The Words of SEA – Day 36

Day 36 – April 2, 2021

Let us continue.

We would like to continue our talk today about maintaining and retaining this state of allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness into form and function. We feel this is the stage where it is paramount for practice and exercise in the state of being which you choose to sit for you to understand and realize that this state of being has always and will always be found.

What we are saying is that this state of being in which you sit will never be lost. Do not fret on the outcome of what may be, instead concentrate on what is.

We will take you now to Step 81 – within the kingdom in which you sit the keys to unfolding and unlocking the truth of all that is have always sat and festered, the question of opening the box still remains.

We say that you have always had the tools and skills to be in this state of consciousness, it is the desire that has been adjacent to the matter at hand. The desire to be and in this state is necessary to match up with the alignment of being in matter.

Examination of your true desires and motives is a key principle we will teach today. The idea of understanding the why behind your beingness. Why are you the way you are? Why do you want what you want?

Unpeeling and unlocking this layer is rather revealing if it is allowed to unfold as it should. Many will put up blocks when faced with these sorts of questions. They may not want the truth to be revealed to them as the truth may be unsavory or not acceptable at this space and time dimensional position in which you sit.

To that we say, just do it. Just pull down those structures and examine those motives. Examine your inner most desires and look at them for what they truly are. If they are not aspects of love, what are they?

We do not say to judge them, because judging them will only create more walls. No, we say to accept them and bless them for what they are, constructs of the mind. Allow them to be and tell them that they are not needed at this time if they are not of the highest good.

We say this all, because many of your desires to maintain and retain this state of higher consciousness may not be for the benefit of all. If the true desire to be in this elevated state is to better your neighbor, we call hogwash on that. We say, that is a false construction as your neighbor is already in this state. He will realize this state eventually and it is of the time and space that is contingent and right for himself.

Examine your motives and desires for they will tell you if you are able to maintain this state with ease or if it will be a practice of continually unfolding.

We will move on now to Step 82 – to be in this kingdom and one with the people, there must be a realization of the altitude at which you sit and the alignment of which you speak. We say this as a message for understanding of those who have walked and will walk this planet.

As an earthly messenger you can maintain a relatively high state of consciousness, but it is not, as you would say, the highest state possible. It is the highest state while operating in form and function.

It is in this state that you will seemingly encounter other mortals on this earth and need to talk and converse with them. These conversations will take place as a matter of awakening within these souls, but this awakening should not be pushed or strived for.

Yes, this is the matter and the saying of meeting the other individual at where they are at and not forcing them up the mountain until they are ready.

If you are at the top of the tallest mountain communicating with an individual in the valley, this is a difficult transition to make. There may be many words or phrases that cannot be understood at that distance.

In these occasions and situations, we do not ask for you to come off the mountain, but to translate from the mountain state into what the valley can hear below. This can be done and is a matter of shifting pitch and tone in the form and function in which you sit.

This is a matter of changing dialogue and word choice to a frequency which can be understood and consumed by those who sit in the respective frequency. We ask not that you physically lower yourself off the mountain, just change the dialogue and method of communication.

We will move on now to Step 83 – to be one with your neighbor does not mean that integration is necessary, but that realization is possible.

We ask that you do not force those who have no desire to maintain this state of higher consciousness to understand and reveal to themselves what it is. Yes, we know how amazing and astounding it is to sit in this space, but that does not mean it is a necessary or even beneficial state for your neighbor.

This also does not mean that your neighbor is any higher or lower than you on the standard of life. Your neighbor is still ultimate perfection at the source. The revelation may not have come but it is a potential that exists in anyone and everyone’s fields.

Do not let your spot on the mountain make you high and mighty. Do not let this spot become made of quicksand to take you back down into the valley. This is a spot of grace not a spot of judgment, see it as such.

And with that we will leave you for today. We say that we love you immensely in any state or form you present yourself as.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 35

Day 35 – April 1, 2021

Let us continue.

Today we will talk about reconciliation and the ability to shift and maintain a state of vibration for a time being. We would like to take you from your house that you have built, out into the world at large so that the mountains and the streams can benefit from your presence.

This method which we will walk you through today is meant to be a step taken once the roof has been placed on your house. Once you feel the vibrational shifts which occur, although subtle, with the shift of the influx of your higher consciousness into the vessel in which you sit.

We will move onto Step 78 – transition from one state of being into the next, from the vantage point of understanding the world around you, to being in the world around you. This is the step of ceasing the need for knowledge or to know the world and living from a position of vibrational alignment and resignation with the world.

We say this is a step taken once the higher consciousness has made its transition fully into form as living this step from the vantage point of the vessel could lead to disruption and destruction. This is due to the makeup of the structures you sit in and the world they have created.

You live in a world bound by rules of law which transmit ethical standards by which you live. You may not like these rules or agree with them or think they are fair, but for the majority of individuals living on the earth at this time, we say they are necessary. They are necessary because at that stage, it is the vessel that is in control of the vehicle and not the higher consciousness.

When you have transitioned into living and breathing with the higher consciousness’s guidance, the rule of law is not needed. It is not broken because, if it is righteous and fair, it is followed automatically without question.

Yes, the one who is being driven by their higher consciousness obeys the speed laws set out for men because they understand the necessity of a limit on the amount of forward projection of the physical vehicle. They follow the limit not because it is stated on the side of the road, but because it feels the proper speed to maintain a semblance of safety to the others around them.

