The Words of SEA: Individuality 

A few messages from SEA regarding individuality and being yourself:

September 16, 2022

Now is the time, now is the place, to be you. Do not hide what God has given you. Choose to show your colors in full light and full grace. For God does not create mistakes and there are no mistakes in the creation of man. 

No, instead there is harmony. Each chord that is played in the universal choir of mankind is a chord that was meant to be, that has a purpose, which is of creation and certitude.

When you think yourself something less than perfect, you are acting a fool. When you think that God did not have a mold, a plan when they made you, you are a fool to everyone and everything. 

We are here to tell you to be beautiful. To shine bright. To be the full color spectrum of your creation and your beingness. There is no other way of being or to be. 

Shine bright our little butterflies. Shine light and show your true colors to all mankind.

September 22, 2022

To be told what to do never feels good. To be told who to be is even worse. But the world you live in, the society you call your own, does just that. You are constantly bombarded with images showing you what the ideal human should look like or how they should behave. To this, we say – hogwash.

If each human was meant to be the same they would have been created the same. Instead, each of you is destined to be your own unique spark, your own unique godself.

And so we ask you now, today, in this moment, is this who you are being? Is this how you are behaving?

Let it be so.

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