The Words of SEA – Day 20

Day 20 – March 15, 2021

The message today is one of peace and hope. A hope for a peaceful state of being which exists in each and every one of us. A potential and a possibility for what is and what may be.

Every day we wander this earth thinking about the joy and exaltation it would be to live in a state of peace. But peace is not what we speak, and peace is not what we vibrate out. No. Peace seems to be like some lost prize that we don’t even know what game to play to win.

What we are looking at is a word and an environment that does not correspond to our actual thought patterns and behaviors. You say you want world peace but then criticize the elephant on the street or the man in the bodega. No, that is not the speech of a man wanting peace; that is the speech of a man wanting his view of reality imposed on all.

This brings us to Step 35 – do not unto others as you would do onto them but as your brethren would do for all of mankind. This is a message of loving yourself and your neighbors, of loving all of creation as they are meant to be loved. Of loving and feeling and being in a state of peace and love and joy, or whatever word you choose to give this state in which you seek.

Instead of seeking this state of being, be this state of being. You are peace, live it. You are joy, be it. You are everlasting love from the heavens above. Thank that love and express it throughout your being.

What we ask of you today is simple. Love your neighbor. Love yourself. You want peace throughout the world, be peace within yourself. What we vibrate, vibrates out and attracts the world around us. Let yourself vibrate peace and a peaceful nation you will create.

This leads us to Step 36 – your thoughts and actions bring the reality to you in which you are seeking. Instead of seeking that reality, let yourself be the reality you want expressed around you.

Yes, this is a continuation of the previous step, but one with more pointed a message. What you express out of your heart space spreads out into the world around it. It does the seeking for you. It seeks what it is. It seeks to resonate and intonate with the world around it at a similar frequency.

When you express the love principle outwards into your environment, it spreads and seeks and attracts that which it is. It attracts the love principle back to itself.

It is as simple as that. You want to live in a peaceful world, radiate peace outwards from your heart space. Let yourself be peace. This will attract a world of peace because condemnation cannot stand in the way of a peaceful vibration.

But what we really want to uncover for you, is that you do not radiate peace because you do not realize this is not what you have placed in front of your heart space. Instead of asking your heart space what it wants and radiating that outward, you watch your news, you interact with your culture, you are taught to condemn your fellow man. To see his actions as unworthy of your love.

You are not taught to love the murderer or the bully. At a young age you are told that the boy who pushes you off the swing is bad and should not be given love. What a world we would live in if instead of being taught to push back or to condemn him, you were taught that this individual was missing love and asking for it in return. Instead of condemning the bully, what a world we would live in if we were taught to see the bully with the face of god and know that he is righteous and worthy in his own right.

Now, do not misconstrue us. We are not saying to teach your child to hug the one who pushes them off the swing. No, that would be foolish, and we do not teach foolishness. No, instead we ask that you teach the child to establish their proper boundaries in that moment, to tell the bully not to do that, to seek assistance if need be, to not accept the behavior that was wrought upon themselves. But then we ask that you not view the bully as an evil aspect of creation. To view the face of god which the bully wears and to love him in all his states, unconditionally.

We are taught to hate and condemn our fellow man. This is not inherent in the small child. This is a lesson that is currently being taught in this creation sphere and must be untaught to see the truth which lays beneath. And we say this must be untaught at all levels, from children through adulthood.

Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Radiate this love outward and you will feel and experience that love in return. Do not condemn those whose behavior you find unworthy. Love them unconditionally. Teach your children, not to approve of inappropriate behavior, but to love the individual anyway.

And with that we will leave you for today.

We love you with unfettered joy and we ask that you view yourself the same way we view you. We love you and accept you.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 19

Day 19 – March 14, 2021

To seek and not find is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to be in the moment and of the moment. There is nothing here for you to find. There is nothing here for you to seek. Did you think we set this life up for you to find a self that does not really exist, or to exist in a self that is present?

Here we will bring you to Step 34 – be with your present moment in all capacities, from the body, to the mind, to the soul.

This is not a message of striving or of rejection. This is a message to realize that you are in a body so you should live in that body; not in a moment of time that has not yet existed or in a song that is not yours to sing.

We ask that you sing your own song for it is absolutely beautify. This is a song of heaven. This is a song of grace. This is a song of universal wisdom.

You do not need to seek out this song. You just need to be this song.

How do you be a song, you ask us. You sing at your own vibrational level. You be your true self. The self that is here right now in this moment. Not the self that thinks and speaks but the self that projects out from the heart center.

To live your true and honest life you must do that – live. You must breathe and act and speak from the heart. Not because it is the right thing to do but because it is the only thing to do.

We offer up this exercise for you today. Close your eyes. Slow your breathing. Be one with this moment in time. Let yourself enter into your heart space. Let yourself feel what it is like to inhabit this heart space. Let this self, in this heart space, expand. Let it spread its arms and reach outside and beyond this body you are fitted into. Feel the vibratory frequencies which surround your field as your heart space expands beyond the vessel you sit. Feel what it is like to just be in this expanded heart space. To live this moment. This second. This instant from your heart space. Now you may open your eyes.

And that is our message today. Live in this moment. Love in this moment. Be in this moment. There is no seeking to be had. No striving. There is only this moment of being that we ask you to speak your song into the choir that is waiting for your voice.

May you feel the passion of the Christ vibrating throughout your field and accept the love which is inherently yours, for it is always there.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 18

Day 18 – March 13, 2021

Let us continue.

The message today will be one of space. We are being thematic right now, as you can understand it.

Space, like time, is not what you believe or think it to be. Space is all relative, as they say. Space is relative and situational. The space you are in today is not the space you will be in tomorrow or the space you will be in the next day.