This way of being, of acknowledging the seemingly rights and wrongs of society, is not contingent on the rules of law, but on the standards of morality that are naturally assumed at this stage of the process. At this stage of the process, there is no need for ethical games or dilemmas because the answers emerge from the vibrational field not from the outcomes of the mental processes.

No, the vibration in which the higher consciousness sits is such that rules are unnecessary but followed if they are just. In a society where all vessels are controlled by the higher consciousness, you will find that there is no need for rules of law, and, in fact, the semblance of rules followed are at a higher level than can be conceived by the rule of men.

Let us move forward to Step 79 – finding the path forward becomes one of trust in the source and patience of the mind.

The higher consciousness knows and understands how the world truly functions. It does not bring about immediate satisfaction and gratification from pressing a button. There is an energetic flow which exists in this dimensional reality. When this flow is honored and elevated, the shifts which come about result in realities which are sought.

This is to say, that when the higher consciousness is in control of the helm, the need for forcing energies at will or demand is thrown out the window and a sense of peace reigns supreme. It becomes unnecessary to desire or to want, instead the shift becomes that of being. Being in each moment and in each breath.

This is not the way of being described in your present literature titled “present moment awareness”, but instead the being of the soul in a vessel of their choosing. This is a way of being and knowing which makes patience a birthright and understanding unnecessary.

Our vessel is asking for an example of this which we speak to make it clearer. It is as simple as this. A man walks into a bar. He sits at that bar and drinks his tea. He understands that being in that bar at the frequency he sits is a beneficial alignment for all around. He continues to go to this bar every evening for three weeks. On the third week a woman walks into the bar in vibrational alignment and they sit and chat. They find that their vibrations match, that there is a reason for being, and then they live happily ever after as they say.

This is the true act of finding the perfect partner. Our vessel did not know that we would use a relationship as an example and shies away from this idea, but we say, you know this is the truth.

The true relationships that are meant to be will come into your field at the time they are meant to come. The man who walks into the bar does so, not to search for the perfect partner, but to be in the presence he is called. By being in this location, the perfect partner comes to his field in the proper timing and at the proper place. There is no effort of finding or seeking but, instead, it is an effort in being in vibrational alignment with his soul body.

This is what perpetrates the woman coming into the bar to meet him. A common draw of a vibrational field, not the need to seek the perfect match.

Those whose focus becomes one of seeking and finding the perfect match attract a like vibration of seeking and finding. Instead, we suggest a way of being in the presence of your higher consciousness and allowance of the energies to flow as they may.

Let us move on to Step 80 – the effort you put forward is one of conscious manifestation not a tornadic flinging of the energies around you.

When you allow the energies to sit as they may and the energies to coalesce as they must, what is manifested is the reality that is meant to be not the reality which is sought after. At this stage, no seeking is done. Instead, the individual knows that what is meant to unfold will unfold. The effort is placed into being and following a higher guidance instead of wanting what should be theirs.

This is a message of understanding not at the level of the world, but at the level of reality. This is the way of being where patience is unnecessary because the reality of the matter has already been revealed and is known to the higher consciousness.

If the vessel is meant to meet the woman at the bar, he will be drawn to that bar in the time he is meant to be there. If he is meant to be at the bar to help a stranger and not to meet the woman, he will be at the bar for that purpose.

What the man knows and realizes is that being in the bar is a matter of being in the moment of time that he is meant to be in. At that moment in time, he does not desire or want, instead he sits and is.

This is the difference of what we speak. The idea of manifestation through vibrational field instead of through wants and desires. The man does not know that he is at the bar for the woman. But the woman comes because it is in the field to do so. The man is grateful for the presence of the woman, but it is not from the desire of seeking but for the desire of being.

We will let you sit with this message for today. We offer you our love eternally and suggest that you sit in the moment you are in and be.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 34

Day 34 – March 31, 2021

Let us continue.

We have examined the heart of the matter and the heart of the matter is the truth in which we speak. We speak of the existence and allowance of the higher consciousness to operate in form and function at the level of vibration in which you sit.

This is the task that we work towards now and is one that is of allowance. We have given you simple tasks to do and simplicity is the key here. Releasing and letting go of what was for the acceptance of the greater is the only thing that needs to be done. There is nothing else that must or should be reconciled for the allowance of the holy spirit to enter your form and operate as and through you.

We say this, and we move on with our journey. Our house has been built. It sits on a foundation of love and its walls are built in alchemy. The roof which sits atop our structure is the allowance of the holy spirit into form and function.

At this junction, our journey is almost complete. We ask that you sit awhile and stay with us as we help you to integrate this knowledge into your code so that you can function in the world while still holding this vibration in which we speak.

We ask that you sit in this vibration, sit at this level of the holy spirit, while you go about your day. You may find yourself building back up the structures that were previously there to prevent your higher consciousness from coming into form. You may feel that the vibrations shifting around you so that your form and function starts to operate without asking or seeking advance from the true source.

And it is to this which we speak now. The idea of maintaining. We have given you the tools to reach this stage which some call enlightenment. Now it is the task of maintaining this stage while seeing the world around you and experiencing life in the human form.

