The Words of SEA – Day 40

Day 40 – April 6, 2021

Let us continue.

We are walking on this journey with you, hand in hand, exploring what is before you while explaining what is within you. The aspects of this journey which you are on are quintessential to the matter at hand. And the matter at hand is love.

The journey you are on is one that is based on the loving principle which perpetrates and penetrates all of mankind and all creations. When asked, what is the difference between the birds and the bees, the answer is nothing. They are aspects of love, particles of the divine presence which have taken form in this reality complex in which you sit.

All is love.

It is as simple as that and that is what we will continue to repeat.

We will label this Step 93 – when entering the temple of your heavens remember to bow down to the lord your god who is eternal and manifests throughout all beings. The lord your god who is the representative aspect of the divine love particle which is found manifest in your heart.

Yes, we know the words we speak sound archaic to your ears but let us explain what it is we speak of. When we talk of bowing down and supplication we speak of the allowance and acceptance, the praise of the one true source, which is the love eternal everywhere. We ask that you allow the acceptance of this source as it chooses to manifest for you and to you.

What do we mean by this? The lord your god can take many shapes and many forms. It has been the goddess of the sun and the moon, the god of war and the god of famine, the goddess of the trees and the god of recreation. There are many forms for the god source which can be called many different names.

We do not look down or judge any of these god forms. They are creations and what are creations if not manifestations of god, manifestations of the love particle in function if not form.

The gods that have been worshiped and deified throughout the history of the earth have done so as tokens or beacons of light. Aspects of the divine that you find worthy of your praise and admiration. This we find acceptable as long as the allowance of love is everywhere.

The love which created the gods created you and me. The love principle which exists in this world does so for the manifest purpose of creation. Why deem those creations unworthy of your love and praise?

We say these words to emphasize the point that all gods are allowed to be worshiped by your choosing for the aspect of love which they represent. This aspect is universal and one that has been built up and created for the benefit of all.

There are no gods that are better than others but there are gods who have their place in their space and their time. The dominant gods which exist at present are able to find their way to their expression of god source, of oneness, of the love principle, as they choose to do.

And this will bring us to Step 94 – what you create in mind you create in thought form which is the allowance of energies to coalesce and form to their creation.

We say this and we speak of the energy collectives in your universal field called egregores which are merely aggregates of thought forms which have collected over your sphere of influence.

We speak of gods because in some aspects these gods of old and new times can be comprehended as beings present in their egregore form. The thoughts of men and women have combined and created what must be for them to exist so it must be so.

When you put energy in the form of thoughts out into the environment in which you sit, they are allowed to collect and take form. If these thoughts find the thoughts of other men, they can grow stronger and have a greater amount of influence on the sphere in which you sit. This is the gods of old and the gods of new’s influence over the world in which you sit.

And yes, this is how your storms and rains are formed to some degree. The weather patterns are a reflection of the thought patterns of the individuals living in the environment in which they sit.

So, you say, were the tribal people who did dances for their gods asking for rain wrong? Did their acts of movement and thought form not help to collect the energies needed for the rain to fall on their crops? Perhaps those of old knew and accepted a universal fact that has become lost in the ages since?

Yes, we speak of gods and egregore to shake up the foundation on which you think you sit. We have asked for a foundation of love and a foundation of love means the love of all beings, those that have been created on earth and those that have been manifested through thought.

There are aspects and reasons that beings and energies exist. The love you give them will help them to be how they are meant to be and to live in this world at the vibration of acceptance and allowance.

What we speak of now we will label Step 95 – the love which you give out you receive in kind. Give out universal love and universal love is returned.

Find the heart of the matter in which we speak. The core substance and element which is transmitted today is one of acceptance of all beings because they are creations of love. Creations of love exist in many different forms and functions. The goal for you is simple, love all.

Love the birds and the bees and the gods of old and new. Love the neighbor and the friend and the beggar and the attorney. Love every being that is present both in form and function, in thought and manifest form.

It is this aspect of love that will create and shape the world in which you sit. This is the aspect of love which will transform that which vibrates at a seemingly lower frequency into the love principle it was meant to be and is in form. This is what we speak.

The evils of your world are not evil in the face of love. To see the seemingly evil as a love particle, to give it the love that it seeks, is to transform and change, is the alchemy of your time, is the highest form of praise and worship you can give.

Love your neighbor. Love your friend. Love those you would deem unworthy of your praise. Love all who are in form and who are in thought. Love the gods of old and the gods of new. That is what we ask of you today. This is what we speak of.

And with that, we will end for today. We ask only for the love we give to be returned in kind as it is the principle and the manifestation of the world in which you sit. We love you. We appreciate you. You are worthy of the glory of your god and the universal presence of praise.

Blessed Be.

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