Space is an inherent construct of your reality in which some members fascinate and enjoy to delve into. Space is the container which holds the essence, the vessel which holds the fluid, and for that we are thankful.

For here, we will travel to Step 30 – be not unto thee the space of the ages but the space of the times in which you sit. The space that is around you is in the moment you are in, just as the time particle you interact with is at an exact moment.

What we speak of here is the idea that space is divisive and neutral at the same time. Space that is allowed to be can open up into many different avenues. In its free range, space can exist at many points in time and in many avenues of birth.

We desire to impress upon you the idea that space is malleable. It can be created and formed through the powers of your mind just as the particle of time can be created and formed. It can be manipulated and used to your choosing.

Our vessel is asking for an exercise to demonstrate what we speak of, and so we will oblige for this lesson.

Close your eyes. Sit your body in the space you are in. Feel the vessel that is enclosed around you. Feel the skin which defines this vessel you have chosen. Now, let your essence seep out of that vessel. Let your essence travel to the other side of the room. Go to the left first, as far as you choose. Don’t let the walls or the ground be of your concern. They do not matter; they are just matter. After you have gone a ways, come back to your vessel. Now repeat this exercise going to your right. Go as far as you choose to go, not minding those matter constructs in the way. Now come back. Go up in your space now, up as high as you choose to go. Past the ceiling and into the stars. How does it feel up there? Now come back. You can open your eyes now.

When we say that the space you are in is malleable, we mean that you can shift and change it at a moment’s will, a moment’s thought. Your physical body may appear to be in one specific space at one specific time, but this is not set-in stone, as it were. You can shift your body and your perception to a different location using your power of thought.

Now, our vessel is not believing this and questioning our methods, and for this we will say, you will get there in your own “time” and “space”. And for that, meaning when you fully accept the universal laws and the flows of the universe for what it is. An energy stream which can be used and understood in all manners of ways and reality.

For that, we will move onto Step 31 – the mind controls where the vessel sits but the heart controls where the soul flies.

For this we ask you to remember the previous exercise. You will understand that your perception, and the perception of the soul can traverse outside the physical form. You can move your soul energy across the seas and over the mountains if you so choose to.

But that is the important point here, if you so choose to. Many of you do not choose to move your soul beyond the confines of your vessels, and for that we say, okay. That is fine. There is no need to travel the worlds with your soul at this time.

The fact that the soul can travel does not mean that it needs to travel. Yes, your soul can explore different realities while you are on earth, but does it need to do so? No. It can if it wants and it is a choice, just as all we speak of are choices.

The vessel in which we sit currently, the soul, which is housing us, does not wish to travel far and wide, and for this we say, fine. This current incarnation, in this current time and space, is a fine place to sit and understand.

For the moment you are in, the space you are in, is a valuable learning tool, just as is all we teach.

And for that, we will show you Step 32 – the moment you sit in, the time you sit in, is as valuable as any other point in time or space. You do not need to push the confines of where and when you are unless it is your choice to do so.

We say this to encourage choice, not push the boundaries of what each individual is comfortable with. Traversing the universe may not be necessary for one soul’s growth while it may be helpful to another, and determinantal to a third.

Do what your soul directs you to do. Do what your soul yearns to do. If your soul yearns to explore the concepts of time and space, allow it to do just that. Allow it to manipulate the time you are sitting in, making it slower or speeding it up. Allow it to change its location, going across the street or across the universe.

All of these exercises are merely that, exercises. Even if you manage to put your energy vibration on the surface of the Moon and see each crater for what it is; it is still merely an exercise.

And each of these exercises is designed to do the same thing. Bring you to the realization that all is one. That we are all connected in the universal flow of life and energy. That loving your neighbor as yourself is an integral lesson in the here and now because all is one.

Your neighbor is you and you are your neighbor. The universal life energies which traverse the space you sit in, the time you are present in, these energies are the same for your fellow beings on this planet.

And thus, you sit at the precipice of this teaching. All is love. You are love. Your brother is love. The time you sit in is love. The space you feel in is love. The face you see in the mirror is love. This is the essence of this teaching. This is the essence of your life.

So, we will give it a step if you feel that is right. Step 33 – ALL IS LOVE.

No other explanation is necessary for this whole text and dialogue is an explanation for this statement.

We ask that you simply contemplate this statement. Let it settle in your being and in your mind. Let yourself feel the essence and the energy that this statement provides you. Let it be your mantra and your message.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

We say we love you. We offer you our blessings in this eternal space time continuum in which you choose to sit, wherever and whenever that may be.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 17

Day 17 – March 12, 2021

We will speak now about the passage of time. The time that you see before you and the time which you feel within you. Time is a malleable substance that those of you who understand this property can create and enjoy at your leisure.

Now, what do we mean by this? We mean what we say, time is malleable. You can form it and use it for your own choosing. The fact that you do not choose to use time in such a way is of no consequence to us. It is an option you have as a life form on earth.

You will understand this concept to a greater extent the more you allow yourself to slip into the universal flow of energies, to dip your toes into the waters of life.

Yes, this is a metaphor and symbolism used to evoke that feeling you get when you are in your bliss and nothing around you truly matters but being in the present moment.

And here, we take you to Step 27 – live in the present moment and nothing else matters or exists.

Yes, this is a message and a step to live your life in the moment you are currently experiencing. Not the moment twenty years ago or the moment twenty years in the future. The moment you are in now.

We have an example for you if you wish. Picture yourself twenty years ago. In that moment in time what did you imagine yourself doing now? Did you picture your nose glued to an miniature phone screen scrolling through pictures of other people’s food choices for the week? No? You did not realize you would put so much stock in what an individual who lives across the world eats for breakfast every morning?