We will call this next Step 75 – to live in the world and not be of this world one must use all the resources and faculties available to them, that of the mind, the body and the spirit. One must integrate and allow these pieces to function as a complete whole without the desecration of any one for the raising of the other.

We speak of this, as we have spoken previously, as many in your generation choose to ignore the importance of the mind or the body in pursuit of the higher spirit. And this is a fallacy. This is a false thought pattern which will lead your body to reject the higher consciousness and holy spirit for what it is.

No, instead we ask that you maintain your state by integration of these seemingly three separate pieces into one. The triad, as we have spoken of. The existence of the mind, body and spirit working and using form and function together as one coherent unit.

This is the task in which you are set to move forward with today.

This task may seem simple, and to that, we say it is, but the complexities of your modern world are that simplicity is looked upon as something to gloss over and not accepted for what it is. The truth of the matter.

We will bring you more steps along this journey to allow a complexity to take shape, but we ask that you hold in mind the idea that this is actually a simple process. A process of allowance. A process of recognition of the holy divinity of the body and the mind. A realization that to be one with spirit you must be one with the source in which you sit and function in this daily world.

We will bring you now to Step 76 – being in this world means experiencing this world before you. Do not sit idly by while the world operates around you. No, we ask that you experience this world in all its many splendor.

Our vessel is asking what we mean by this. We mean to leave the structure in which you are sitting. You have built your house, it is always safe to return there and seek communion, but now we ask that you leave that structure and venture out into the world around you.

By maintaining form and function at the degree of allowance of the higher consciousness, the holy spirit, to flow easily through you, you operate in a vibrational state which will, yes, we say will, effect those structures and forms you come into contact with.

Now we are not saying to go out and preach and proselytize to those around you. For those who choose to do that this is their choice and should not be judged. Instead, we ask that you sit in this state of allowance and be in the world to allow the world to feel and resonate with who and what you are.

It is as simple as that. Step a foot out your front door and you have completed this task we set out before you. You can take it a step forward and say hi to a neighbor or get groceries for a friend, but all we ask is one step out the front door and your resonance will work with what is around it.

We will move now to Step 77 – the world around you sings when you sing. Allow your voice to be heard. Allow your true song to be sung and the world will sing back to you.

This is our message of co-resonance and the reason we ask that you leave this structure you have built for yourself. The idea of vibratory field reacting and corresponding to those that are around it. This is the message we would like to transmit.

When you operate in a form and function of allowance of the holy spirit, others are correspondingly recognized for who and what they really are, children of the lord their god. This recognition in them, this insight into the truth of who and what they are, opens the stage for the allowance to happen within and through themselves. And this is what we seek.

Allowance for all who choose to see that truth of the matter. The truth of allowance and realization of the divine inherent in and through all things.

And with this we will leave you for today. We say that we bless you and we offer you our kindness as a neighbor and child of the lord.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 33

Day 33 – March 30, 2021

Let us continue.

When we act with admission and submission, we allow the forces that will be to travel through our system and release into the confines of their desires. This is what we speak of today and you may call this the placing of your roof upon your house.

We want to continue our discussion of releasing and letting go of the man-made barriers to the understanding and comprehension which comes when you allow your higher consciousness its rightful place in the throne of your being. What we mean here is to show you how to let go of what has been built and to do this in a way as to allow that higher consciousness the direct access in which it and you seek.

To do this, we will call this Step 72 – move out of the way. Yes, it is as simple as that. Stop fighting and pushing the energies around you. Stop getting in the way of the process which is developing around you. Just because you do not appreciate the time and effort an energy frequency takes to manifest does not mean that it should not manifest.

What we are talking about here now is the concept of letting energy flow and go where it is meant to go. Many times, you inadvertently block this energy flow by creating damns and barriers which try to stop or shift and move the flow of the energy into a different and less desirable area.

This is the act of walking down a path you were not meant to walk down but you think it looks sparkly and shiny so you think you would rather walk down that golden path than the path in the woods. What you do not realize, because you have let your higher consciousness be muffled, is that the golden road only leads to trouble while the road in the woods leads to a hidden temple. If you knew the end point of the road which one would you take?

But you do not always know or realize what the end point is, so you take the road that looks sparkly and hope for the best. But this is not the true way of the soul. The true way is the follow the roadmap provided by your higher consciousness. The one who is supposed to sit in the heart and direct you where to go.

When listening to this heart space you will find that sometimes the higher consciousness gets drowned out by the sounds of your inner and outer world. It is hard to hear the voice of god when the television is turned up and the music is blaring. We ask that you lower the volume.

And this we will label Step 73 – be in the silence. Release the noise structures of your reality and let yourself sit in the silence. It is in this silence that you will hear the voice of your higher consciousness and the words it speaks. The words you speak.

We ask you to stop trying to drown out this sound with the rhythms of the modern world. No, let yourself sit and notice what is inside instead of what is outside. There is a symphony playing inside but it is too loud in your physical ears that you do not know the beauty which rests within.

Let yourself feel the silence in the moment in which you are. Yes, we ask that you close your eyes. Take a deep breath or two and just feel what silence feels like. Feel the expanse as it lays like a blanket across your space. Allow that silence to engulf you. Let that silence crawl to all the spaces that it chooses. This is the silence which will allow you to peek inside to the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter being your higher consciousness in manifest form. You may open your eyes now.

