The Words of SEA – Day 34

Day 34 – March 31, 2021

Let us continue.

We have examined the heart of the matter and the heart of the matter is the truth in which we speak. We speak of the existence and allowance of the higher consciousness to operate in form and function at the level of vibration in which you sit.

This is the task that we work towards now and is one that is of allowance. We have given you simple tasks to do and simplicity is the key here. Releasing and letting go of what was for the acceptance of the greater is the only thing that needs to be done. There is nothing else that must or should be reconciled for the allowance of the holy spirit to enter your form and operate as and through you.

We say this, and we move on with our journey. Our house has been built. It sits on a foundation of love and its walls are built in alchemy. The roof which sits atop our structure is the allowance of the holy spirit into form and function.

At this junction, our journey is almost complete. We ask that you sit awhile and stay with us as we help you to integrate this knowledge into your code so that you can function in the world while still holding this vibration in which we speak.

We ask that you sit in this vibration, sit at this level of the holy spirit, while you go about your day. You may find yourself building back up the structures that were previously there to prevent your higher consciousness from coming into form. You may feel that the vibrations shifting around you so that your form and function starts to operate without asking or seeking advance from the true source.

And it is to this which we speak now. The idea of maintaining. We have given you the tools to reach this stage which some call enlightenment. Now it is the task of maintaining this stage while seeing the world around you and experiencing life in the human form.

We will call this next Step 75 – to live in the world and not be of this world one must use all the resources and faculties available to them, that of the mind, the body and the spirit. One must integrate and allow these pieces to function as a complete whole without the desecration of any one for the raising of the other.

We speak of this, as we have spoken previously, as many in your generation choose to ignore the importance of the mind or the body in pursuit of the higher spirit. And this is a fallacy. This is a false thought pattern which will lead your body to reject the higher consciousness and holy spirit for what it is.

No, instead we ask that you maintain your state by integration of these seemingly three separate pieces into one. The triad, as we have spoken of. The existence of the mind, body and spirit working and using form and function together as one coherent unit.

This is the task in which you are set to move forward with today.

This task may seem simple, and to that, we say it is, but the complexities of your modern world are that simplicity is looked upon as something to gloss over and not accepted for what it is. The truth of the matter.

We will bring you more steps along this journey to allow a complexity to take shape, but we ask that you hold in mind the idea that this is actually a simple process. A process of allowance. A process of recognition of the holy divinity of the body and the mind. A realization that to be one with spirit you must be one with the source in which you sit and function in this daily world.

We will bring you now to Step 76 – being in this world means experiencing this world before you. Do not sit idly by while the world operates around you. No, we ask that you experience this world in all its many splendor.

Our vessel is asking what we mean by this. We mean to leave the structure in which you are sitting. You have built your house, it is always safe to return there and seek communion, but now we ask that you leave that structure and venture out into the world around you.

By maintaining form and function at the degree of allowance of the higher consciousness, the holy spirit, to flow easily through you, you operate in a vibrational state which will, yes, we say will, effect those structures and forms you come into contact with.

Now we are not saying to go out and preach and proselytize to those around you. For those who choose to do that this is their choice and should not be judged. Instead, we ask that you sit in this state of allowance and be in the world to allow the world to feel and resonate with who and what you are.

It is as simple as that. Step a foot out your front door and you have completed this task we set out before you. You can take it a step forward and say hi to a neighbor or get groceries for a friend, but all we ask is one step out the front door and your resonance will work with what is around it.

We will move now to Step 77 – the world around you sings when you sing. Allow your voice to be heard. Allow your true song to be sung and the world will sing back to you.

This is our message of co-resonance and the reason we ask that you leave this structure you have built for yourself. The idea of vibratory field reacting and corresponding to those that are around it. This is the message we would like to transmit.

When you operate in a form and function of allowance of the holy spirit, others are correspondingly recognized for who and what they really are, children of the lord their god. This recognition in them, this insight into the truth of who and what they are, opens the stage for the allowance to happen within and through themselves. And this is what we seek.

Allowance for all who choose to see that truth of the matter. The truth of allowance and realization of the divine inherent in and through all things.

And with this we will leave you for today. We say that we bless you and we offer you our kindness as a neighbor and child of the lord.

Blessed be.

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