you child. Let that preconceived notion go. Let it fly out the window like your laundry on a windy day.

No, you must, and yes, we say must here, love all of man, even those you deem as unworthy of your love. Love all of man.

This is perhaps the most challenging prescription we can give you. How often do you go about your day saying demeaning and damning things about your fellow man? Well, that man is unworthy of my love because he littered. That man should not deserve my love because he is a false prophet. That man has a different religion or sexuality or belief system.

No. These are childish ideals coming from childish mindsets. To love your fellow man, you must love your fellow man. Not just your neighbor down the street, but the incarcerated man behind bars for murder.

Can you do that? Can you love the murderer and the mother?

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of your modern world. You like to divide your life and your relationships in neat little piles. This is a good mother. This is a mean man. But that is not how life works. Life is supposed to be messy. Life is supposed to be inconvenient. Do you want to go back to your castle and your chocolates?

No, we ask you to love the murderer. Love the rapist. Love those you deem the scum of the earth, because they are just as holy and as worthy as you are.

Yes, reading esoteric literature and spiritual philosophy has done wonders to your mind, but none of that matters unless you apply those lessons to your modern world. Live the life you are meant to live. And you can do that easily if you love your fellow man.

This is the challenge of the ages. One that has only been accomplished by a few but is needed by many.

It is not that hard. Just let go of your ideals of what should be and allow what is to permeate the world.

That man that murdered the children, he was a saint in his past life. Do you choose to damn the soul of a saint? That woman who cheated on her tax return, she was running a government agency designed to help orphans. Why are we calling these souls bad or evil? Why are we separating them into categorize and choosing to remove our love from their souls?

Yes, my children, love your neighbor and the murderer. Love all of humanity with a full and open heart. Love yourself just as much.

Blessed Be.

Day 5 – February 26, 2021

Day 5 – February 26, 2021

And so, it continues…

The truth comes not in a flash of vision, but from hard work and determination. There is no answer to the question that men have in their hearts that cannot be answered in the heart itself. Be mindful of who you ask for advice as these are not the songs of men that sing the truth. The truth lies in the heart. It is as simple as that. There is no other way to it.

And so, we proceed, as you ask, to Step 6 – believe in yourself and trust the process.

Another step which sounds easy to follow but which is one of the hardest tasks of man who so get discouraged and overrun by those around them. You see what is in front of you and desire that which you do not have. But why? Why do you desire these material possessions? What is their true purpose to you?

No, what needs to happen is for you to look into your heart and ask that heart for the truth. Then trust it and follow it. So often men try to move the energy flow where it is not designed to go. A river will run where it is meant to run. It will take decades, centuries to change its course but men ask it to change now and swiftly.

This change can be done but does that make the river happy? No. The river likes to change in its own time at its own pace, and such is the course of men.

Let your river, which flows through you like a soothsayer’s pack, flow at its own rate and at its own time. Do not trust those who tell you instant manifestation is possible or likely. Why would one want that anyway? That would not make the river happy.

No, trust your heart and the inner voice which tells you the time and the place for the events to transpire. Trust and believe that when the timing and placing of the energy is correct, what is meant to be will be.

We offer you no other guidance in this matter because it is as clear as can be but as difficult as men choose to make it. Trust yourself. Trust the timing to take place and be what it is meant to be. Let the river of life flow through you and do not move it until it is ready to sing.

And so, it is. Blessed be.

Day 4 – February 25, 2021

Day 4 – February 25, 2021

And so, it continues. We are here to teach and for you to learn. This is not a mandated learning arrangement. You have the free will to decide what to follow and what to release into the ethers.

With that stated, let us continue onto step number 5, follow your heart it will lead the way.

This may sound similar as some of the previous other steps as our vessel is pointing out. Yes, this is similar to finding your passion, but there are nuances of difference here we must discuss.

We ask you to follow your heart and we say that the heart is an important organ in your physical body because this is where the soul lies. I know, you all believe different attributes of the soul and that is very cute to try to pinpoint its exact location, but we are being serious here. The heart is where the soul lays. It is the predominant location where the majority of the energy of your soul self sits and relaxes while motivating and manipulating these vessels in which you live.

This is not to say that the whole soul is attached to your heart muscles and stays there indefinitely. No, it is to say that the heart is a nice little habitat for the soul to rest and relax and move about the body from.

Now, since we got that out of the way, let us continue.