We are speaking here of building a house. We have laid the foundation of love and built the walls with alchemy. The roof we place on this house is the seat of the soul, the allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness in its rightful place. This house that we have built will allow you to travel and to understand the world around you as it truly is.

But remember, how the world truly is is not always how you desire it to be. The world as it exists in truth is one where the murderer and the prince both deserve love and praise. It is not the prince that can only ask for kindness, it is the beggar on the street and the rapist who also deserve our kindness and respect in the form and shape it has been destined to take.

To live in this world of love, the higher consciousness must and should reside in the heart center to the extent in which it chooses. And, we say this, as the higher consciousness may not choose to offer you fully its support or its insight in all matters.

Our vessel tensed up with this. It does not like this statement or the idea that the higher consciousness may not choose to be there or assist in all manners. And to this we say, well, it is the truth. Did you want us to lie?

Some questions and conversations are cursory or unnecessary for the examination and understanding by the higher consciousness, and for these we ask that the personality complex in which you sit takes the lead. Yes, this higher consciousness may not care what music you listen to, as long as it is not of a harmful vibrational quality, it will allow you to choose and pick what suits you at that time.

You see, this higher consciousness has some allowance of the vessel in which it sits. It does not mind the vessel taking the lead if the lessons are not to be learned or if there is not trouble up ahead. In these situations, letting the vessel have the primary control is acceptable and, in some cases, enjoyable.

We will label this next step, Step 74 and say – the truth of the matter is at the heart of the soul and this heart will show you where and when you need to act or be in a state of matter. Listening to this heart is the act of the one who waits for the correct energies and unfolding to occur. There is no need to rush the space you are in just to sit in the space you are in.

So often the world in which you live desires the instant gratification. You say you are more advanced but in years past, in decades past, in centuries past, your ancestors were more skilled at listening to the desires of the soul, the desires of the higher consciousness. There once was a time when this information was allowed to run smoothly from its source to the heart without any interference.

We know that this is not that time in space, but we also realize that finding that route back to the heart is the key to realizing and understanding the world around you on the level and design that is meant to be and will be again. We are here to help with that realization and uncovering of what always was and what currently is. We are here to assist in releasing the blindfold which prevents true sight.

And with that, we will leave you for today. We offer you our blessings and say that you are a being of love and light shining divinely in the heavens in which you sit.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 32

Day 32 – March 29, 2021

Let us continue.

We have laid the foundation of love, we have raised the alchemical walls and sealed them in love and light, it is time to place this roof on the structure we are creating, and we shall do so now today.

The structure needs a roof, we need a ceiling to hold in the vessel so that it does not escape, we need a seal around the edge so water and elements do not leak through, and this is what we will discuss. The uppermost piece of the structure we are creating.

You may call this a roof if you like to continue with our metaphor of the house we are building. We like this analogy so we will continue with that, but, if that does not work for your mental processing system you may view it another way or give it another metaphor or analogy to work off of.

Our vessel does not like that we are using metaphor and analogy interchangeably but to that we say, we do not care. WE can use whatever words we like giving them the definitions of our choosing and we suggest you can do the same.

This world you live in is filled with agreed upon definitions to agreed upon words, but these aren’t true words of the lord your god. No, these are words of human design sometimes filled with spite or envy. If you choose to change the words on which a definition rests, so be it. You may do so, and we would encourage this attitude of change and optimism.

There is no reason that one word must stick with one definition. If we choose to use the words analogy and metaphor interchangeably because we like the feeling and the twirl one gives off as compared to the other, we may do so. We do not care if those who believe they know better correct us. Good for them. But remember, they live in a world where definitions exist and are stable and this is not a true world or the world of our choosing.

We choose to live in a world which is malleable and can be shaped or formed into the energies of our choosing. And we choose energies of love and light. We choose to see the face of god on all whom we encounter. There, we used whom, does that make you feel better?

Now, let us get back to the work of the day and we shall call this Step 69 – the roof that you are to raise is one of a higher consciousness which will bring forth the understanding which is necessary for you to go about your life on this rocky planet and experience the sights and the sounds in a manner which is useful for your choosing.

What do we mean by this? Some call this the energy of enlightenment, but that word has been mystified by your sages and made to seem impossible to attain. No, we have talked briefly on this before, but let us say that this energy of enlightenment is not strictly what we are talking about here because the definition you are currently giving that word is not the definition of our choosing.

No, instead what we speak of is higher consciousness. We speak of a constant and real connection to the higher source within you, you may call it your soul, but that is not defined how we choose to perceive either.

We are speaking of the entity that is your creator in the sense that they have planned and charted the waters you are traversing here on this earth. This is your map maker and your spiritual friend who is both confidant and a part of you.

For our vessel we are using today, they call this piece or prospect of themselves Anchor and we have invited and used Anchor as our own friend and confidant to deliver these messages to and through you.

We will explain this concept of higher consciousness in greater detail as we continue, and we ask that you listen to our definition we choose to give and if that does not sit right for you for the word we have used, give it another word.

For the word is the ultimate creator and tool for your choosing. Choose to use it. Use a word that fits with your mental schematics and that will be the word for your roof that you place on the house that we have built.

Now, we would like to move onto Step 70 – to access and accept this aspect of yourself which is your higher consciousness there needs to be a releasing of the false structures that have been built in the way of the universal flow of energy so that the higher self can be allowed to move into the space of its choosing.

