Always. Always. Always. Be. Be. Be.

Always. Always. Always. Be. Be. Be.

Now is the moment in time where the recognition and realization of what you have truly been, what all truly are, is made manifest in this time and space. The ideas of the old have been rectified, re-known, this is the time and place for the new realization. Not a realization of the new, but a realization of what has always been and what has always been known.

The truth of what you are. The truth of who you are. Is not hidden. Is not denied the light. Because the truth of what and who you are is the light and that light can never, will never, be put out, be placed in darkness.

Instead, it is the realization of the light which allows the light of others to shine, which brings joy to the faces of men and women and beings across this sphere. The realization and recognition of the truth of the all. The truth of being and loving and living in each single moment of time. In each single moment of space. Not as a figment of being, but as you truly are, love made manifest.

Now the human mind is made to doubt, people are made to doubt, and for this we say, good, a healthy degree of skepticism is in order. But do not let your doubts get in the way of the truth which is staring you in your face. The truth is a choice that you choose to accept or reject in every moment in which you experience this life.

That truth is the love, is the divinity, is the Source, which is all around you. Which is through you. Which is you made manifest.

Do not doubt that which is but instead allow yourself to experience this as truth. The experience is the only real teacher of truths. You cannot read truths in a book and say, “Ah, yes, this must be the truth as this author said it so it must be true.” No, blind faith without experience is not and has never been the understanding of truth.

Truth can only be comprehended, can only be rendered known, through the experience of it as such. Though experience of truth you will truly know what is, that love is the truth of and through all, that love is the ultimate source of refuge and power. That love is the one true God, the source energy, the manifest made known, the creator of all, the denier of all, the one echo made manifest through creation.

This truth must be experienced as such. For such, let us give you an exercise to begin the process of perceiving such as it always is.

Close your eyes now if you please. In front of you see the vastness which is space, which is time. The eternal now made manifest. Let yourself pick one bloom of this eternal now. Right now, reach out and pick your flower which is the representative of what is and what always will be. In your mind form this flower of creation. Give it a color. Give it a smell. Give it a shape to take on in the world around you. Now blow on this flower and allow the flower to disintegrate before you. Allow the particles, the molecules of this flower to dissipate in this space and time in which you sit. You may open your eyes now.

This, this is the product of creation. This is the truth of all that is. The creation principle made manifest. It is through your mind, through the collective mind, through the Great Mind that all has been, is, and will be formed. Not in the past, but in each moment you are sitting in, each moment in this space and time in which you are and are being.

It is through this creation process which you experience the Source of all things. Which you know yourself and can understand yourself as love. That flower that you created. That was made from love. The love particle made manifest. You are allowed to experience the love which is eternal and great through that which you are. Though that which you know.

With this principle in mind, we ask you to go about your day. Do your hair, say hi to your neighbor, take out the trash. Go through your day and realize, recognize, that the world around you, the experiences around you, are your mental creations made manifest. They are your opportunity to experience the divine in and through all things. To experience love in form.

You may say, “well the barking dog is not love. Why did I manifest the annoying neighbor above me with the barking dog that will not stop?” And to this we say, all is love. All is of the creation principle and must be, shall be, re-known as such. That barking dog is just as much the principle of love as the heartbeat which emanates through you. That barking dog is your creation.

We suggest you take a look at that heart of yours and see if it is barking for a reason. Is it trying to get your attention and ask you to recognize, realize, the love which is of and through it? 

This is an experiential process. This life you live, this air you breathe, this way of being, is experiential. Live it. Be it and you will come to know the truth of the all. The truth which is the foundation principle in which you love and are being. 

All is love. 

And so it is. Blessed Be. 

The Words of SEA – Day 42

Day 42 – April 8, 2021

Let us continue, and complete this task for today.

This path we have walked forward on is finishing today, not to be completed forever but for the resonance and tones of the words that have been conveyed to activate and integrate into the systems of those who participated.

If you would like you may sit with the energies of these words again, let them integrate and allow them to seep into the being in which you sit, your vessel in which you function. This is not necessary, but some may prefer this method of repetition.

Let us move forward with the task at hand. Step 99 – to be in the moment and of the moment is an experience in life. You have come here to live and so we ask you now to do that, to live.

There is a time and a place for everything and the time for you on this planet is to live a life in human form. There is no need to go to a cave in the mountains if the human form desires comfort and companionship. This form is why you have incarcerated on this planet, let it function and learn from and through this vessel in which you sit.

It is as simple as that. All of our messages are simple at the core. Live in the form in which you sit. Love through this form. These are the mandates we give and that have been given before.

We will move now to step 100 which we will label the last step on this journey in which we have brought you. Step 100 – it is important that you understand the true nature of your being is one of understanding and love. There is no reason to strive to be something you already are. We ask merely that you remove the layers of dirt and grime that have built up over the years to reveal the true light which lays underneath.

That which is, is that which you already are.

We will say again, it is as simple as that. There is no need to make it more complicated than the truth. And the truth is that you are divine in form and function. You are the god of your soul sitting in a vessel created by man and through man as a reflection of the divinity in which you sit.

We ask that you tear down the structures that have been built to block the view of the divinity which is inherently yours. There is no need for effort when the prize has already been won. The game is already finish. You are the light and the love, let that light inside yourself shine brightly. That is all we ask of you today.

