The Words of SEA – Day 33

Day 33 – March 30, 2021

Let us continue.

When we act with admission and submission, we allow the forces that will be to travel through our system and release into the confines of their desires. This is what we speak of today and you may call this the placing of your roof upon your house.

We want to continue our discussion of releasing and letting go of the man-made barriers to the understanding and comprehension which comes when you allow your higher consciousness its rightful place in the throne of your being. What we mean here is to show you how to let go of what has been built and to do this in a way as to allow that higher consciousness the direct access in which it and you seek.

To do this, we will call this Step 72 – move out of the way. Yes, it is as simple as that. Stop fighting and pushing the energies around you. Stop getting in the way of the process which is developing around you. Just because you do not appreciate the time and effort an energy frequency takes to manifest does not mean that it should not manifest.

What we are talking about here now is the concept of letting energy flow and go where it is meant to go. Many times, you inadvertently block this energy flow by creating damns and barriers which try to stop or shift and move the flow of the energy into a different and less desirable area.

This is the act of walking down a path you were not meant to walk down but you think it looks sparkly and shiny so you think you would rather walk down that golden path than the path in the woods. What you do not realize, because you have let your higher consciousness be muffled, is that the golden road only leads to trouble while the road in the woods leads to a hidden temple. If you knew the end point of the road which one would you take?

But you do not always know or realize what the end point is, so you take the road that looks sparkly and hope for the best. But this is not the true way of the soul. The true way is the follow the roadmap provided by your higher consciousness. The one who is supposed to sit in the heart and direct you where to go.

When listening to this heart space you will find that sometimes the higher consciousness gets drowned out by the sounds of your inner and outer world. It is hard to hear the voice of god when the television is turned up and the music is blaring. We ask that you lower the volume.

And this we will label Step 73 – be in the silence. Release the noise structures of your reality and let yourself sit in the silence. It is in this silence that you will hear the voice of your higher consciousness and the words it speaks. The words you speak.

We ask you to stop trying to drown out this sound with the rhythms of the modern world. No, let yourself sit and notice what is inside instead of what is outside. There is a symphony playing inside but it is too loud in your physical ears that you do not know the beauty which rests within.

Let yourself feel the silence in the moment in which you are. Yes, we ask that you close your eyes. Take a deep breath or two and just feel what silence feels like. Feel the expanse as it lays like a blanket across your space. Allow that silence to engulf you. Let that silence crawl to all the spaces that it chooses. This is the silence which will allow you to peek inside to the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter being your higher consciousness in manifest form. You may open your eyes now.

We are speaking here of building a house. We have laid the foundation of love and built the walls with alchemy. The roof we place on this house is the seat of the soul, the allowance and acceptance of the higher consciousness in its rightful place. This house that we have built will allow you to travel and to understand the world around you as it truly is.

But remember, how the world truly is is not always how you desire it to be. The world as it exists in truth is one where the murderer and the prince both deserve love and praise. It is not the prince that can only ask for kindness, it is the beggar on the street and the rapist who also deserve our kindness and respect in the form and shape it has been destined to take.

To live in this world of love, the higher consciousness must and should reside in the heart center to the extent in which it chooses. And, we say this, as the higher consciousness may not choose to offer you fully its support or its insight in all matters.

Our vessel tensed up with this. It does not like this statement or the idea that the higher consciousness may not choose to be there or assist in all manners. And to this we say, well, it is the truth. Did you want us to lie?

Some questions and conversations are cursory or unnecessary for the examination and understanding by the higher consciousness, and for these we ask that the personality complex in which you sit takes the lead. Yes, this higher consciousness may not care what music you listen to, as long as it is not of a harmful vibrational quality, it will allow you to choose and pick what suits you at that time.

You see, this higher consciousness has some allowance of the vessel in which it sits. It does not mind the vessel taking the lead if the lessons are not to be learned or if there is not trouble up ahead. In these situations, letting the vessel have the primary control is acceptable and, in some cases, enjoyable.

We will label this next step, Step 74 and say – the truth of the matter is at the heart of the soul and this heart will show you where and when you need to act or be in a state of matter. Listening to this heart is the act of the one who waits for the correct energies and unfolding to occur. There is no need to rush the space you are in just to sit in the space you are in.

So often the world in which you live desires the instant gratification. You say you are more advanced but in years past, in decades past, in centuries past, your ancestors were more skilled at listening to the desires of the soul, the desires of the higher consciousness. There once was a time when this information was allowed to run smoothly from its source to the heart without any interference.

We know that this is not that time in space, but we also realize that finding that route back to the heart is the key to realizing and understanding the world around you on the level and design that is meant to be and will be again. We are here to help with that realization and uncovering of what always was and what currently is. We are here to assist in releasing the blindfold which prevents true sight.

And with that, we will leave you for today. We offer you our blessings and say that you are a being of love and light shining divinely in the heavens in which you sit.

Blessed Be.

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