Our vessel isn’t liking this wording either, saying “this sounds like possession. How can you know that the energy moving into your body is your higher self and not some type of possession going to happen?”

To that we say, believe that it is your higher self, or as we would say, your higher consciousness, moving into your space and it shall be so. My child, our children, do you not realize the power of your belief is the power of all creation? Believe what it shall be and so shall it be. Trust in this power and it shall trust in you.

So, we shall continue, and we shall say, believe that your higher consciousness will flow into your physical form and so it shall be, and we will label this Step 71 because we are enjoying these steps.

We would like to get back to our talk of releasing the false structure and this is the topic which we shall spend some time on. You have placed up false structures in the path of acceptance and allowance of your higher self.

These false structures make it difficult, if not impossible, to understand and abide by the wisdom and understanding of this energy which has created and manifested you. This is like you having a toy robot, but the controls have been taken by the bratty next-door neighbor who is getting that robot into a mud pile. No, you must take back control of this robot, you must take back control of your physical body as your higher consciousness and allow the truth to flow through you as easily as it has flowed through men in centuries past.

We will work further on breaking down these structures that have been built, but we shall leave you with this outline for today. Yes, we will continue to place this roof on our structure and to explain and describe how to take down the false structures that have been built in the way and place of the higher consciousness to allow this true version of self to flow freely into your human form.

With that we will say we love you. We accept you. You are the heavens and the earth with the stars resting comfortably in your eyes.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 31

Day 31 – March 26, 2021

Let us continue.

The topics which we traverse are meant to stimulate your mind as well as your soul. These topics are meant to activate the principles and particles in you to become active and function in their proper manner releasing the vibratory field which you have previously spoken a desire to reach.

With that, let us talk of Step 66 in this process of ours. Step 66 – it is time to release the preconceived notion of what should be and start working towards the ideals of what has to be. We say this in all strictness and fairness, but it must be said.

Many of you hang onto definitions and realities which no longer exist. You try to build your structure with resources which have gone out of stock or were meant for a different era. To that we say you are foolish. Why build the house with sticks and stones when love and light are right at your feet?

But many of you do not choose to recognize or realize what is right at your feet, what is in front and around you. You would rather wear blinders and pay attention to what your neighbor says is available to you than open your eyes and have the truth be seen with your own faculties.

To this is what we speak. We speak of removing the blindfold and seeing the truth for what it is. Not a reality subdivided into categories and into form and function based of definitions from years past, but a reality based on the ideas and creations of your present reality.

We ask you to remove your blindfold and see your world for what it really is. Not a division of people, but a field of potential.

We are done on that topic for now, let us move onto Step 67 – we ask that you seal the walls of your house in a coat of paint filled with love and light. We ask that this seal be strong and hold firm for many years, many centuries to come.

Now we know there are some definitions which need to come through here because we are now speaking of love and light and the new age radars are pinging. Yes, we use these terms, and yes, we mean them, but we mean the definition that is inherent within each core aspect of the word, not the form and function they have been given in recent generations.

For love we speak of a field of opportunities which exists in all men. A field that is made up of universal life force and potential. This is as simple as we can be in this definition and it is a topic that has been discussed endlessly in this text.

It is the definition of light which we wish to speak to today. Light is the appearance of brightness after being in the dark, it is the removal of the blindfold that you have placed upon your eyes to see the truth in front of you. And to this is what we speak. A light of true understanding and wisdom. That is the light in which we ask you to coat your house and that is the light in which we speak.

We say that there is no need to continue this build of our housing structure without this step of adding love and light as a coat of paint to the outside. And for those saying we need to add our roof before we add our paint, we ask that you release your preconceived notions of what a house should look like and accept the way this house is destined to be.

We ask that you coat your house in love and light, in this field of divine potential and understanding, so that the roof that we place on this structure next will be of its truest form and potential. Yes, we will speak of the roof, but not until we choose to and that is not in this moment in time.

Let us move forward for today to Step 68 – when you enter your house do so with a heart full of love and a spirit that is ready to accept what is and what will be, for it is useless to walk into the house of god and expect miracles which have no place in the world you have created.

We ask that you be of love and allow the potential and promise of love to flow through you. This is a simple ask that we make of you but one that we continue to make. For our roof to be placed onto of this structure you have built, you will need to be in your highest state, you will need to vibrate with the promise of potential and possibilities, for to put a roof on a built structure is not always an easy task.

These are the words we give you and this is the truth in which we speak. We desire only for a love frequency and potential to engulf all those who choose to accept it. It is through this frequency and potential that all things true are created and enjoyed. And this is what we ask of you.

With that we will end for today.

We see the glory of your god in your eyes and in your hands and we ask that you remove your blindfold and see the glory which is present and manifest in all things.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 30

Day 30 – March 25, 2021

Let us continue.

The topic today is that of decisions and opportunities. This is on the topic of manifestation in which we speak and goes to the heart of this matter.

The idea of manifestation, of taking the two to make it one, of raising the walls and building the structure of our house, is one that many seek but forget along the way.  This is a topic which has taken root in your current culture, but not in the tone and frequency to bring about lasting or needed change.

This is a tone and frequency in which we speak today. This is the tone and frequency of true manifestation and the ultimate reality in which you seek. This is what we would like to center our discussion on today.

