Creator – Create

Creator – Create

“Do not despair, for we are with thee. We are the voice of all creation and you are the creators, building the great cities and constructing the future in which you live. 

There has been a wool pulled over your eyes so that you cannot see this future of your own creation. We ask for you to pull it down, uncover those eyes and allow them to see. Allow them to really see what is before you.

The city you have created is one of energy. Yes, you can see your physical reality around you as we speak, but there is an energetic reality there as well. We ask you to focus your attention on this. Focus your attention on the energy and the beingness around you at this time.

This energy, which has gathered, is one of annoyance and frustration. Allow this to be so. It will soon pass. But the energy which shall configure around your physical space need not be what is prescribed by the masses. It is a field which is chosen. So do so. Now.

Choose the field which is around you to be one of grace and magnificence and it shall be so. It shall always be so.

You forget that you are the ultimate creators, manifesting your world and blending the colors before you. You think that by handing your paintbrush off to the one in charge that you have relinquished control. It is not so. There is no one in charge. You are the only one painting.

Do not deceive yourself with the lies that have been told. You are the creator of your reality. Create it. Do not play the victim in this game of life. If there is something you do not like, change it.

Many will bemoan this message. Saying it is too hard or difficult to accomplish. But is that really so? All we ask is for a change of thought. You do not even have to lift one little finger to accomplish this task, and yet you consider it difficult?

No, we ask for a simple thought change. A simple perspective shift. Allow that to be so. Allow the energy around you to merge and shape into your desires. Do not judge these desires but see them for what they are, fruits of the metaphorical tree.

The desires you have before you are born from the seed that was planted in your youth. The desires have been cultivated, have been watered, have been energetically charged. What springs forth is the manifest desire of the energy which has accumulated. 

If you do not like your desires, why did you water this plant?

One must be conscious about one’s own thoughts and actions. Your society is based on the principle of handing over your power. From a young age, you give your power to the schoolmaster thinking it is so much easier this way. This way you do not have to decide anything for yourself. They will do it for you. You give your power over to religious institutions, thinking, I will just believe what they tell me to believe, how much simpler can it be?

No, but we ask you to take your power back. Recognize and realize that you have the ultimate power of creation. Use it. Do not allow yourself to hand over your creative power because that is a fallacy. You never truly hand it over. Instead, you merge with the ideals and desires of another, giving up what you want for what the one in charge desires.

And so, we ask for a simple task. We ask for a thought-pattern recalibration. We ask that you recognize and realize the power which is within you and before you. We ask that you use it.

Creator – Create. 

And so it is. Blessed be.” 

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