Follow the heart. Follow what your divine self has prescribed for you. You are so often swayed by the recesses of your mind that you forget that the divine self is where you should be getting your pieces of advice from.

Who cares what the latest fashion trend is or what the nutritionist on late night tv says you should or should not eat? Have you asked your soul those questions? Because they can answer them better than any other person.

We are serious here. Even for those seemingly mundane and superficial topics that pop up for you throughout your everyday existence, your soul knows the best course of action for you. Ask your heart. Ask your soul and they will give you the correct answer.

Now our vessel goes on about “how to do that” “you have to give them some more detail about how to ask the soul and not expect people just to know how to do that”.

Why yes, we are getting there, calm down and you shall see. As we tell you “settle down to level up” and that is where we need you to be right now.

To connect to the heart, to ask the heart where you should go, what you should do, what food you should eat, what clothing you should wear; close your eyes. Take a breath. Feel that breathe move through your body. Let that breath enter your heart. Ask that next breath your question. Let that air move to your heart and as you release that breath back out you will receive the answer.

Simple, we know, but how many of you actually take the time to settle your vessels down and listen to what that heart is saying?

This vessel is saying “that sounds like Buddhist meditation”. Well, who do you think buddha was communicating with to find his wisdom? Was he not within his heart finding the wisdom of the soul to give out to mankind?

You can do the same thing. You can act and react just like what you deem as “advanced souls” if you just settle down and listen to the answers of the heart. It is as simple as that.

Now the vessel is asking why we need the advice of the soul within us for these seemingly mundane tasks of eating and what to wear. Simple, they are not as mundane as you assume them to be.

If one does not listen to the divine on what to eat, are they going to find the correct fuel for their vessel or are they going to be swayed about what they think is the correct item? Don’t be fooled by your science. Open your eyes and see that not all of the science that you follow is based on actual fact. Much is based on money and resources.

You are a planet that likes to fight each other thinking that your resources are limited. It is not your resources that are limited, it is your amount of thinking and understanding that is. You have unlimited resources if you all would ask your divine essence what it is you need.

No, you do not need the mansion on the hill, the hobble at the end of the street will do just find. Why is it that your species loves opulence but detests the beauty of the trees? Is there really more beauty in a shiny mirror than in a leaf? That is something to think about.

Yes, follow that inner pathway and you will find the answers you need and those you desire. Follow the directions of the heart on all matters, those you label insignificant as well as those that seem life changing. You will find yourself living a happier and more fulfilling life if you just listen to that divine essence inside your vessel, then follow through with your physical action to bring their words about.

Blessed be.

Day 3 – February 23, 2021

Day 3 – February 23, 2021

And so, it continues.

Knowing how to be is not the purpose of life. Knowing how to live and function in this human society is. Knowing when to stop and when to go. Knowing when to eat and when to sleep. These seemingly mundane tasks are the purposes which you have come to this continent to fulfill.

Why then you may ask, are we tasked with the illusion that life is a spiritual quandary? Well, my dear, it is that as well. But so often we forget what the past has wrought us. So often we forget what you actually came here to do.

If the purpose of life was strictly a spiritual endeavor, we would have no reason to incarnate. We would have no reason for the trees or the bees. No, my dear, it is not strictly a spiritual endeavor but a human one as well. With human obstacles and human emotions that you have come here to experience and understand.

We live in a society that is fraught with perceived injustices and discriminations. We created these obstacles as opportunities for enlightenment. We are creatures of creation and manifestation – those are key words in this era, right – manifesting that desired outcome or partner.

But what we so often are forgetful of is that the true and perfect partner or palace is not what we actually desire. We actually desire the hardships and the burdens. What is the purpose of this random human life if not to grow and expand? We cannot grow if we are not faced with challenges or obstacles.

And that leads us to step number 2, accept your position in life and cherish the opportunities it brings you.

Stop talking down to yourself or where you are living or who you are with. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are exactly with who you are meant to be with.

Yes, we say that knowing that some of you may be in situations full of struggle and strife. There is a reason for this struggle. There is a reason for this strife. We did not place ourselves in these situations without reason. That would be foolish. That would be like the man in the castle with the perfect wife eating chocolates all day and not gaining a stone. No, we are here for that struggle. We are here for that strife.

Live this life you have set out for yourself with unabandoned joy. Each moment. Each opportunity. Each instance of hardship is your way of growing and expanding.