Now try to picture yourself twenty years into the future. Do these phones even exist anymore? Well, can you really say? Are we in the flying cars that were promised to us or still driving around these gas-powered automobiles?

Progress happens where people choose progress to happen. Your desire for a certain future will shift and change as the world around you shifts and changes. This is why we tell you now, live in the present moment. Live in this moment in time which is before you and which has been given to you.

There is no need to live in the past, that does not exist anymore. You can let that go. There is no reason to live in the future. You cannot even conceive of what a future will look like or the possibilities it will hold. And when you do try to conceive of such a future, you limit yourself to what you believe is possible or likely to occur, not the broad stroke of ingenuity which may come along and change all the matter before you.

So, we say, live in this present moment you have before you. Live with unfettered glee and joy for the creation and wonders that you have the opportunity and possibility to experience and enjoy.

And with that, we will move onto Step 28 – when the moment in time you are in is allowed to sit in the place you are, you can derive the full benefit from that time particle.

Here is where we get to the ideas regarding the manipulability and malleability of time. Yes, you label time as one hour or one second or one day, but these are merely formalities. You all have agreed on a calendar system, a time system that works for you so you agree that today is a Tuesday or that next week will be a new month. These are all arbitrary decisions that have been collectively agreed upon.

But, instead of relying on these collective agreements, take a moment and allow yourself to sit in the time you are in. Experience the time you are in. Then, using your mind allow that moment in time to expand. Allow that moment in time to grow infinitely bigger. How much can you put into that moment in time? Allow yourself to fill that moment in time with all the sunshine and roses of your choosing. Contract that piece of time now. Let it get small. Let it sit on the top of a needle. Let it be so tiny that you need a microscope to see it.

Do you understand the metaphor we bring before you? You can control your experience of time with the energies in your mind. If you sit with time at the place where it is, in the present moment where you currently are, that piece of time is malleable. Use your mind to expand it and allow it to last as long as that time piece needs to last. Allow that time piece to shrink and experience it as a blip on your radar.

Here is your experiment we ask you to perform. Sit in the silence. Sit with your back straight and your eyes closed. Count backward from five releasing your breath with each number. (Five – Four – Three – Two – One) In this moment in time, in your mind, yell “stop” and allow your inner world to pause and take a moment. Allow all your senses to stop their movement for a microsecond of your time. Now breathe regularly again. This time count forward to five, saying the number on each in breath. (One – Two – Three – Four – Five) When you get to five say the word “expand” in your mind. Allow time to expand beyond your preconceived notion of it. Now breathe regularly. You may open your eyes now.

At first, as you try this experiment, you may feel your mind trying to talk you out of the possibility of time shifting its normal rhythm. Do not let this dissuade you. Keep attempting this experiment and see where it leads you.

The goal of this exercise is for you to feel the different nature and reality of time. Time is malleable in measurement just as it is malleable in form.

And this leads us to Step 29 – time is an illusion and therefore a tool that you can use to alter the reality which is before you and the reality which is within you.

Our vessel is getting uncomfortable with this talk of time and for that we will say step back and let us explain what we mean.

Here we mean that time is not something that you should discount or not take into your consideration. It is an illusion in the fact that it is not really stable or how you conceive of time. Time is an opportunity, a resource, which you can use to tread this earth in a manner of your choosing.

Here we will say that time is a tool for you to choose how to use and how it should operate. If you wish to discount the power of time, that is to your choosing. If you would like to use time to benefit you then we bless you and offer you good bidding.

We say that time is a tool insofar as you allow yourself to see that time can cooperate with what you desire of it. Stop wearing a watch and see if your concept of time changes. Does it matter what time you eat your morning meal? Does your body tell you a different story of when it is ready for rest and what amount of rest will be good for it?

When you get rid of the structures of time which have been built up around you, you allow the true nature and reality of what time really is to fully exist.

Now, we know that this is not an easy task for one to do in your society today. Get rid of the clock and you get rid of your job that starts at a certain hour of the day a certain day of the week. For this we say, you can start with this task on the weekends or when time is of no concern to you and move on from there.

During these time free zones, feel what it feels like to not be dependent on other people’s definitions of time. Allow yourself to sit in your present moment and feel what that is. Choose a task that allows you to experience time to your liking.

Do you want time to expand for you? Choose a task that allows you to feel every instance of time. Pay attention to each of those instances in your present moment. Does time feel longer in this scenario?

Do you want time to go quickly and move so that you do not even notice it? Well, simple. Choose a task that allows time to be lost so that you do not notice it. Allow yourself to get caught up in the joy and excitement of life so that you forget that time is there for you to manipulate.

These rather simple tasks seem like that, simple tasks, but they offer you opportunities to peek behind the curtain. These are opportunities to understand that the world before you is not necessarily what you have been told it is.

Time is not a fixed constant but a malleable tool to be considered and used. The beggar on the street is not an evil man just as your friendly neighbor is not an obnoxious woman. These are just definitions that have been used and placed on the world around you to fix your focus to one point of view.

Instead, we ask you to shift that point of view. This can be done on all levels of your being. You shift your perception of time; you shift your perception of the murderer and the beggar and the man in the castle on the hill. You see all these aspects of the universe around as aspects of your god. And then you see the truth of what really is.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

May you find the light within you and shine that light so others will see that the darkness is merely an illusion used to trick their mind. That the reality which is before them is truly one of love and understanding.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 16

Day 16 – March 11, 2021

Let us begin our journey today with a blessing. May all those who hear the words that we speak, who read the words which are transcribed, who feel the message of these transmissions, may you find the peace and happiness you desire and experience the love of your god directly from the heavens above to your soul beyond.

Now, let us continue. We have come today with a message of oneness. A message of universal and undying peace and love. A message that you can have everything you have ever dreamed of, but you must first dream correctly.