And with that we will finish our message. We say that you are love universal and there is no reason to doubt this field in which you sit. Accept the love which is your birthright and let that aspect of being be as it is meant to, a beacon of light to shine and bring others to their true and rightful home.

We say that we love you. We know you. You are worthy of the mountains and the seas. You are love incarnate and we bow down to the love which is eternal and divine within all beings.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 41

Day 41 – April 7, 2021

Let us continue for today.

There will be a time and a place for discussion, but the time here is for silence and the space is for allowance. This message we are bringing you today is one of hope and understanding. One of perseverance and allowance. One of acceptance of what truly is, in the face of the illusions which have been placed in front of you.

We will move on today to Step 96 – sitting in your father’s kingdom is a matter of birthright. This is where you were born and where you will return. There is no striving that must occur merely an uncovering of what is.

We say this as a summary. A summary of what is before you and what is in you. It has been revealed that you are walking in the kingdom of your lord, that the heaven you seek is before you and within you. There is no need for striving, just the uncovering of that which has been concealed.

We will use the analogy of the cave. We will say that there is a great cave inside you filled with great insight. But you have placed rocks and stones at the entrance of this cave. Some of these stones you have gathered yourself, some have been given to you over the years. But now the amount of stones that have amassed has hidden the entrance to this cave. So much so that you may forget there ever was an entrance and go seeking this cave of truth outside yourself. You do not realize that you had it all along.

We ask that you remove each rock, slowly if you must, to uncover the entrance of this cave. You may first remove a few stones and see that it is there, that it exists. Then, a few more and feel you may be able to see inside. Then, a few more until you can finally comfortably go inside and discover this wealth of knowledge and understanding which was with you all along.

Eventually you will remove all the stones so only a pebble or two remain to remind you of the cost of placing this barrier in front. You will have free access to this space that is the source of your light and the understanding as a birthright.

This is what we have sought to do with our message. This is what our journey is about. Removing the stones which sit before you blocking the entrance to your inherent birthright. This place that contains the source of all that is and this place which you have always had access to.

Let us move forward now to Step 97 – to enter the kingdom of heaven we ask that you do so with one foot forward and a smile on your face. This is a request of the tone and quality that is the admittance to that which you seek.

You seek happiness but do so with a dour face, that happiness will not be found. Wear the smile of the man who knows the path forward is a glorious one and so will the path be. There is no reason to predict or expect doom and gloom if this is not what you want.

It is your expectations which shape your reality and the attitude you convey which will leave the impact on that which you seek. There is no reason to expect greatness if that is not what you truly desire. The desires of man have been corrupted by the culture of the day. Find the true desire in the cave of the heart and that is where the smile will also be found.

Our message is simple yet has many steps to help you tear down the wall which has been placed in front of your cave piece by piece. There is no need for all these steps if the wall is not great or the understanding already there.

For the message we give you is a simple one. All is love. The universal step of the universal and never-ending age. We ask that this idea of the pervasive power of love evade every thought pattern and shift the foundation in which you find yourself. When you understand the true power of love there is no need to fear what is to come before you because you see fear as a byproduct of thinking which does not contain seeds of truth.

This will be our Step 98 – the kingdom of heaven which is before you has been sowed by the hearts of men for generations past and will continue to be sowed henceforth. This foundation is the foundation of love onto which we all sit and rest. This foundation is universal and is the birthright of all. This foundation is the kingdom of the lord your god.

We ask now that you allow the truth of understanding to flow through you and find its rightful place in the kingdom of your heart. Allow this heart to spread the love, which is the foundation of all, so that this world will continue to exist and find its place in the ethos of man.

We will leave you now for today. We say that our messages are short and that the ending of this transmission is near. We will begin again at a later day, so no, this is not the end end, but just the end of this exercise in steps and journey we have brought forward. We ask that you keep an open mind and let this transmission flow as all the words will find their way to the proper vibrational being in which they choose to exist.

And with that we will leave you for today. We bless you and say that the kingdom is your birthright, and our message is one of love.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 40

Day 40 – April 6, 2021

Let us continue.

We are walking on this journey with you, hand in hand, exploring what is before you while explaining what is within you. The aspects of this journey which you are on are quintessential to the matter at hand. And the matter at hand is love.

The journey you are on is one that is based on the loving principle which perpetrates and penetrates all of mankind and all creations. When asked, what is the difference between the birds and the bees, the answer is nothing. They are aspects of love, particles of the divine presence which have taken form in this reality complex in which you sit.

All is love.

It is as simple as that and that is what we will continue to repeat.

We will label this Step 93 – when entering the temple of your heavens remember to bow down to the lord your god who is eternal and manifests throughout all beings. The lord your god who is the representative aspect of the divine love particle which is found manifest in your heart.

Yes, we know the words we speak sound archaic to your ears but let us explain what it is we speak of. When we talk of bowing down and supplication we speak of the allowance and acceptance, the praise of the one true source, which is the love eternal everywhere. We ask that you allow the acceptance of this source as it chooses to manifest for you and to you.

What do we mean by this? The lord your god can take many shapes and many forms. It has been the goddess of the sun and the moon, the god of war and the god of famine, the goddess of the trees and the god of recreation. There are many forms for the god source which can be called many different names.

We do not look down or judge any of these god forms. They are creations and what are creations if not manifestations of god, manifestations of the love particle in function if not form.

