The Words of SEA – Day 37

Day 37 – April 3, 2021

Let us continue.

We continue, as we will, on this journey before you as our desire to see made manifest a world of a vibratory nature more conducive to higher consciousness and an allowance of what may be into the field of all. So, thus, we will continue this work.

The field that you transmit, the field which operates in form and function, is that of an auric nature and what we would like to discuss with you today. This vibratory field that you show to the world around you is one in which transmittance and acceptance may occur.

What we speak of is a field which functions to a degree singularly, that is to say with your mental structure unconscious of the design and makeup of what is inherent around it. And what is inherent around it is an energetic structure designed to assist in the matter at hand.

We spoke previously about the idea to meet a man where he is and the desire that is necessary to maintain this state. Today we will speak, and we will label this Step 84 – the field of which is your vibratory core is of such a degree that change is inevitable in the general sphere in which you sit.

What we mean is that when you vibrate with your house fully built and your roof attached, when you sit on that mountain, the interactions you derive from others are influenced and felt between the fields in which you sit.

This is to say that being in the presence and circumstance of other beings will influence and cause change to occur.

Our vessel asks, what change to occur? Well, that is highly dependent on the state of the other being in reactive field.

Let us give an example. You sit in this state of allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness in your form and vessel in which you sit. This allowance permeates a field around the vessel which speaks to a higher consciousness in relation to what is around it. When this field interacts with one of a similar nature there is harmony and love is easily formed. When this field interacts with one who is not even standing on a foundation of love and has not chosen to build a structure, the other may respond in fear at the grandeur of what is before it.

The reaction of fear is from the recognition of a state of being which they are not ready to accept or acclimate into their field. This is acceptable and should not be judged. However, we bring this up to make you aware of the matter. And the matter is this, when a field of a higher consciousness being interacts with a field of another that is not situated in an environment or foundation of love, this individual may react what you would deem poorly and what we would say is an ask for love.

An ask for love many times is deemed unworthy or degraded in your current culture. These do sometimes take the form of seemingly negative words, insults, or actions which can be detrimental to the individual involved taking place.

That is what we have to say about that. Let us move on now to Step 85 – the vessel in which you sit will start to manifest in form as a reaction to the higher consciousness which sits inside. The eyes do become windows to the soul as they say, and others can view that higher consciousness seated at the center of the being.

Our vessel is playing the image of a small child looking at them curiously and gravitating towards them and to this we say, yes, this is what we mean. Many children not long on this earth have the ability to inherently understand and see the divinity in a soul. Some will be drawn to this divinity and find a comfort in it. A feeling of acceptance and warmth. That of being at home, if you will.

The message of today is a description of this process of being in form and function with the higher consciousness riding shotgun, if you will. The acceptance and allowance of the higher consciousness into your being. This process is one that can be confusing or a bit uncomfortable to some and this we will make you aware of.

As we have stated, to maintain this state is to understand that others will feel the shift in the field in which you sit and will respond in kind. This response may not be what you deem for the highest good, it may include insults and attacks, which we ask you to view as cries for love to be received. You could use the allusion of jealousy in the soul and individual who has not allowed their higher consciousness the space to be. A fear within them of the magnitude which sits and permeates through you. These are the common reactions to those of what we will say a lower, but what we mean is not on a foundation of love, structure then where you sit.

We also say that others can understand and glimpse this divinity through you from changes to the physical structure in which you sit. These changes may seem subtle or unnoticeable to you, but there are physical signs that a higher being is present in the field of the one before you.

Our vessel, the curious one today, asks how does one know a vessel with a higher consciousness is before them? Look to the eyes my dear. The eyes tell the picture of the soul in front and before you. Yes, eye contact has been shunned and is not always acceptable in all states of being, but this is what we ask. The recognition of the divinity in another is easiest found in the eyes which do not lie.

Now we will move on to Step 86 – being in this state of higher consciousness does not equate with being in a state of bliss. No, this state of higher consciousness is one in which you are fully operational, and you go about your daily life.

We do not ask you to allow the higher consciousness to flow into your being so that you can go live the monastic life on the mountain or in the hills. No, we ask that you allow the higher consciousness to flow through you so that you can be in the place you are in, in the presence of the individuals which are before you.

Being in this state of allowance and being in the presence of others, allows your field to function as it should and influence those who are ready to be influence. To plant the seed of divinity in the fields of others so that the ideas of allowance and acceptance are allowed to perpetrate and permeate throughout their being.

This is what we ask of you. To live your earthly life in a state of allowance and acceptance as to influence those around you in this subtle manner. In this manner of acceptance and allowance for what once was and what will always be. This is the true message in which we speak.

Yes, we have mentioned this before, and we will mention it again. Our method here is one of repetition for when it is called for and it is called for now. We do not see this path we are walking as one of a straight line but one which circles and curves just like the true lines of your planet. The straight line is never straight. The line which reacts and adjusts to the world that is before it is the true line, and this is the path we walk. This is the journey we are on.

And we will end here for today. We say we love you and appreciate you. The allowance of the holy spirit into the vessel in which you sit is the allowance of divinity to flow freely through you.

Blessed Be.

One thought on “The Words of SEA – Day 37

  1. I had initially reached Mary by way of searching Aura colors, and thus was able to share a story involving a childhood friend and her mother. During the last visit with my friend and her mom, I was just casually talking to her mom whose aura was Grey and her vibration was low normally she’s high frequency but not this time.
    As we spoke her face changed to this child like curiosity as she deeply gazed into my eyes. I was a little confused about what she was searching for in my eyes and so I asked. “Kim what’s up? what do you see in there?” and she responded that my eyes were always this beautiful green color my whole life, but in this moment they were blue, then green and blue and you could see she was getting uncomfortable not understanding what she was seeing or how to explain… but I asked her to step out with me privately and tell me what she saw in my eyes… and she said… She wasn’t sure but they were blending and changing colors right before her eyes.

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