What do we mean by dream correctly? This takes us to Step 24 – when you imagine the world of your future, imagine it with an open heart and with thoughts of love and you shall receive this.

This is the truth in which we speak. This is the true law of manifestation which so many have sought. The law of manifestation does not work at the snap of the fingers but at the breath of god. One must wait and want and hope and dream, but what one really truly desires is what becomes the frequency which meets and forms for the law of attraction.

What is it that you truly desire we ask? What is it that you dream about before you go to your dream world at night? What is it that stirs your soul?

Think long and hard. Many times, you will find that it is the drama that you seek. It is the fear which really truly stirs you, not the heavens of peace and joy. To experience the heavens of peace and joy, which are always around you, you must desire them to be so.

Here is your exercise for today. Close your eyes my child. Now, imagine a tree just starting to grow. Imagine it first as a seed in the ground. Then its roots form and grow into the dark soil. After a while the sprout starts to form, and green growth can be seen above the surface. Here the plant rejoices for seeing the light of the sun and is able to keep growing big and strong. But as its leaves branch out and grow, its roots too stand firm in their growth and development. And this is what we teach. You may open your eyes now.

To truly manifest what you desire you must truly desire it. This is the roots which grow beneath the surface. This is your desires, your wants, your dreams. Pay attention to what you really want. This is the foundation on which your plant will thrive.

Yes, you may want the fancy sportscar or the big house. But look at the foundation these roots set. Are they a foundation of peace and love or do they bring drama and hardship?

Do you truly desire the love you seek, or do you want the love you have imagined and designed based off your cultural expectations?

Yes, we know many of you seek a love which is destined and written in the stars, but then you try to shape the face of god that this individual chooses to wear. He must be tall, she must be lean, there must be a green ribbon upon their hair. Well, these foundations are shaky. The roots will not grow a strong plant.

Instead of asking your lord for a superficial plant which will not produce seeds, ask him for a love that will stir your soul. Let the roots which form the foundation be strong and brave, not limited to what you deem desirable in this moment in time.

We ask you to seed your desires with a heart full of love and joy and this will bring forth the true plant that you desire, not the plant that will wither and die, but the plant that embraces the light of god and seeks joy in the gentle breeze.

This now, leads us to the next step. Step 25 – seek not that which yee will find in the garden, seek that which thee will find in the heavens above. This is a message of finding the truth and the strength to look beyond the surface of the matter to the heart which lays beneath. Look to the heavenly aspect, the divineness, of the creature before you and not the physical shell it wears.

You ask for these twin flames and soul bonds but then when they are delivered you reject their image and likeness of god as not worthy of your grace. But the beggar on the street is just as worthy of your love as the model on the pages.

No, the true desires of man will bring you their true counterpart. If you speak of wanting a soulmate and then set out the parameters of how they will meet you, you will find that the soulmate has already left the scene because you deemed them unworthy.

Instead of looking outside yourself, find the peace and love inside yourself and this will lead you to the true beauty, the true connection, which is meant to be, not which you deem worthy of your love.

The heavens shine bright in the true love, but the soul does not respond if the mind and body are in charge. Let the soul show you the way and you will find the everlasting love that was meant to be.

And that is our journey into the world of twin flames and soulmates. Our vessel is uncomfortable with these words, but these are the words of the culture and the times. These are the words that have come to be and are used, so we must use them.

Let us move onto Step 26 – be not unto your fellow man as a servant or a slave but as a receiver of all things holy and good. When you interact with your fellow man, do not look at the interaction as one of servitude.

Yes, we hear these words bantered about, but we want to make this clear. You are not a slave to your fellow man. You do not serve for their enjoyment. You pay tribute to your fellow man for his face of god and you see the blessings which lay in the heart of everyman.

You are here to make your mark on the world by showing your face of god and by respecting the faces of god that your fellow men wear. You are here not to serve your fellow man but to lift him up to his own heights by witnessing the face of god inherent in each and every man.

We say this as a clarification, and we will call this step a clarification of the words that have been spoken. Man must not fall into the victim or the martyr role in their effort to become enlightened. This is the same ego trap as the man in the castle on the hill eating his chocolates.

No, to serve your fellow man you do not lay prostrate at their feet. Instead, you stand in full glory of your own divinity and witness their divinity in kind. This divinity has the same presence and light as yours, even if their darkness is hiding the brightness beneath.

Your job, your mission on earth, is to see that divinity for what it is and recognize its inherent lightness, its inherent love, which is for all man and not singled out for your choosing.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

May you find the peace and love you desire not in the hearts of men but in the faces of the god that each of you wear.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 15

Day 15 – March 10, 2021

We begin today, with a message to those who choose to listen. This is a message that requires your understanding and promotes your spiritual development.

On this day we ask all of you to focus not on what you don’t have, but on what is right before you. We have told you that heaven is on earth, that heaven is right before and around you. Now we tell you that this heaven we speak of is beautiful. It is marvelous and it has the combined values of all the stars in the sky.

Now, we ask that you actually look at what is before you. To see the beauty and marvel at it. How long have you spent looking at the leaves of a tree or how the concrete in front of you sparkles in the sun. How magnificent are these? Do they fill your heart with joy and gratitude?

Yes, and we mention the concrete because the man-made items are not the devastation that you claim they are to be. No, they have their beauty and their worth. They are part of your heaven on this earth.

Yes, even the nuclear bomb and its aftermath has its place in your world and the faces of god. Look at the emotions that can be evoked by that simple concept. Look at the possibilities that come before you. Look not to the devastation but to the healing that the event brought.

Now, when we ask you to gaze around your environment and actually see what man has made, what god has made, we ask you to do this with an open and honest heart. We ask you to focus on the minute details to see what lays beneath the outer layer, the outer shell.