The gods that have been worshiped and deified throughout the history of the earth have done so as tokens or beacons of light. Aspects of the divine that you find worthy of your praise and admiration. This we find acceptable as long as the allowance of love is everywhere.

The love which created the gods created you and me. The love principle which exists in this world does so for the manifest purpose of creation. Why deem those creations unworthy of your love and praise?

We say these words to emphasize the point that all gods are allowed to be worshiped by your choosing for the aspect of love which they represent. This aspect is universal and one that has been built up and created for the benefit of all.

There are no gods that are better than others but there are gods who have their place in their space and their time. The dominant gods which exist at present are able to find their way to their expression of god source, of oneness, of the love principle, as they choose to do.

And this will bring us to Step 94 – what you create in mind you create in thought form which is the allowance of energies to coalesce and form to their creation.

We say this and we speak of the energy collectives in your universal field called egregores which are merely aggregates of thought forms which have collected over your sphere of influence.

We speak of gods because in some aspects these gods of old and new times can be comprehended as beings present in their egregore form. The thoughts of men and women have combined and created what must be for them to exist so it must be so.

When you put energy in the form of thoughts out into the environment in which you sit, they are allowed to collect and take form. If these thoughts find the thoughts of other men, they can grow stronger and have a greater amount of influence on the sphere in which you sit. This is the gods of old and the gods of new’s influence over the world in which you sit.

And yes, this is how your storms and rains are formed to some degree. The weather patterns are a reflection of the thought patterns of the individuals living in the environment in which they sit.

So, you say, were the tribal people who did dances for their gods asking for rain wrong? Did their acts of movement and thought form not help to collect the energies needed for the rain to fall on their crops? Perhaps those of old knew and accepted a universal fact that has become lost in the ages since?

Yes, we speak of gods and egregore to shake up the foundation on which you think you sit. We have asked for a foundation of love and a foundation of love means the love of all beings, those that have been created on earth and those that have been manifested through thought.

There are aspects and reasons that beings and energies exist. The love you give them will help them to be how they are meant to be and to live in this world at the vibration of acceptance and allowance.

What we speak of now we will label Step 95 – the love which you give out you receive in kind. Give out universal love and universal love is returned.

Find the heart of the matter in which we speak. The core substance and element which is transmitted today is one of acceptance of all beings because they are creations of love. Creations of love exist in many different forms and functions. The goal for you is simple, love all.

Love the birds and the bees and the gods of old and new. Love the neighbor and the friend and the beggar and the attorney. Love every being that is present both in form and function, in thought and manifest form.

It is this aspect of love that will create and shape the world in which you sit. This is the aspect of love which will transform that which vibrates at a seemingly lower frequency into the love principle it was meant to be and is in form. This is what we speak.

The evils of your world are not evil in the face of love. To see the seemingly evil as a love particle, to give it the love that it seeks, is to transform and change, is the alchemy of your time, is the highest form of praise and worship you can give.

Love your neighbor. Love your friend. Love those you would deem unworthy of your praise. Love all who are in form and who are in thought. Love the gods of old and the gods of new. That is what we ask of you today. This is what we speak of.

And with that, we will end for today. We ask only for the love we give to be returned in kind as it is the principle and the manifestation of the world in which you sit. We love you. We appreciate you. You are worthy of the glory of your god and the universal presence of praise.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 39

Day 39 – April 5, 2021

Let us continue.

Now the topic today is one of love, but also one of obsession. There are obsessions in your world which distract the confines of your mind and hold them hostage. The role you play in your modern world seems to be more and more one that is necessitated on the fact of letting go and releasing.

There are many boundaries and structures that have been placed in your path, not by god or the heavens, but by men and your thoughts. There are avenues that seem artificially shut off because they have been blocked with the ideas of men who have come before you.

To this, we ask that you stop. We ask that you release the ideas of others in order to hold onto and create the ideas of your own.

This we will label Step 90 – releasing the ideas of those who came before you, allows the ideas of your heart to grow and take shape.

It becomes unnecessary to go into long periods of study. Instead, we ask that you look within, steady your mind, and allow yourself to experience the truth of all that is. That is the only place the truth can be found.

Our vessel is questioning this message as books are a great interest and seem to accumulate quickly. To this we say, yes, release them. We do agree that some books and messages bring forth a vibrational accord which will resonate with you and allow you to transcend the level of vibration at which you sit. But we ask, are these the books you are reading? You will know when they are as the resonance will ring brightly in your ears. Yes, you will know the ones. The ones which touch your heart and move your soul. Yes, the bible may be that for some who seek, or other seemingly religious texts do contain those elements of transcendence involved, but also the mystics of the old as well as the channelers of the new bring wisdom when it is necessary.

Let us move on.

We will be ending and leaving this transmission, but not all transmissions, do not worry vessel we will not depart you, but we will be ceasing this current work and project shortly. We look now to smooth some edges and leave some insights for the mind to chew on and digest as they have moved past the stage of questioning and into the stage of true understanding.

We will call this Step 91 – to be with the one you love is to be with the heavens and the earth. There is no being on this planet, or any others, where love should not be the main ingredient in interchange.

This is the message we have stressed and the message that we will continue to share. That of love. Not love of those you choose or see worthy of it, but love of all. A universal all deserves universal love.

You, and here we speak overall you as in humanity, have complicated this idea of love with the idea of sin. You feel you should not love those who have sinned. This sin which Eve and Adam partook of in the garden of Eden was the sin of division. The sin of seeing an opposite to all that is, an opposite to universal love.