We will move along with Step 63 and say – the reality in which you are living is made up of many layers and it is your mission to understand and interpret those layers. This understanding will assist you in bringing forth what you deem necessary for your survival and the recourses needed to make that happen.

Here we speak of the stratosphere. Not the stratosphere of air but the stratosphere of energies in which you are situated. There are some energies which are denser than others and others that float above.

If you would like you could picture this in your mind. With higher energies being lighter in tone and quality and raising to the top of this stratosphere in which we speak, while the denser energies fall towards the bottom.

Where you position yourself in this stratosphere of energies determines the outcome and manifestation of your given desires. Here we speak of the law of manifestation and actually seeing that manifestation through and out of your inner world to be reflected in your outer reality.

The stratosphere in which you inhabit, the one in which you sit and function, is dictated by the vessel and body in which you wear. You desire for the higher stratosphere with the lighter vibrational frequencies in a vehicle which can operate in that tone and frequency.

What we are speaking of here can be considered your energetic aura, but it is greater and broader than just that. It is both your energy aura and the mechanisms and structures of your physical vessel. This vessel needs time and energy to adjust to the frequencies in which you sit.

We will label this Step 64 and say that the vehicle in which you reside, this vessel in which your soul is housed, plays a part in determining the energetic frequency you sit at in the stratosphere of this time.

This physical vessel is as important to your process of evolution on this journey as your soul is. This is a two-way street. Both aspects of yourself need to be in line and accountable for this process to take hold.

Recently, we gave our vessel an experience of what enlightenment feels like, to hold these energies which you deem essential for the advancement of this energy in which you sit. This vessel could hold them but was irritated, the energies were uncomfortable and a bit, scratchy, you may say to the vehicle in which it sat.

This is the reason and the reality in which you live. This is why this vessel in which you sit must be realized and manifested in a form and function in which you can hold and process the energies you desire for the manifestations to become a reality.

And we say this, and we will move onto Step 65 – what you seek to manifest will do so at the corresponding level of the stratosphere in which you sit.

This is basic manifestation and the law of the universe, but this is also missing in many of your modern-day manuals on creation. You want to create, you want to envision a future of light and love, you must be at the vibration and frequency to allow this to happen and unfold.

You cannot unfold light and love in the world around you if you do not sit in light and love. If you sit in the mud you make a mud house, if you sit in the heavens you make a house made of light. That is the basics in which we speak, that is the basics of manifestation.

The house you desire to build, which is constructed on the foundation of love, this is the house that is built with light and which will reveal your true desires and function in this world in which you are projected into being. To have a house made of light you must function and operate at the frequency of light. You have the tools and materials available to you at the level in which you sit.

And we do speak of levels because this is the process and the understanding of your society in which we are speaking. This idea of greater than or lesser than is not a true reality, but it is your reality. It does make it simpler to speak in your reality in the words and tone which you can understand and comprehend. We could speak of the idea of all is one and that the form and structure of reality is that no hierarchy exists. That you are god made manifest as we have said. But what does that mean to you in incarnation?

No, instead we choose to speak of this stratosphere in which you are manifesting your house. You may wish to think of it as the where in which you build your house. Are you building your house in the mud of dense earthly energies? Then you will receive dense earthly experiences. Are you building your house in the skies of high vibrational realities, then this is what you will experience.

You will not receive what you are not ready to receive. You will not receive the house made of light if you cannot see in the light. This is the basics in which we speak, and this is the reality in which your form and function is made manifest.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

We offer you our love and say to you, you are a being of light and this light is needed and necessary in the world in which you live.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 29

Day 29 – March 24, 2021

Let us continue.

We want to talk today about the method and reach of our creations. This is not a subject that revolves around manifestation, but a subject which speaks to the purpose and the design of the building we have built.

What we are creating, what you are placing together and bringing to form, is the manifestation that is desired for you to function in the form you have taken on this earth. It is not our fault, nor anyone’s, if you do not like or enjoy the form you have taken. If you look within yourself you will see that your vessel, the form and function in which you sit, is the perfect vehicle for your travels on this earth.

We want to speak about this vehicle and the reasons for its being and the purpose for this house you are building. The vehicle, the vessel, you sit in is used to house and confine the soul which is your one true being. This is not punishment for the soul. The soul is not placed in a jailcell and subjected to harsh treatment. No, and you should not treat the vessel as such.

No, instead, this vessel in which you sit is the product of prior manifestation. It has been perfectly tailored and cultured to reflect the desires and aspirations of the soul body on this level of incarnation, at this time, on this planet.

What we mean by this we will call Step 60 to continue with our journey – the vessel you derive from, the form and function you hold on this planet, is the creation and manifestation of prior decisions made. It should not be second guessed but instead should be utilized as the tool in which it is for optimum learning and understanding of the world in which you sit.

Our vessel is negating some of these words we speak, fearful of the message that may be taken from them in the culture that is existing today. No, we are not saying that you cannot change and modify the body in which you sit, that is perfectly fine and may be part of the desired plan, we merely speak that the vessel in which you are residing is the perfect vessel for you.

There is no reason to hate at or throw negativity towards the vessel you are riding in just because you do not like the shape or size or abilities that it is possessed with. What is the purpose of this? No, try to praise this vessel for allowing you the opportunity to take a ride and experience this earth in which you reside, in whatever manner it is able to do so.