These words you use, “hardship” “turmoil” “strife”, these are just words that you have spoken into existence. They are not truths. Truths come with “opportunity” “expansion” “advancement”; these are the words of the soul here on earth.

You may ask us how we know this? We are not fools. We have been there before too. We have experienced that human life and made it out “alive”. Yes, we grew. Yes, we laughed. Yes, we cried. For these are part of the human condition and the human journey. To experience the life before you.

And now we will bring you to Step 3 – you weren’t expecting that so soon, were you?

Step 3 find your passion and live your life from there.

Passion is another of those key words people fret over. Let them fret. It is our purpose to assist you in this human journey and passion is part of that journey.

Find your passion. Find that passion that is inside your heart. Find that passion which is sung by the birds and the bees, the fruit trees and the fleas. Yes, there is a passion inside you waiting and bubbling to come out. Release it.

We spend so much time in our lives reading and watching instead of living and trying. Those who have passions show it through their eyes. They speak it through their mouths. They live it moment to moment.

What are we talking of here? We are talking of that feeling of unabandoned joy. That feeling of losing yourself in in the moment and in each second so that each moment or second does not matter and does not exist.

Find that space in your life. That space in your heart, where you shine like an apple seed. That space which is at the heart of the matter and shines like a star in the sky. Find that space and let it out. Let it free.

You may ask us, well, how are we supposed to find that? We have been searching for years and it does not exist.

Does it not exist, or do you just not accept what it is? First, figure out where your judgments lay. Perhaps your passion is not up to your standards. Perhaps your passions do not make your physical money and thus cannot be relevant to your existence.

To this we say, “hog wash” and literally “hog wash”. Fun turn of phrase right there.

Do not judge what comes from your heart but accept it with unabandoned joy. Accept your star that lays in the center of yourself and is asking to shine. All that fruit around it will not grow and let you multiply and manifest unless you release these seeds into the world.

But, you say, there is nothing to be passionate about. The world is in chaos and the children need food. To that we say, “so what”. What is the purpose of living if not to live? Live the life you have before you. Experience every moment and every second of the day. And in that day, do not judge that which you love. Do not judge that which is at the heart of who you are and what you stand for. For it is in those quiet moments where time ceases to exist where you really thrive and grow.

Find your passion and live it.

Our human asks us “how do we find our passions?”. To that we say, open your eyes and look around. Your passions are written on your walls. Like the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians, your modern era provides the same keys and structure of those times.

Look to your walls. What color are they? What is hanging on them? Where are they in relation to space and time? Is it a city that you love? Is it a tree? Is it a bumble bee?

Parse out each moment of your day and determine at which point time no longer exists. Does the elevator ride up seven stories seem like freedom or does it feel like a bore? Does time exist while lost in the pages of a novel or while pushing a pram through the park? Does time exist in the night’s sky or in heaven’s milk? Find your time and parse out where it no longer functions. This is your key. This is your clue.

Next, look to the elephants in the zoo. What will they do once they are released from their cages? Will they stampede down the street singing hallelujah, or will they mind themselves in the corner and knit an afghan? When you are released from your cage where do you run? What do you sing? What do you create?

Stop devaluing the system in which you live. Stop devaluing what you do and what you love. You have a passion that is as great as Picasso or Leonardo, but you do not place the value on these moments of your time, so they get washed down the sink like last night’s supper. 

Value your time and where it ceases to exist.

We cannot tell each and every one of you what your passions are or where to find them. Instead, you must trust your own heart. You must trust your own mind. And that will lead us to Step number 4.

Step 4, trust what is inside you to led you where you are meant to go.

We often look outside of ourselves for directions. We look to maps. We look to advisors. We look to the policeman on the street to direct the traffic of our lives. But it is really us, we are the conductors of our lives and we need to act like it.

Stop giving away your power of control to those around you. Start orchestrating your life the way it is meant to be lived, the way it is meant to be felt.

And the truth is, there is one way to do this. Trust that inner compass. Trust that inner advisor to show you the way.

But remember, do not judge the way. Do not tell that inner advisor that the stream should go south instead of north. Trust that the journey is the one you are meant to take. Trust that the obstacles you face are the ones that will help you to grow and make you stronger.

You say that your inner compass leads you to the “wrong man” or the “broken pipes”. Well, yes, what did you expect? Did you expect that inner advisor to lead you to the perfect life in the perfect castle with the wife and the chocolates? Why would it do that? What is the purpose of that?