Take some time throughout your day really examining what you place before you. Is that computer sitting in front of you made of glistening materials? Is that coffee cup smooth to the touch and reflective of the light. Sit with your environment and focus on the details.

How many trees are outside your window? What do they look like? Is there growth? Is there death? Is there new life forming from within?

This is a message and an opportunity and so we will call it Step 21 – view the world before you as heaven on earth and appreciate each and every little spot and speckle that presents itself.

This step is an opportunity, a message, and an exercise. Really look around. See what you see. Follow Step 1 and feel what you feel. Experience this life you are living because it is meant to be experienced. It is not meant to be glanced over with a passing thought. It is meant to be seen. It wants to be seen. It is heaven after all.

Now, we want to expand and move on from here. We want to traverse the mountains and find what lays on the other side of this possibility that we lay out before you. We want to explore the valley of heaven on earth.

For this we will move onto a new set of steps. A set of experiences and understandings which follows for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Step 22 – for when we say you are in heaven on earth, we mean that literally. To mean that literally means that there is no other place you are meant to be. Nothing for you to strive to be or strive to occur. Instead, you are meant to be here. You are meant to be now. You are meant to live and experience this life and be in this place called earth in all its glory.

Forsaking the trees and the bees will not get you to your preconceived heaven. No, instead one must love the trees and the bees as much as one loves their fellow man. Or if one does not love their fellow man, as much as one loves themselves. And if one does not love themselves, as much as one loves the stars in the sky and the heaven below their feet.

We ask you now to try this simple exercise. Close your eyes. Focus on a dot in front of your face. A small black dot with whiteness all around. Now watch this dot grow in size. Watch this blackness get so big that it eventually wipes out all the white that has surrounded it.

It feels like the whiteness is gone. All you can see is black. But realize, the black has not taken out the white, it has only masked it. Even though you cannot see the white, it is still there, just hidden beneath the white.

You may open your eyes now please.

And this is our message and explanation for you today. Yes, there is heaven on earth. Yes there is lightness and love all around. Sometimes you only see blackness and darkness and destruction, but that is just a layer on top of the white and light that exists.

Everything that has been built is built upon the foundation and structure of love. The light that shines on you shines on every single individual on earth. Just because you cannot see the light shining does not mean it does not exist.

This physical structure of earth is dense and heavy. Its vibration has been slowed and dulled so that you can experience this life in the manner of your choosing. What an amazing opportunity for you, to experience darkness and dullness at a time and place of your choosing.

But to experience this darkness and dullness you must first realize that your memory of who and what you are has been made more difficult to grasp. This memory, this white light underneath the surface, has had a layer of darkness pulled over it, but it is still there.

This brings us to Step 23 – you are the light. You are part of heaven on earth and the fact that you cannot see this heaven does not mean that it does not exist. The cover that it wears, the blanket which covers the light, is only there for your convenience. When you are done with it you are welcome to have it removed if you choose. And there is the key, if you choose.

For this is a choice that we bring you. To remove the blanket of darkness and dullness one must choose to do so. This is not a requirement of your journey on earth. You can continue seeing the world through your eyes and with your given interpretation of the events around you, but it is not a requirement either.

If you so choose to do so, you can remove the blanket from your eyes.

To do this we ask you to again, close those earthly eyes. See the darkness again before you. See that blanket that has fallen over the white light. Now, take a corner of that darkness and peel it back. Reveal the white light underneath. If you now choose to do so, keep pulling it back until all the light and white is revealed. We will wait for you. There. Now all before you is whiteness and light.

This is an opportunity for you to see and experience life in a new way, but to do so one must make that choice.

And the truth is that many of you enjoy living in your fear bubbles. Fear comes with drama. Remember our man in the castle on the hill eating his chocolates. It sounds like a great life, but it is boring. He is bored to tears up there in his perfect life.

This is the aspect of fear that many enjoy. The drama and excitement that it brings into your life. You get to experience life in a higher-octane way when you let yourself be run and driven by fear, but is this what you truly desire?

Or you can choose to live with the blanket pulled back and see this life as an opportunity to view all, and we mean all as you have seen, as god. All as love in its many varied forms. All as a oneness and a wholeness of the creation.

For all has been built on the fabric of light. All has its foundation and its base in this love principle and vibration which we speak.

The choice is yours whether you want to continue to experience the darkness, the drama, the fear; or you can choose to draw back the blanket and see the light that all of creation rests upon.

And we will leave you with that for today. We wish you all many blessings and send our love in multitudes to those who are living in your heaven on earth.  Many blessings to all.

Blessed be.

Channeled Words of SEA – Day 14

Day 14 – March 9, 2021

And so, it begins again.

The newness of the state you are in is not due to the reckoning of the body but the reckoning of the soul. There is no place here for confusion. This is a place for understanding and let us make it so.

On this day you walk forward into the world of god seeing the faces of god before you. You understand that you are the essence of love and those around you are of the same material. There is no need to question what is but to accept the reality which brings you to where you are.

And where we are is Step 18 – tread with a smile on your face and a gleam in your heart for the trials of men are never the burdens of the heart, but the opportunities of the soul. There is nothing to fear because everything before you is and of through god. Be one with this message and you will find your eternal peace.

Now our vessel is saying this sounds a lot like an earlier step, that of accepting your place in the world because that is where you are meant to be. And to that we will say yes, it is similar but there are also differences here.

First, we ask for a smile. A gentle smile can change everything. Just place a smile on your face and the world around you changes to smile in greeting. The world is your mirror, let it reflect back the face of god with a smile on its face.