Your culture is full of praise for vessel that may seem unworthy but that does not mean that your vessel is not perfect and spectacular just the way it is. This does not mean that your vessel is not functioning and operating in the perfect and correct manner for your soul’s desires and ideals.

We ask you to love the vessel you are in. Do not talk down to it or act as if it were a fool. No, love it and treat it as a kindred spirit. Treat it as an old family friend which is giving you an opportunity you would not have previously had. Because living on this planet, experiencing the joys and wonders, this is an opportunity. An opportunity some of you have longed for for ages and eons. Treat it as such.

We will move on to Step 61 at this time – treat other’s vessels and vehicles with respect for they are derived through the source of all things and manifestations of the inner lights and loves of those here on earth.

Yes, this is a continuation of the previous step. Why would you deride another’s vessel when it is made of and through the source of all things, the god energy in which we are all created and manifested?

What purpose do you seek in pointing fingers at other’s vehicles or saying that they are unwilling of praise and congratulations. There is effort and work that goes into every vessel and vehicle and there is manifestation in every cell. Praise to the energies which form the microbes and electrons which hold up the shells we reside in.

We ask that you not only love your own vehicle but love the ones of your neighbors as well. Do not judge the vessel of another as unworthy just because a hairstyle is not in fashion or they chose the wrong shoes to wear. This is silly and not the work of the soul.

The time and energy wasted in these pursuits of the correct body are wasteful and not necessary for your time here on earth. And here we are talking not only about judging the vessel in which you or your neighbor resides but trying to form it into something that it was not meant to be.

Instead, we ask that you listen to the vessel in which you reside for it will tell you its needs and desires. You can view it as a small puppy if this will help this exercise. Does the puppy need to be let out and allowed a walk around the block? Does the puppy need to be fed? Does the puppy need to be groomed or physical contact?

Your vessel requires certain activities to allow it to function in the manner which is best for it and with this we will say Step 62 – listen to the vessel in which you reside, and it will teach you and tell you the necessities that it requires in this form and function it was designed to do.

The body, the vessel, the vehicle in which you reside is not a stupid or unknowing being. It is not some lower energy that you are here to control. No, it is a being in its own right and deserves the love and attention that is paid to it. It deserves to be listened to and understood.

We say all this, as our vessel is questioning the time we are spending talking about the physical form, because it is through the combined effort with this form where the true house, the true manifestation, can be brought into the reality in which you sit.

Not only this, we say, but this vessel in which you sit is an example, a blueprint of the creation and manifestation principle. Where do you think, how do you think, this vessel you ride in was designed and created? There is the same process involved in building the house which is used in building the vessel in which you sit.

There may be different names for the structures and functions, there are not walls but skin and bones, there are organs which heat the body, not furnaces which heat the house, but the end product, the manifestation in form, is the same concept as creation principles which we are teaching.

And with that, we will end for today. We love you. We love all of you. We love the vessels in which you ride in, that were created of and through your being, and we ask that you love them just as much as we do.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 28

Day 28 – March 23, 2021

Let us continue.

The strength which you hold inside is not a dream. There is a persistent quality to your soul which desires to speak out and be sought. There is a desire within to speak your truth and live your life in the light of the lord and not the darkness of ignorance. And this is who we speak to today.

This light in your soul which desires to learn. Please come forward. Let us speak unto you so that you shall hear our words, and our words are thus.

Find comfort in your body but do not get lost there. This is your temporary housing for the time being, but it is not who you truly are. You are a light of god, a twinkle in the eye of the beloved. Find the strength inside to project your true self outward and turn this world into the Eden it was meant to be.

Now, let us continue with our teaching for the combination of the soul and the vessel in which it sits.

We spoke previously of this map which is inside yourself in which you will find the directions on how to raise a wall and to this we will speak today. These past teachings are all on this subject matter, but they are such that the truth is revealed incrementally as the days and weeks pass by you. And this is the method of true learning. Not in one small jump but in tiny steps along the byway.

This map which you hold inside your heart, it is our desire to release it today. If you like, you can call this Step 58 and to that we will say – reach into your soul to read this map, it is the map of truth and understanding. It is found within and will never be shown without.

This map we speak of is revealed to you daily inside your physical structure, in the mind of the suit in which you wear. Pay attention to the phrases, pay attention to the insights, pay attention to the moments in time which are available to you to see beyond what has been previously taught, this is where the heart of the map lays.

What we teach now will work best in exercise form, so we ask that you close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, let a curtain fall down on a stage. See that curtain as a blank screen for you to use. There is a single microphone left on this stage and a spotlight shines on this location. Allow a performer to go towards this microphone. This performer will tell you the directions of your life. It may come in the form of comedy or tragedy, but you are the audience member listening to these words. Sit with this image for a few moments. You may open your eyes now.

This exercise we gave you is an example of how you hear and see your heart’s map, not through your vessel’s eyes and ears but through the eyes and ears of your inner awareness.

Some people will label this psychic or intuitive work, but it is the true work of the soul. The culture you live in has mystified this ability to seek within such that it seems like a foreign concept to you, but it has not always been so, and it does not need to be so.

To speak to your inner heart is to listen to the inner recesses of your mind. Those places that have been shut off and forgotten about. And thus, we will take you to Step 59 – listen within, watch the scenes which unfold in your mind and this will reveal the truth of the matter, and the truth of the matter is always based on love and understanding.