This is the only sin in existence and the only sin that ever was and ever will be. You have brought up great churches and mountains in praise of this sin and we ask that they be released. We ask that you do love your neighbor as yourself but also that you love the priest who preaches sin and the mouse who steals your food.

There is no being on heaven or earth which is unworthy of the love which is available for you to give.

The next step we would like to speak of, Step 92 – to be one with your brothers on earth there must be a releasing of previously held beliefs of what is considered right and wrong. There must be a time for grief that does not exceed the time for healing. There must be an understanding of the universal oneness which is allowed to permeate and penetrate the areas in which you live and breathe.

Here we speak of the necessity for understanding. For some individuals this release of the old structures and the acceptance of what is will come swiftly. For others there will be a necessity to build back up those walls that you have been knocking down. This is a matter of choice and a matter of acceptance of form and function.

We ask that this step be understood as one of true understanding. The understanding of the soul which resonates in a frequency which aligns to the higher good, the oneness with all of creation.

For you wear the face of god just as your brothers and your sisters, your priests and your laymen, your villagers and your townspeople, all wear the face of their god.

We will continue to use this language of god and man as the division between the two is unnecessarily divided. God is not superior to man but one with man, just as man is not superior to beast but one with beast. There is a universal field out of which all beings have been formed. This is the universal field of god which we speak. A field of form and substance which has taken shape and created the sun and the moon, the stars and the trees, the birds and the bees.

We ask that the understanding, which is necessary, comes at all levels of being, the earthly level as well as the spiritual desires. There is no need to talk of one god who is greater than another, as all gods have had their time on earth, and all have a message to tell.

Do not turn a blind ear to a message that rings true in your heart just because the source is a god you do not have an affinity for. The stories which have been told are stories, but they are stories based on some truths and some lies, these have been melded and shaped together to create a vibrational field that is resonant with where it desires to be at this time. When it desires to change it will do so and it has done so.

We finish this lesson today where we began. On the topic of stories and books. We ask that you not judge the religious texts of others as unworthy of your love as they are a source and an inspiration of love. Just as one text can have many uses; one story can have many retellings. Allow these words to resonate when necessary if you choose but see them as stories with a vibration of their own.

Trust fully in the one true source, your god, which is found within. This is your bellwether for whether what you read or hear or see or experience is of a true source. This is where your heart beats and your soul sings their song. Let this be your source of inspiration as well.

We will leave you with that for today and we will see you again tomorrow, whatever day that tomorrow will be. We have a few more lessons for this text we would like to bring through before we close the ending of this journey.

May peace reign supreme in your heart and the hearts of all men.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 38

Day 38 – April 4, 2021

Let us continue.

The topic for today is one of love. The love which is the foundation of our structure and the foundation of our being. We would like to take some time to re-discuss this matter as it is the matter of the heart which we dwell on here and at all times.

The heart of the matter is love. And in all matter is love found. The truth of the matter is love and in love all truth is found.

To shift one’s thought from a place of heartache to a place of love will alleviate all suffering in the world. We are not saying that heartache and suffering do not exist, but that they are unnecessary steps created by the vessel’s mind.

If you choose not to experience them that is a choice. If you chose to experience them that is your choice.

Let us call this Step 87 – to live in a field of love is to live in a field without the potential for suffering.

Yes, you heard us correctly there. To live in a field of love is to live in a field without the potential for suffering.

Let us examine what suffering truly is. Suffering is the perceived lack of something. You believe you do not have the perfect partner or the house or the car or the job. You perceive you lack something which you believe you should have.

Suffering is the mental process which follows this perception of lack. Yes, it is a mental process, and all mental processes are choices that you make.

Do not get us wrong here, we are not judging you for your suffering, we are just pointing out that this is a choice you are making and if you do not like this you can chose something else.

Many believe this is a complicated matter, but it is not. It is a matter of choice. Just choose differently and that is all. What gets in the way is our desire to experience suffering, and yes, we will say this is a desire. Many desire the experience which suffering brings, the perceived lack of something they had or never had. This desire is what leads to the choice of suffering.

This will move us to Step 88 – the desire for suffering comes from the perceived lack of what has been and will be there all along.

The desire, we say, is erroneous. The desire is where the falsehood stems from. We say this because there is no lack so there is no reason for desire.

You desire that mansion on the hill with the perfect wife and the perfect car. This is the perception of not having those things which you perceive you desire to have. But we laugh at this scenario. Of course, you have the mansion on the hill with the perfect wife and the perfect car, can you not see it?

We say open your inner eyes and view all that you have. This world around you is a world of your creation. This world around you has been formed and shaped by the alchemy of your mind. Choices were made and more choices will come. We ask that you choose wisely.

If you would like to experience the mansion on the hill with the perfect wife and the perfect car you can do so at any time in your mental processes. You simply need to close your eyes and see what is already there. This, we say, will alleviate the desire and the sense of lack that you feel.

We will call this Step 89 and say, to experience what you perceive you desire is a matter of creating the reality internally and then allowing it to manifest externally.

When you are in a state of allowance and receptivity of the higher consciousness the energy will flow to a greater and stronger degree. Your mental creations will manifest before you as they are meant to do in a way that is seemingly unexpected but not unknown.

