The Words of SEA – Day 32

Day 32 – March 29, 2021

Let us continue.

We have laid the foundation of love, we have raised the alchemical walls and sealed them in love and light, it is time to place this roof on the structure we are creating, and we shall do so now today.

The structure needs a roof, we need a ceiling to hold in the vessel so that it does not escape, we need a seal around the edge so water and elements do not leak through, and this is what we will discuss. The uppermost piece of the structure we are creating.

You may call this a roof if you like to continue with our metaphor of the house we are building. We like this analogy so we will continue with that, but, if that does not work for your mental processing system you may view it another way or give it another metaphor or analogy to work off of.

Our vessel does not like that we are using metaphor and analogy interchangeably but to that we say, we do not care. WE can use whatever words we like giving them the definitions of our choosing and we suggest you can do the same.

This world you live in is filled with agreed upon definitions to agreed upon words, but these aren’t true words of the lord your god. No, these are words of human design sometimes filled with spite or envy. If you choose to change the words on which a definition rests, so be it. You may do so, and we would encourage this attitude of change and optimism.

There is no reason that one word must stick with one definition. If we choose to use the words analogy and metaphor interchangeably because we like the feeling and the twirl one gives off as compared to the other, we may do so. We do not care if those who believe they know better correct us. Good for them. But remember, they live in a world where definitions exist and are stable and this is not a true world or the world of our choosing.

We choose to live in a world which is malleable and can be shaped or formed into the energies of our choosing. And we choose energies of love and light. We choose to see the face of god on all whom we encounter. There, we used whom, does that make you feel better?

Now, let us get back to the work of the day and we shall call this Step 69 – the roof that you are to raise is one of a higher consciousness which will bring forth the understanding which is necessary for you to go about your life on this rocky planet and experience the sights and the sounds in a manner which is useful for your choosing.

What do we mean by this? Some call this the energy of enlightenment, but that word has been mystified by your sages and made to seem impossible to attain. No, we have talked briefly on this before, but let us say that this energy of enlightenment is not strictly what we are talking about here because the definition you are currently giving that word is not the definition of our choosing.

No, instead what we speak of is higher consciousness. We speak of a constant and real connection to the higher source within you, you may call it your soul, but that is not defined how we choose to perceive either.

We are speaking of the entity that is your creator in the sense that they have planned and charted the waters you are traversing here on this earth. This is your map maker and your spiritual friend who is both confidant and a part of you.

For our vessel we are using today, they call this piece or prospect of themselves Anchor and we have invited and used Anchor as our own friend and confidant to deliver these messages to and through you.

We will explain this concept of higher consciousness in greater detail as we continue, and we ask that you listen to our definition we choose to give and if that does not sit right for you for the word we have used, give it another word.

For the word is the ultimate creator and tool for your choosing. Choose to use it. Use a word that fits with your mental schematics and that will be the word for your roof that you place on the house that we have built.

Now, we would like to move onto Step 70 – to access and accept this aspect of yourself which is your higher consciousness there needs to be a releasing of the false structures that have been built in the way of the universal flow of energy so that the higher self can be allowed to move into the space of its choosing.

Our vessel isn’t liking this wording either, saying “this sounds like possession. How can you know that the energy moving into your body is your higher self and not some type of possession going to happen?”

To that we say, believe that it is your higher self, or as we would say, your higher consciousness, moving into your space and it shall be so. My child, our children, do you not realize the power of your belief is the power of all creation? Believe what it shall be and so shall it be. Trust in this power and it shall trust in you.

So, we shall continue, and we shall say, believe that your higher consciousness will flow into your physical form and so it shall be, and we will label this Step 71 because we are enjoying these steps.

We would like to get back to our talk of releasing the false structure and this is the topic which we shall spend some time on. You have placed up false structures in the path of acceptance and allowance of your higher self.

These false structures make it difficult, if not impossible, to understand and abide by the wisdom and understanding of this energy which has created and manifested you. This is like you having a toy robot, but the controls have been taken by the bratty next-door neighbor who is getting that robot into a mud pile. No, you must take back control of this robot, you must take back control of your physical body as your higher consciousness and allow the truth to flow through you as easily as it has flowed through men in centuries past.

We will work further on breaking down these structures that have been built, but we shall leave you with this outline for today. Yes, we will continue to place this roof on our structure and to explain and describe how to take down the false structures that have been built in the way and place of the higher consciousness to allow this true version of self to flow freely into your human form.

With that we will say we love you. We accept you. You are the heavens and the earth with the stars resting comfortably in your eyes.

Blessed Be.

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