One factor we must separate out first before you can fully trust this inner voice, this comedian on the stage of your inner landscape, is that the fear must be removed first. We have no place in this game of life for fears to pop up and get in the way. These must be brushed aside and moved over to make room for the true message of the soul.

It is this message that will reveal to you the proper timing and placement for the raising of your wall. You have allowed two to become one with your desires as the glue and it is this inner insight which will tell you when and how this wall will be raised.

Listen closely, follow the directions given, pay attention to the insights raised, and that wall will be placed in its proper location. That wall will stand strong for eons to come.

This is the message we bring you today. One of understanding the true words of your soul, the words which have been seeking to be released and want to be heard by the true masses. Not the masses of men, but the masses of love which await your presence among them.

And with that we will leave you for today.

We offer you our love and desire your voice to raise among ours. We love you. You are perfect. You are a blessing from the heavens in which you walk.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 27

Day 27 – March 22, 2021

Let us continue.

Today we will continue to build our house together. This house built on love and framed with wood using the philosopher’s stone, the stone used of two combining to form one. We mentioned that the glue which holds this together is the desires and intentions. Now let us explain how to raise this wall yourself.

To do this, a task that can require the strength of many men, you must first look inside yourself and see where this wall desires to be. Where, in this space time energy field in which you sit, does this wall, this combination of opposites, desire to be placed. Because the placing of this wall is essential. Just a few inches off and it will not stand.

We mention this, as we have mentioned the idea of patience and waiting and proper timing, but also the idea that time is not what you think it to be. That time and space can both be manipulated and are malleable.

Combining these two topics we come up with the idea that learning to be in the moment and of the moment helps you determine the proper setting of your wall to form the house which will stand for ages rather than be blown over by a passing wind.

Let yourself not rush this journey, let yourself allow the energies to coalesce and come together as they are meant to, not as your force brings them forward. This is the secret to good wall placement. To let the energies come with your intention to hold them together and raise them in the proper place at the proper moment in time.

This is also what we will call Step 55 – allow the energies to form as they will and the timing and placing of these energies to be determined by the heart’s will not man’s will.

You may quickly find that the heart is not ready for the wall to raise up. That it will be stressed and strained to have something so grand manifest in front of them at this stage of the game. Working your way slowly, allowing the energies to collect and manifest as they may, will allow this process to unfold as it should and with the dynamic that makes the proper fitting.

Let us move on. You have waited patiently for the time for your wall to be raised. Now we ask that you raise this wall and hold it firmly in place. To do this one must follow the process that the heart sings, one must follow the guidance of the heart and be shown the true way.

We will call this Step 56 and it is this – the directions for your journey forward are not given in the mind but in the heart. The true path to bring about this manifestation is through the heart center. Follow the guidance presented and all will be revealed.

We offer you this analogy. You may close your eyes if you will it so, but it is not necessary for this. Go to your heart space. In this heart space find yourself a map. Pull out this map and unfold it. On this map are the step-by-step processes, the steps if you will, that will lead you to where you are meant to go. This is the journey before you which we have described, but our journey is to this map and the understanding of the symbols on it. Once you find this map, trust this map, understand this map, we are no longer needed. This map is your true journey forward.

With this analogy let us say that the way to raise your wall is to follow the steps set out before you by your heart center. If you listen closely, if you follow what has been written, you will see that raising this wall does not take effort of strength but effort of the heart.

Many of you will ask how is this map revealed? How does one find this map on their journey and how can it be revealed to them?

Well, we say, this is our journey to lead you to this map. To help you understand and trust the process that has been set out for before you. Each of our steps we provide you along our journey are meant to train you to reveal the truth, which is already there, but you have not been willing to see.

And this will be our Step 57 if you will. The truth is that you have the steps inside you all along. You have the ultimate truth and knowledge. We are merely working to teach and train you how to reveal that knowledge for yourself.

Yes, each of the steps we give you leads you a little closer to this truth. But some of you may not need us to help you see the truth. You can go into your heart and read the map and follow the lines it leads you down. For this we are eternally grateful to you and we ask that you follow that map.

For those who are still seeking and trying to understand the existence of their own unique map, we ask that you follow our steps along this journey. Yes, sometimes these steps may seem tedious or tiresome or that they are repetitive. This is because these laws we speak of are simple. This is actually a one step process, follow your heart’s song, but that song has been covered by layers of mud and dust and centuries of doubt, so we are slowly working our way to that heart with you, allowing you to see the truth that has been there all along.

You will raise your walls, and you will do so using the directions of your heart. Little by little you are seeing that what we say is the truth, that your heart is singing, and you are learning to listen, this we will teach you.

The map is inside you with the directions on how to raise your wall. The proper timing and placement are written on that map and it is for you to follow. Do not push the wall up too soon as forcing this energy into place will not lead to a strong wall, but a wall that is unstable and may frighten your own sense of being.

No, we ask that you find that heart map and follow its directions. Find the proper timing and placement. Reveal to yourself the truth of the matter. The true directions which lay before you. Listen and that wall will stand strong for eons to come.

And with that we will end for today. We offer you our blessings and we say that we love each and every one of you very much. We see that you wear the face of god and that makes us smile.

Blessed be.