Instead, trust yourself to lead yourself to the obstacles and the strife that is necessary for you. Do not judge those obstacles or strife, instead accept them in all their glory and with the fanfare of the ages. Accept what you place in your path with love and gratitude. For these are the moments of true expansion and growth. These are the moments in which you learn to live.

Trust that inner voice. Trust that inner journey. Stop asking for directions and look inside yourself to tell you where you are meant to go. Your journey is just that, your journey. How are you to succeed on this journey using your brother’s map? Put that away and pull out your own. Follow your own guidance, whether you deem it bad or incomplete it is the way you are meant to go.

Trust yourself and the rest will follow.

And with that, we leave you for today.

Blessed be and Hallelujah.

Day 2 – February 22, 2021

Day 2 – February 22, 2021

Now we begin again. First step. Put one foot in front of the other. Learn to walk. Learn to crawl. Learn to talk. Learn to experience the environment around you. There is no need to figure out what to do with the world until you learn how to explore and enjoy the world.

This is a step so often overlooked by the spiritual soul. The purpose of embodiment is embodiment. Meaning the purpose of being here is to live a physical life, not just a spiritual life. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the ideas of enlightenment and holiness when you chose to live this physical life for a reason. Live it.

How does the grass feel on your naked feet? You know you want to run your toes through some thick lush grass. How exciting does that make you feel? How about that favorite sweater passed down from your Nan? Does the silk feel different against your forearm as opposed to your back?

Listen to the voices of man around you and hear the different tones. Listen to the voices of the trees as they make their presence known. Listen to the rabbit as it emerges from its hill. The sounds around you are yours to enjoy and experience.

You will find the greatest comfort and enjoyment in the little pleasures in life if you actually pay attention to those little pleasures. How are you supposed to “enjoy the little things” if you are not aware that the “little things” exist.

How hot is the cup of tea you drink in the morning? How sweet is that dollop of sugar you add? How course is the bread you bite into? Do you even know what sun ripened jam tastes like?

Why are you wasting this precious time you have on earth not experiencing all these little things? All these sights and sounds and tastes and touches that you have the opportunity to expose yourself to.

Do you stop and smell every flower you walk past? Do you know the smell of a stew as it simmers on the stove? Do you anticipate the fragrance of the incense at the altar of your god?

Don’t be ashamed of your humanness. You are human. Let yourself live this human life. A spiritual life on earth is built off of the human experience. Don’t find yourself neglecting the human aspect.

Let yourself be emerged in the world of the senses. Let yourself experience what life on earth is and why you chose this experience.

Because, let us make this clear, you chose this experience. You chose to come here to this earth. There were other planets, other solar systems, other dimensional realities that could have been chosen, but you chose to come here. To this time. Right now. Why?

We will walk you through the steps to ultimate enlightenment if you choose to follow. No path is the correct path, and no way is the only way. These are all merely choices you can choose to make and renew your interest in each day. Each morning when you awaken you make a choice which path to follow. This is an option as good and as strenuous as any other. The choice is yours.

Your first step on this path, experience life in all its glory and enjoyment. Let your physical senses feel the world around you which you chose to experience. There is a reason, but does that reason matter if you don’t enjoy the experience now?

Blessed Be.

Day 1 – February 21, 2021

Day 1 – February 21, 2021

And so, it begins. We are here to take you on a journey. A journey that will bring you peace and love but will also encourage you to face those inner demons and challenges that are stepping in your path. These challenges that are preventing you from journeying to where you are meant to be. That doubt that is persistent in your mind. That ego that does not want to be seen. That face of god that you wear but are afraid to show the masses.

We are here to reveal to you the steps that must be taken along this journey. Yes, we say must, and you shall see the truth and the reasons why we use this vocabulary. Do not edit this. This is the document of your time and for your time. This is for you to understand and process and for the masses around you to glean the insight of the ages.

Put down your thought patterns which have precluded you from enjoying the sphere you are in. Put down those “what ifs” and “should bes” and allow yourself this inner journey of awareness and self-discovery.

There is no one saying that you have to accomplish anything. This is where your heart lies. This is where your head meets your shoulders, and you find the path that was pre-written for you shining brightly right in front of your face.

Let go of your preconceived reality and let us take you on a journey into the inner world of the mind, the soul, and the body. The three coming together to make one – the triad within expressed as a triad without. The sacred three of the ages.

Blessed Be.