These mental processes are first found in the mental arena where they are shaped and created into forms that then have the ability to manifest in the external world. Yes, we say this is true and it is a form and function that can take shape in front of your physical eyes.

You want or desire something? There is no need to suffer. Create it in your mind first. If this is a true desire it will then manifest in front of your physical eyes.

Our vessel is again saying we have discussed this before and we will say yes, we have, but this is to a different degree. The allowance and acceptance of the physical form to the higher consciousness creates a flow of energy that magnifies and exemplifies the receptivity to the world around you.

This is the matter in which we speak. One of creation and manifestation but also one of suffering and desires. There is no need to suffer if what you desire can be created in front of your eyes. There is no reason to suffer if you see suffering as a choice caused by a desire for a perceived lack. There is nothing you do not have which cannot be created or experienced in the mind.

Our vessel is asking about those who suffer because of the loss of a loved one, “surely you can’t expect those people to not suffer for the loss of a loved one. It is not possible for them to manifest the loved one back into reality.” To this we say, we see your point, but we do not agree.

The experience of a loved one who has made their transition is an experience that is natural and common to the human form. It is an experience that, from the time you are a child, you know will be repeated many times. Is it a surprise to you that a physical form dies? If it is, it should not be. The energy was in a physical form. Physical forms do not live forever. They are carbon based and meant to disintegrate. “dust to dust, blood to blood.”

We agree that the physical form of a loved one has no purpose of being regenerated into the physical life before you, no matter what your monster movies say. This is not possible to the degree you desire and not a helpful matter.

Instead, we say that the death of a loved one is just the transition of their energy. It is still a misperceived lack that the individual is experiencing and still that lack is false. That energy is still present and can be communicated with if the desire is at hand.

In your modern world, you have mediums who understand the intricacies of these communications, but this is unnecessary if the desire is at hand. Just go into the center and talk to your loved one. They are still there and listening. They may not give you the advice that you would like to hear, but they are still there.

No, we say that suffering at the loss of a loved one is a choice, and we will add that it is a cultural choice. It is the culture in which you live in which teaches you to suffer when a loved one transitions from form. And we say this is unnecessary. This transition should be celebrated and applauded not mourned and frowned upon.

The individual who makes their transition away from form is not gone for all eternity. They are just gone for this specific moment in your space-time illusion in which you sit. If you choose to let go of the desire for suffering, you may reach inside and find that the light of their soul is still turned on and still able to communicate and correspond with your entity.

So, we will continue to say that suffering is a choice that you have made due to the perceived lack and desire of what you do not have. This is a false choice as the reality of the matter is that you have everything at your so-called fingertips. There is no lack which is real.

The reality of the matter is that this is a field based and perpetrated on love. This love manifests all and is all. The desire for a lack is a false desire that can be remedied by going within and connecting to the one true source, your god the creator of all things.

With that we will leave you for today. We say that we love you, we bless you, and we send you multitudes of energies on this special day.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 37

Day 37 – April 3, 2021

Let us continue.

We continue, as we will, on this journey before you as our desire to see made manifest a world of a vibratory nature more conducive to higher consciousness and an allowance of what may be into the field of all. So, thus, we will continue this work.

The field that you transmit, the field which operates in form and function, is that of an auric nature and what we would like to discuss with you today. This vibratory field that you show to the world around you is one in which transmittance and acceptance may occur.

What we speak of is a field which functions to a degree singularly, that is to say with your mental structure unconscious of the design and makeup of what is inherent around it. And what is inherent around it is an energetic structure designed to assist in the matter at hand.

We spoke previously about the idea to meet a man where he is and the desire that is necessary to maintain this state. Today we will speak, and we will label this Step 84 – the field of which is your vibratory core is of such a degree that change is inevitable in the general sphere in which you sit.

What we mean is that when you vibrate with your house fully built and your roof attached, when you sit on that mountain, the interactions you derive from others are influenced and felt between the fields in which you sit.

This is to say that being in the presence and circumstance of other beings will influence and cause change to occur.

Our vessel asks, what change to occur? Well, that is highly dependent on the state of the other being in reactive field.

Let us give an example. You sit in this state of allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness in your form and vessel in which you sit. This allowance permeates a field around the vessel which speaks to a higher consciousness in relation to what is around it. When this field interacts with one of a similar nature there is harmony and love is easily formed. When this field interacts with one who is not even standing on a foundation of love and has not chosen to build a structure, the other may respond in fear at the grandeur of what is before it.

The reaction of fear is from the recognition of a state of being which they are not ready to accept or acclimate into their field. This is acceptable and should not be judged. However, we bring this up to make you aware of the matter. And the matter is this, when a field of a higher consciousness being interacts with a field of another that is not situated in an environment or foundation of love, this individual may react what you would deem poorly and what we would say is an ask for love.

An ask for love many times is deemed unworthy or degraded in your current culture. These do sometimes take the form of seemingly negative words, insults, or actions which can be detrimental to the individual involved taking place.

That is what we have to say about that. Let us move on now to Step 85 – the vessel in which you sit will start to manifest in form as a reaction to the higher consciousness which sits inside. The eyes do become windows to the soul as they say, and others can view that higher consciousness seated at the center of the being.

Our vessel is playing the image of a small child looking at them curiously and gravitating towards them and to this we say, yes, this is what we mean. Many children not long on this earth have the ability to inherently understand and see the divinity in a soul. Some will be drawn to this divinity and find a comfort in it. A feeling of acceptance and warmth. That of being at home, if you will.