This smile that we speak of is more important than you could imagine. It is the beginning and the end. It is the frequencies of love and joy. It is the frequency which you pass on to others as you walk down the street. Without that smile how would they realize that the face of god is here to serve them? Without the smile how would they understand that god is before them and god is pleased with what he sees.

Put the smile on your face and see the world around you change. It is an easy ask of you and an easy task to comply with.

Next, we say that the road before you is where you are meant to be. This is not to repeat our earlier statement but to emphasize the facts that fear does not need to exist in this lifetime because there is really nothing to fear. The path before you can be as exciting and challenging as your desires, and your desires will be fulfilled.

If you are making a mountain out of a molehill it is your own doing. If you accelerate the fear principle because you feed it with its yummy feelings, that is your doing.

You must accept your doing. It is really easy to change if you so desire. We ask that you put the smile on your face and let that fear fall away. This is the change that will start to take place. This is the change you will see.

You will see your fellow man receive you with kindness and you will respond with kindness. That challenge in your path will no longer seem like a challenge but an opportunity for the progression which you seek. That opportunity will lead to more and greater opportunities until you are living a life based on love and understanding.

With that outcome you can see that the smile we ask is a rather simple and easy payment for the potential that it can bring. It represents the potential of complete happiness.

Now we will continue with Step 19 as it is a follow up to this part of our journey. Step 19 is that happiness is not what it seems. Happiness is not the castle on the hill with the chocolates and the unlimited cable subscription. No, happiness is a state of mind which is possible to achieve and simple to produce.

Happiness involves accepting life as it is meant to be and offering it joy in return. Happiness is understating that the trees and the bees come to you as messengers of your lord and you are here to greet them as such. Happiness is the feeling of ecstatic joy which overwhelms you at the sight of your fellow man. That is the happiness we speak.

Obtaining this happiness is simple. All you need to do is live in joy. All you need to do is walk around with a smile on your face and that joy in your heart. All you need to do is let go of the should bes and the what ifs and realize that your place in this world is special. Everybody’s place in this world is special, no matter who or what they are.

Yes, the beggar on the street is here for a reason and is special in his service to humanity. He is in service by acting as a mirror to the consumerism which is rampant across the globe. He is the reflection of gods face in the mirror of humanity. Do you not rejoice in his service and thank him for his good work?

The corporate banker on the hill is a reflection just the same. He looks in the mirror and sees the same image of god. The god he sees is the same as the god you see. He is a representative and is doing the same service work as the beggar on the street. Do you not see this?

Can you live with your smile and your heart full of joy with the knowledge that both these men are representatives of god and doing the service of god? They are servicing god in their image and likeness. Let us not judge them for they need not be judged. Let us rejoice in their presence and give them our service of love in kind.

This is a simple message. We have said that from the beginning. Our message is always simple it is man that complicates things. We ask for simple understanding with our simple message.

You are love. You are peace. You are eternal happiness. To obtain these states one only needs to realize that their reason for being here, their purpose for this existence is to live their life in this state of happiness and unfettered joy.

This will take us to Step 20 – service is the ultimate respect and payment to your god. You are asked each day to perform your service to your god. And this we say, your service is to live a happy life full of love and gratitude.

We know, happiness is not what it is always cracked up to be. Happiness can lead to confusion in how it is defined. But it is really simple. Your service to your god is to live your life as you deem fit. To live in a state of everlasting love and joy.

This will seem like a monumental task to some out there. They shout at us; “how do we live in joy when there is destruction around us?” Well, what is that destruction you see? Is it destruction or is it the face of god made manifest? How can you deem the destruction around you as unworthy of your gaze of love if it is of your god?

Do you not see the simplicity of this? Every step we speak of is the same. Every step we speak of is an offer and a call to you to walk on this earth as god intended you to walk, in awe and wonder. You are here to be of service to your god and to be of service means to live in a state of love and joy.

It is as simple as that and yet we repeat ourselves. We repeat ourselves to show you that the simplicity you seek is within you. All you must do to obtain this simplicity is to realize and understand that the face of god, the heaven on earth, to service of man is before and within you. If you have doubts about any matter before you, ask your heart, and it will tell you the answer because in it lays the voice of your god.

All we ask of you is peace. All we ask of you is joy. All we ask of you is love. And with that, we will leave you for today.

May the glory of god be before you and may you pour forth the love of god to your fellow man.

Blessed be.

Channeled Words of SEA – Day 13

Day 13 – March 8, 2021

For behold, we come unto thee with the disguise of heaven on earth. We come unto thee as men walking your green earth, for we are the heavens, and we are the earth.

We speak the frequency and the amplitude of love. Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to forgo your preconceived conclusions and find the message behind the words we speak?

Let us continue with our journey. This is a journey that will take you several lifetimes. This is a journey you have walked for many years and many years to come. For many lives and many lives to come. This is the journey of your soul.

Step 17 – be not unto thee which the heavens have brought to man but for which man has brought to the heavens. For unto this day is the grace of god placed. And it is this day you must rejoice of the heaven on earth. For your fellow man cannot conceive of what is to come but only what has been brought.

Do not let the fears of man dissuade you from the knowledge and presence of god. For he who is the creator is he who wrought the heavens and who spoke the word into formation and creation. For he is you and you are him. This is our message for today.

This is a message of hope. This is a message of peace. This is a message not for your understanding or enjoyment but for your comprehension and perseverance.

We ask you now, on this very day, to step forth into your world with an attitude of peace. With an attitude of enjoyment. With an attitude of awareness of what is before you. And what is before is the heaven.

You have been thinking of the heavens as something outside of yourself. As something that is to obtain. As some place that you go to after you finish this life, this incarnation. No, that is not the case.

Heaven is right before you. You are in heaven now if you would only open your eyes and see. That bush, that tree, that sky before you is heaven. Why do you forsake that which you created?

