To Find the Truth of Any Matter…

To find the truth in any matter, one must first go to the heart. It is in the heart where the real truth is found. The truth of men is never the eternal and oneness. The truth of man is but ephemeral while the truth of the heart will go on throughout all of eternity.

Now, the process one uses to get to the heart, this is a process which is unique for each individual here today. The process can change. The process can evolve, but the truth is always found in the heart.

Do this for us today. Close your eyes. Tilt your head the best you can to look at your heart. In this space, say to your heart, “what is the truth”. Now listen. The heart will answer you. The heart will tell you the truth of what you seek. 

This is a simple exercise and in its simplicity it may seem mundane. But, we ask you to practice this exercise, once, twice per day and see what results will bring you.

You know the truth. You know how to find the truth. We ask you to listen.

Blessed Be. 

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