The message of today is a description of this process of being in form and function with the higher consciousness riding shotgun, if you will. The acceptance and allowance of the higher consciousness into your being. This process is one that can be confusing or a bit uncomfortable to some and this we will make you aware of.

As we have stated, to maintain this state is to understand that others will feel the shift in the field in which you sit and will respond in kind. This response may not be what you deem for the highest good, it may include insults and attacks, which we ask you to view as cries for love to be received. You could use the allusion of jealousy in the soul and individual who has not allowed their higher consciousness the space to be. A fear within them of the magnitude which sits and permeates through you. These are the common reactions to those of what we will say a lower, but what we mean is not on a foundation of love, structure then where you sit.

We also say that others can understand and glimpse this divinity through you from changes to the physical structure in which you sit. These changes may seem subtle or unnoticeable to you, but there are physical signs that a higher being is present in the field of the one before you.

Our vessel, the curious one today, asks how does one know a vessel with a higher consciousness is before them? Look to the eyes my dear. The eyes tell the picture of the soul in front and before you. Yes, eye contact has been shunned and is not always acceptable in all states of being, but this is what we ask. The recognition of the divinity in another is easiest found in the eyes which do not lie.

Now we will move on to Step 86 – being in this state of higher consciousness does not equate with being in a state of bliss. No, this state of higher consciousness is one in which you are fully operational, and you go about your daily life.

We do not ask you to allow the higher consciousness to flow into your being so that you can go live the monastic life on the mountain or in the hills. No, we ask that you allow the higher consciousness to flow through you so that you can be in the place you are in, in the presence of the individuals which are before you.

Being in this state of allowance and being in the presence of others, allows your field to function as it should and influence those who are ready to be influence. To plant the seed of divinity in the fields of others so that the ideas of allowance and acceptance are allowed to perpetrate and permeate throughout their being.

This is what we ask of you. To live your earthly life in a state of allowance and acceptance as to influence those around you in this subtle manner. In this manner of acceptance and allowance for what once was and what will always be. This is the true message in which we speak.

Yes, we have mentioned this before, and we will mention it again. Our method here is one of repetition for when it is called for and it is called for now. We do not see this path we are walking as one of a straight line but one which circles and curves just like the true lines of your planet. The straight line is never straight. The line which reacts and adjusts to the world that is before it is the true line, and this is the path we walk. This is the journey we are on.

And we will end here for today. We say we love you and appreciate you. The allowance of the holy spirit into the vessel in which you sit is the allowance of divinity to flow freely through you.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 36

Day 36 – April 2, 2021

Let us continue.

We would like to continue our talk today about maintaining and retaining this state of allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness into form and function. We feel this is the stage where it is paramount for practice and exercise in the state of being which you choose to sit for you to understand and realize that this state of being has always and will always be found.

What we are saying is that this state of being in which you sit will never be lost. Do not fret on the outcome of what may be, instead concentrate on what is.

We will take you now to Step 81 – within the kingdom in which you sit the keys to unfolding and unlocking the truth of all that is have always sat and festered, the question of opening the box still remains.

We say that you have always had the tools and skills to be in this state of consciousness, it is the desire that has been adjacent to the matter at hand. The desire to be and in this state is necessary to match up with the alignment of being in matter.

Examination of your true desires and motives is a key principle we will teach today. The idea of understanding the why behind your beingness. Why are you the way you are? Why do you want what you want?

Unpeeling and unlocking this layer is rather revealing if it is allowed to unfold as it should. Many will put up blocks when faced with these sorts of questions. They may not want the truth to be revealed to them as the truth may be unsavory or not acceptable at this space and time dimensional position in which you sit.

To that we say, just do it. Just pull down those structures and examine those motives. Examine your inner most desires and look at them for what they truly are. If they are not aspects of love, what are they?

We do not say to judge them, because judging them will only create more walls. No, we say to accept them and bless them for what they are, constructs of the mind. Allow them to be and tell them that they are not needed at this time if they are not of the highest good.

We say this all, because many of your desires to maintain and retain this state of higher consciousness may not be for the benefit of all. If the true desire to be in this elevated state is to better your neighbor, we call hogwash on that. We say, that is a false construction as your neighbor is already in this state. He will realize this state eventually and it is of the time and space that is contingent and right for himself.

Examine your motives and desires for they will tell you if you are able to maintain this state with ease or if it will be a practice of continually unfolding.

We will move on now to Step 82 – to be in this kingdom and one with the people, there must be a realization of the altitude at which you sit and the alignment of which you speak. We say this as a message for understanding of those who have walked and will walk this planet.

As an earthly messenger you can maintain a relatively high state of consciousness, but it is not, as you would say, the highest state possible. It is the highest state while operating in form and function.

It is in this state that you will seemingly encounter other mortals on this earth and need to talk and converse with them. These conversations will take place as a matter of awakening within these souls, but this awakening should not be pushed or strived for.

Yes, this is the matter and the saying of meeting the other individual at where they are at and not forcing them up the mountain until they are ready.

If you are at the top of the tallest mountain communicating with an individual in the valley, this is a difficult transition to make. There may be many words or phrases that cannot be understood at that distance.