You created the heavens in which you live. You created the trees and the bees. Enjoy this heaven of your creation. Do not spite it and wish to form a different heaven. The heaven that is before you is the heaven that you deemed worthy of your grace.

We live in a society which would rather deny the existence of heaven than see the heaven which is before them. Try it. Look closely at the plants around you. Marvel at the lines and the roots and the shapes and the colors and the smells. How could this not be heaven?

If you walk forward in your life with the knowledge that everything before you is heaven, this will change the way you step into the presence of each day. Look before you at heaven and you will see heaven. Look before you at hell and you will run into obstacles and strife to get you to see the truth of the heaven and the love which is around and surrounding you.

Do not forsaken the past, for it is heaven as well. Heaven abides in the essence of the lord, and the essence of the lord is in you.

We ask now, please, that you do an exercise with us today. Close your eyes. Yes, everyone who is capable of doing so, please now close your eyes.

We want you to picture before you what your ideal landscape is. Picture before you the heaven which you dreamed of attending after this incarnation. How does it smell? How does it look? How does it taste?

Now open your eyes, what is before you now? Can you find the smells of heaven? Can you find the sights and taste?

Here is the secret you have been waiting for. You could not conceive of or create the heaven of your choosing in your mind’s eye if it did not first exist on earth. What are the smells of your heaven? Do they not also exist on this earth? The tastes? The sights?

All of your mental creation of your ideal heaven exists on this plane as well. So how is this current creation not heaven as well? That we ask you.

This is your heaven. This is your god. This is your creation. Accept what you have wrought and rejoice in its presence.

We leave you now today with our message.

For he who has seen the face of god has seen his own reflection. For he who has tasted the fruit of heaven has tasted the manna of life on earth.

Blessed be.

Channeled Message from SEA: Day 12 – March 7, 2021

Day 12 – March 7, 2021

We come together before you to speak of a time of possibilities. An age which all things are possible. A potential reality that can and will exist. This is the time. Now is the age. There is no need in putting off what must happen. Do your work now and you will reap the everlasting rewards of this heaven on earth.

Let us continue with Step number 15 – you will find the face of god looking back at you, but you will not always expect or like its reaction. The face of god is not asked to speak certain words to make you feel better. They are asked to speak the words you need to hear for true and full understanding.

You want so much for god to be gentle and kind because you have a backbone fused together based on a religious course that you find abhorrent. Well, we have news for you. God is gentle and kind, but that gentleness and kindness does not always take the form which you would like to see.

Ask not that yee be judged as to judge the face of man is to judge the face of god. To understand the face of man is to understand the face and destiny of our god.

Yes, there is a message here. The message is that the words you need to hear are not necessarily the words you want to hear.

You want your god to tell you that you are beautiful and worthy of all things. And your god with the face of a man will tell you that, if that is what you need to hear. But is that voice going to get you out of your castle walls with your chocolates and your tv show in the background? Or does the face of god need to say words you deem uncomfortable or inappropriate to get your to react and work?

Here is the message for you today. The word of the lord is not always nice and gentle, but it is needed. The word of the lord is what needs to be heard to transform the place you have been into the place you will be going.

Listen to us here now. We want you to succeed in this game of life you think you are playing, but to do so you need to realize that the god you seek is not the benevolent being you wish him to be. God is the beggar and the rapist and the murder. God is the aspect of humanity which gets the reaction from you which makes you move, and which makes you think.

In your castle in the sky are you going to care what happens if god is on the ground petting a cute puppy? No. You will react if god is on the ground murdering your next-door neighbor. That seems more likely to illicit the needed action or reaction.

These actions and reactions we speak of do not need to or have to be physical. Mental thought reactions work just as well and that leads us to Step 16 – when the face of god comes into conflict with you react with the heart of god. React with the loving kindness you wish god spoke to you with. React from a place of love and understanding and this will be reflected back to you.

Yes, we do not expect that you will necessarily stop the murderer from killing your neighbor, but you can understand that the murderer has the same face you do. You can use your thoughts and mental abilities that you were born with to show that love is a possibility for the one who slays. There is no need to live in fear or hate. There is a need to live in everlasting love.

So, yes, we say do the uncomfortable job of loving the murderer and the rapist. We do not ask you to make excuses for them or to go out and give them a hug. No, your job is to shift your mental focus to one of love. See the murderer as god and the act of killing as the act of a god.

That last part is making our vessel uncomfortable. Yes, the act of the murderer is an act of god. We ask you to see that. All acts under the heavens are acts of god. Just because you do not like the act does not mean that it does not serve its purpose on earth. You cannot judge lest you be judged.

That murderer which killed your neighbor’s wife may have stopped her from baring a child which would have grown up to be a genetic link which would destroy all of human civilization. If you knew this would you still judge the murderer? Even if the murderer did not know that by committing his act, he would save all of humanity? Do not judge the act for you do not know the purpose under god.

We don’t say that you need to celebrate the act or the actor. There is no reason to throw a parade for the murderer. No, we merely ask that you shift your perspective and see the murderer and his act for what they are, acts and faces of god.

It is really as easy as this. By taking away the need to judge and make decisions this is actually easier than your current predicament if you see it as such. We just ask that you see the face of god in all men and their actions.

With that we will leave you for the day.

We ask that you open your eyes to the light which is inherent in yourself and that of your fellow man. We ask that you sing your song to the heavens so that you can hear the choir’s response.

Blessed Be.

Channeled Message: Day 11 – March 6, 2021

Day 11 – March 6, 2021

My children. We walk in the presence of the lord daily, but we refuse to open our eyes and see that his light shines upon us. For he is one with us and we are one with him. He is the everlasting and eternal greatness of our salvation and his blessings befall us each and every day.

