The Words of SEA – Day 41

Day 41 – April 7, 2021

Let us continue for today.

There will be a time and a place for discussion, but the time here is for silence and the space is for allowance. This message we are bringing you today is one of hope and understanding. One of perseverance and allowance. One of acceptance of what truly is, in the face of the illusions which have been placed in front of you.

We will move on today to Step 96 – sitting in your father’s kingdom is a matter of birthright. This is where you were born and where you will return. There is no striving that must occur merely an uncovering of what is.

We say this as a summary. A summary of what is before you and what is in you. It has been revealed that you are walking in the kingdom of your lord, that the heaven you seek is before you and within you. There is no need for striving, just the uncovering of that which has been concealed.

We will use the analogy of the cave. We will say that there is a great cave inside you filled with great insight. But you have placed rocks and stones at the entrance of this cave. Some of these stones you have gathered yourself, some have been given to you over the years. But now the amount of stones that have amassed has hidden the entrance to this cave. So much so that you may forget there ever was an entrance and go seeking this cave of truth outside yourself. You do not realize that you had it all along.

We ask that you remove each rock, slowly if you must, to uncover the entrance of this cave. You may first remove a few stones and see that it is there, that it exists. Then, a few more and feel you may be able to see inside. Then, a few more until you can finally comfortably go inside and discover this wealth of knowledge and understanding which was with you all along.

Eventually you will remove all the stones so only a pebble or two remain to remind you of the cost of placing this barrier in front. You will have free access to this space that is the source of your light and the understanding as a birthright.

This is what we have sought to do with our message. This is what our journey is about. Removing the stones which sit before you blocking the entrance to your inherent birthright. This place that contains the source of all that is and this place which you have always had access to.

Let us move forward now to Step 97 – to enter the kingdom of heaven we ask that you do so with one foot forward and a smile on your face. This is a request of the tone and quality that is the admittance to that which you seek.

You seek happiness but do so with a dour face, that happiness will not be found. Wear the smile of the man who knows the path forward is a glorious one and so will the path be. There is no reason to predict or expect doom and gloom if this is not what you want.

It is your expectations which shape your reality and the attitude you convey which will leave the impact on that which you seek. There is no reason to expect greatness if that is not what you truly desire. The desires of man have been corrupted by the culture of the day. Find the true desire in the cave of the heart and that is where the smile will also be found.

Our message is simple yet has many steps to help you tear down the wall which has been placed in front of your cave piece by piece. There is no need for all these steps if the wall is not great or the understanding already there.

For the message we give you is a simple one. All is love. The universal step of the universal and never-ending age. We ask that this idea of the pervasive power of love evade every thought pattern and shift the foundation in which you find yourself. When you understand the true power of love there is no need to fear what is to come before you because you see fear as a byproduct of thinking which does not contain seeds of truth.

This will be our Step 98 – the kingdom of heaven which is before you has been sowed by the hearts of men for generations past and will continue to be sowed henceforth. This foundation is the foundation of love onto which we all sit and rest. This foundation is universal and is the birthright of all. This foundation is the kingdom of the lord your god.

We ask now that you allow the truth of understanding to flow through you and find its rightful place in the kingdom of your heart. Allow this heart to spread the love, which is the foundation of all, so that this world will continue to exist and find its place in the ethos of man.

We will leave you now for today. We say that our messages are short and that the ending of this transmission is near. We will begin again at a later day, so no, this is not the end end, but just the end of this exercise in steps and journey we have brought forward. We ask that you keep an open mind and let this transmission flow as all the words will find their way to the proper vibrational being in which they choose to exist.

And with that we will leave you for today. We bless you and say that the kingdom is your birthright, and our message is one of love.

Blessed Be.

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