In these occasions and situations, we do not ask for you to come off the mountain, but to translate from the mountain state into what the valley can hear below. This can be done and is a matter of shifting pitch and tone in the form and function in which you sit.

This is a matter of changing dialogue and word choice to a frequency which can be understood and consumed by those who sit in the respective frequency. We ask not that you physically lower yourself off the mountain, just change the dialogue and method of communication.

We will move on now to Step 83 – to be one with your neighbor does not mean that integration is necessary, but that realization is possible.

We ask that you do not force those who have no desire to maintain this state of higher consciousness to understand and reveal to themselves what it is. Yes, we know how amazing and astounding it is to sit in this space, but that does not mean it is a necessary or even beneficial state for your neighbor.

This also does not mean that your neighbor is any higher or lower than you on the standard of life. Your neighbor is still ultimate perfection at the source. The revelation may not have come but it is a potential that exists in anyone and everyone’s fields.

Do not let your spot on the mountain make you high and mighty. Do not let this spot become made of quicksand to take you back down into the valley. This is a spot of grace not a spot of judgment, see it as such.

And with that we will leave you for today. We say that we love you immensely in any state or form you present yourself as.

Blessed Be.

The Words of SEA – Day 35

Day 35 – April 1, 2021

Let us continue.

Today we will talk about reconciliation and the ability to shift and maintain a state of vibration for a time being. We would like to take you from your house that you have built, out into the world at large so that the mountains and the streams can benefit from your presence.

This method which we will walk you through today is meant to be a step taken once the roof has been placed on your house. Once you feel the vibrational shifts which occur, although subtle, with the shift of the influx of your higher consciousness into the vessel in which you sit.

We will move onto Step 78 – transition from one state of being into the next, from the vantage point of understanding the world around you, to being in the world around you. This is the step of ceasing the need for knowledge or to know the world and living from a position of vibrational alignment and resignation with the world.

We say this is a step taken once the higher consciousness has made its transition fully into form as living this step from the vantage point of the vessel could lead to disruption and destruction. This is due to the makeup of the structures you sit in and the world they have created.

You live in a world bound by rules of law which transmit ethical standards by which you live. You may not like these rules or agree with them or think they are fair, but for the majority of individuals living on the earth at this time, we say they are necessary. They are necessary because at that stage, it is the vessel that is in control of the vehicle and not the higher consciousness.

When you have transitioned into living and breathing with the higher consciousness’s guidance, the rule of law is not needed. It is not broken because, if it is righteous and fair, it is followed automatically without question.

Yes, the one who is being driven by their higher consciousness obeys the speed laws set out for men because they understand the necessity of a limit on the amount of forward projection of the physical vehicle. They follow the limit not because it is stated on the side of the road, but because it feels the proper speed to maintain a semblance of safety to the others around them.

This way of being, of acknowledging the seemingly rights and wrongs of society, is not contingent on the rules of law, but on the standards of morality that are naturally assumed at this stage of the process. At this stage of the process, there is no need for ethical games or dilemmas because the answers emerge from the vibrational field not from the outcomes of the mental processes.

No, the vibration in which the higher consciousness sits is such that rules are unnecessary but followed if they are just. In a society where all vessels are controlled by the higher consciousness, you will find that there is no need for rules of law, and, in fact, the semblance of rules followed are at a higher level than can be conceived by the rule of men.

Let us move forward to Step 79 – finding the path forward becomes one of trust in the source and patience of the mind.

The higher consciousness knows and understands how the world truly functions. It does not bring about immediate satisfaction and gratification from pressing a button. There is an energetic flow which exists in this dimensional reality. When this flow is honored and elevated, the shifts which come about result in realities which are sought.

This is to say, that when the higher consciousness is in control of the helm, the need for forcing energies at will or demand is thrown out the window and a sense of peace reigns supreme. It becomes unnecessary to desire or to want, instead the shift becomes that of being. Being in each moment and in each breath.

This is not the way of being described in your present literature titled “present moment awareness”, but instead the being of the soul in a vessel of their choosing. This is a way of being and knowing which makes patience a birthright and understanding unnecessary.

Our vessel is asking for an example of this which we speak to make it clearer. It is as simple as this. A man walks into a bar. He sits at that bar and drinks his tea. He understands that being in that bar at the frequency he sits is a beneficial alignment for all around. He continues to go to this bar every evening for three weeks. On the third week a woman walks into the bar in vibrational alignment and they sit and chat. They find that their vibrations match, that there is a reason for being, and then they live happily ever after as they say.

This is the true act of finding the perfect partner. Our vessel did not know that we would use a relationship as an example and shies away from this idea, but we say, you know this is the truth.

The true relationships that are meant to be will come into your field at the time they are meant to come. The man who walks into the bar does so, not to search for the perfect partner, but to be in the presence he is called. By being in this location, the perfect partner comes to his field in the proper timing and at the proper place. There is no effort of finding or seeking but, instead, it is an effort in being in vibrational alignment with his soul body.

This is what perpetrates the woman coming into the bar to meet him. A common draw of a vibrational field, not the need to seek the perfect match.

Those whose focus becomes one of seeking and finding the perfect match attract a like vibration of seeking and finding. Instead, we suggest a way of being in the presence of your higher consciousness and allowance of the energies to flow as they may.

Let us move on to Step 80 – the effort you put forward is one of conscious manifestation not a tornadic flinging of the energies around you.