We are made in the image and likeness of our father as he is made in ours. It is a reciprocal relationship. That of son and daughter mimicking the acts of a gentle and loving father. A gentle and loving mother if you will. A gentle and loving parent.

We come before you as messengers of this word. Messengers of both hope and understanding. It is our hope that you listen. It is the understanding that we seek to teach.

An understanding of the way your world functions and the way your life could and should be. A life full of gratitude and understanding for what befalls you. For what befalls you is of the heavens. Each and every turn in the road or rock in your path is from the heavens. Is from the kingdom which is before you.

Do not wait for the time to come to see the truth. Take it upon yourself to remove your blindfold and let the light of knowledge and understanding shine through. This is the day of your rebirth and this is the hour of your reckoning. Let yourself see the light that shines so brightly in front of your face.

Is it not a mirror which is reflecting the image of god? Is it not a mirror which shines brightly from the heavens and shows the true image of god which is of all men?

There is no need to fret or worry about definitions or truths or understandings or possibilities. There is only a need to be one with the lord your god and see your face reflected in the light and understand that his presence is with you as you are with him.

We come today to speak of this time of reckoning. It is not a great fall which will come to men but an opportunity for re-understanding and understanding in a greater and deeper way.

You have lost generations of inherent knowledge because of pride and ego. It is time to release that ego and let yourself see the truth of men. That men are and were created in the likeness and image of god so that god is treading upon this earth as we speak. There is no reason to go out searching for god because god does not need to be found. God is in you. He is not lost. He knows his way. Just open your eyes and let him in.

We now must speak in steps because that is how we began and there is a continuality which must and does occur in our language and speech.

So, we will speak of Step 12 – see the face of god in the face of the men on the streets. For when you recognize the face of god in your fellow man you recognize your own face and likeliness.

You will see there is some repetition in what we teach because it is this repetition which is needed to hammer home the truth. And the truth is rather simple after all.

You are of and through god. There is nothing else. You are one with the spirit as your fellow man is one with the spirit.

Yes, we will talk about how to attract the things you want into your lives, but this is not important when you understand that your lives are meant to be seen as a blessing not a curse. Every time you degrade this land you walk upon or speak ill of your fellow man; you do harm in the image and likeness of god.

Instead, speak with a gentle and peaceful heart and you will see the world as a gentle and peaceful creature. We know this is difficult because we see what you are reflecting out into this world of your creation. We see what you label violence and insolence. But this is just a child throwing a tantrum for not getting his way. When his way was not healthy or worthwhile to begin with.

No, you must be taught that god is already present and does not need to be sought. God is within you and within your fellow man. Yes, you are hearing the repetition here as we make our point.

You are one with the lord and the lord is one with you. Your fellow man is one with the lord – your fellow person or human being is one with the lord as the lord is one with them.

We will speak the language you wish us to speak but you must know that this is not the wisdom of the ages but the wisdom of your time. To disregard the definitions of the past is to disregard the heritage on which you lay your foundations.

So yes, we speak of man and father, not in the sense of human gender but in the sense of what has come before. Do not discount our speech for it is just as worthy and as valuable as the speech of the modern man.

Would you be surprised if we tell you that the words and definitions you use now will become what you deem hate speech for future generation? No, the past is your foundation. It has the definitions and the energies and atonements to the vocabulary which must be used to establish your foundation.

If you would like to lay a different brick with different intonations after the foundation is built, we encourage you to do so. But with the foundation, we must use the language and the intonations of your forefathers no matter how uncomfortable that makes you.

So yes, we will say that you are in in the likeness of your father as your fellow man is in the likeness of their god. You have come in sprit to resurrect the image of god in your daily duties and presence. There is a vibration and a tone which you must sing. It is vital that your tone be added to the choir of angels which we speak. Without your tone the symphony will be offkey. It will sound off to the ears of your fellow man.

Here we will take you to Step 13. Without your voice in the heavens the choir would not rejoice. You must sing your authentic note with your full heart and in true awareness of who and what you are.

And who and what you are is made in the image of god. If you do not shine your own light, your own authenticity as you shall speak, then who are you but a key that is off and not tuned to the correct frequency.

How can your fellow man recognize that key that you sing if you are not singing with your true and full heart?

And we will say again. You find this authenticity; you find this true spark of light by listening within. By listening to the heart of your soul and hearing its true yearnings and realizations. If you do not give yourself time to listen, then who will?

You like distraction. This we know. You like to distract yourself with fast cars and bright television screens which span the length of a room. But these are just distractions from listening to your true heart.

Yes, you can watch your tv and movies and experience life that is lived within them. But do not substitute the life of your fellow man for your own true life. Do not get so caught up in the world of someone else’s creation where you do not create your own reality in this heaven on earth. Let yourself have the time and space for creation. For what is man without the creation of their heart?

You always want to know how you create upon this earthly plane. How do we manifest what we desire? How do we create the manmade items that we think we need? Well, first you must realize that your creation skills work best when you aim them at what is truly desired and not what is just thought to be desired because your friend Suzy has the new shiny object.

No, for here we will step in to Step 14 – let your heart speak its desires and you will manifest mountains.

Yes, you heard us correctly. You have the power and control to manifest mountains. But do you really want to? Is it worth your time and energy to create a mountain when a molehill is really more your style?

Here is the secret to your true secret for manifestation. You need to desire with all your heart what you seek. Not desire it with the heart of a man but desire it with the heart of a soul. If you soul does not truly want the new car what purpose does it have for manifesting it? That is just a waste of its time.

No, for the soul must sing from its true heart its desires to manifest what will truly come about.

And with that we will leave you for today.

May the heart of man rejoice in the heavens for he has seen the face of god and with it his own reflection.

Blessed be.