When you allow the energies to sit as they may and the energies to coalesce as they must, what is manifested is the reality that is meant to be not the reality which is sought after. At this stage, no seeking is done. Instead, the individual knows that what is meant to unfold will unfold. The effort is placed into being and following a higher guidance instead of wanting what should be theirs.

This is a message of understanding not at the level of the world, but at the level of reality. This is the way of being where patience is unnecessary because the reality of the matter has already been revealed and is known to the higher consciousness.

If the vessel is meant to meet the woman at the bar, he will be drawn to that bar in the time he is meant to be there. If he is meant to be at the bar to help a stranger and not to meet the woman, he will be at the bar for that purpose.

What the man knows and realizes is that being in the bar is a matter of being in the moment of time that he is meant to be in. At that moment in time, he does not desire or want, instead he sits and is.

This is the difference of what we speak. The idea of manifestation through vibrational field instead of through wants and desires. The man does not know that he is at the bar for the woman. But the woman comes because it is in the field to do so. The man is grateful for the presence of the woman, but it is not from the desire of seeking but for the desire of being.

We will let you sit with this message for today. We offer you our love eternally and suggest that you sit in the moment you are in and be.

Blessed be.

The Words of SEA – Day 34

Day 34 – March 31, 2021

Let us continue.

We have examined the heart of the matter and the heart of the matter is the truth in which we speak. We speak of the existence and allowance of the higher consciousness to operate in form and function at the level of vibration in which you sit.

This is the task that we work towards now and is one that is of allowance. We have given you simple tasks to do and simplicity is the key here. Releasing and letting go of what was for the acceptance of the greater is the only thing that needs to be done. There is nothing else that must or should be reconciled for the allowance of the holy spirit to enter your form and operate as and through you.

We say this, and we move on with our journey. Our house has been built. It sits on a foundation of love and its walls are built in alchemy. The roof which sits atop our structure is the allowance of the holy spirit into form and function.

At this junction, our journey is almost complete. We ask that you sit awhile and stay with us as we help you to integrate this knowledge into your code so that you can function in the world while still holding this vibration in which we speak.

We ask that you sit in this vibration, sit at this level of the holy spirit, while you go about your day. You may find yourself building back up the structures that were previously there to prevent your higher consciousness from coming into form. You may feel that the vibrations shifting around you so that your form and function starts to operate without asking or seeking advance from the true source.

And it is to this which we speak now. The idea of maintaining. We have given you the tools to reach this stage which some call enlightenment. Now it is the task of maintaining this stage while seeing the world around you and experiencing life in the human form.

We will call this next Step 75 – to live in the world and not be of this world one must use all the resources and faculties available to them, that of the mind, the body and the spirit. One must integrate and allow these pieces to function as a complete whole without the desecration of any one for the raising of the other.

We speak of this, as we have spoken previously, as many in your generation choose to ignore the importance of the mind or the body in pursuit of the higher spirit. And this is a fallacy. This is a false thought pattern which will lead your body to reject the higher consciousness and holy spirit for what it is.

No, instead we ask that you maintain your state by integration of these seemingly three separate pieces into one. The triad, as we have spoken of. The existence of the mind, body and spirit working and using form and function together as one coherent unit.

This is the task in which you are set to move forward with today.

This task may seem simple, and to that, we say it is, but the complexities of your modern world are that simplicity is looked upon as something to gloss over and not accepted for what it is. The truth of the matter.

We will bring you more steps along this journey to allow a complexity to take shape, but we ask that you hold in mind the idea that this is actually a simple process. A process of allowance. A process of recognition of the holy divinity of the body and the mind. A realization that to be one with spirit you must be one with the source in which you sit and function in this daily world.

We will bring you now to Step 76 – being in this world means experiencing this world before you. Do not sit idly by while the world operates around you. No, we ask that you experience this world in all its many splendor.

Our vessel is asking what we mean by this. We mean to leave the structure in which you are sitting. You have built your house, it is always safe to return there and seek communion, but now we ask that you leave that structure and venture out into the world around you.

By maintaining form and function at the degree of allowance of the higher consciousness, the holy spirit, to flow easily through you, you operate in a vibrational state which will, yes, we say will, effect those structures and forms you come into contact with.

Now we are not saying to go out and preach and proselytize to those around you. For those who choose to do that this is their choice and should not be judged. Instead, we ask that you sit in this state of allowance and be in the world to allow the world to feel and resonate with who and what you are.

It is as simple as that. Step a foot out your front door and you have completed this task we set out before you. You can take it a step forward and say hi to a neighbor or get groceries for a friend, but all we ask is one step out the front door and your resonance will work with what is around it.

We will move now to Step 77 – the world around you sings when you sing. Allow your voice to be heard. Allow your true song to be sung and the world will sing back to you.

This is our message of co-resonance and the reason we ask that you leave this structure you have built for yourself. The idea of vibratory field reacting and corresponding to those that are around it. This is the message we would like to transmit.

When you operate in a form and function of allowance of the holy spirit, others are correspondingly recognized for who and what they really are, children of the lord their god. This recognition in them, this insight into the truth of who and what they are, opens the stage for the allowance to happen within and through themselves. And this is what we seek.

Allowance for all who choose to see that truth of the matter. The truth of allowance and realization of the divine inherent in and through all things.

And with this we will leave you for today. We say that we bless you and we offer you our kindness as a neighbor and child of the lord.

Blessed be.