The Words of SEA – Day 30

Day 30 – March 25, 2021

Let us continue.

The topic today is that of decisions and opportunities. This is on the topic of manifestation in which we speak and goes to the heart of this matter.

The idea of manifestation, of taking the two to make it one, of raising the walls and building the structure of our house, is one that many seek but forget along the way.  This is a topic which has taken root in your current culture, but not in the tone and frequency to bring about lasting or needed change.

This is a tone and frequency in which we speak today. This is the tone and frequency of true manifestation and the ultimate reality in which you seek. This is what we would like to center our discussion on today.

We will move along with Step 63 and say – the reality in which you are living is made up of many layers and it is your mission to understand and interpret those layers. This understanding will assist you in bringing forth what you deem necessary for your survival and the recourses needed to make that happen.

Here we speak of the stratosphere. Not the stratosphere of air but the stratosphere of energies in which you are situated. There are some energies which are denser than others and others that float above.

If you would like you could picture this in your mind. With higher energies being lighter in tone and quality and raising to the top of this stratosphere in which we speak, while the denser energies fall towards the bottom.

Where you position yourself in this stratosphere of energies determines the outcome and manifestation of your given desires. Here we speak of the law of manifestation and actually seeing that manifestation through and out of your inner world to be reflected in your outer reality.

The stratosphere in which you inhabit, the one in which you sit and function, is dictated by the vessel and body in which you wear. You desire for the higher stratosphere with the lighter vibrational frequencies in a vehicle which can operate in that tone and frequency.

What we are speaking of here can be considered your energetic aura, but it is greater and broader than just that. It is both your energy aura and the mechanisms and structures of your physical vessel. This vessel needs time and energy to adjust to the frequencies in which you sit.

We will label this Step 64 and say that the vehicle in which you reside, this vessel in which your soul is housed, plays a part in determining the energetic frequency you sit at in the stratosphere of this time.

This physical vessel is as important to your process of evolution on this journey as your soul is. This is a two-way street. Both aspects of yourself need to be in line and accountable for this process to take hold.

Recently, we gave our vessel an experience of what enlightenment feels like, to hold these energies which you deem essential for the advancement of this energy in which you sit. This vessel could hold them but was irritated, the energies were uncomfortable and a bit, scratchy, you may say to the vehicle in which it sat.

This is the reason and the reality in which you live. This is why this vessel in which you sit must be realized and manifested in a form and function in which you can hold and process the energies you desire for the manifestations to become a reality.

And we say this, and we will move onto Step 65 – what you seek to manifest will do so at the corresponding level of the stratosphere in which you sit.

This is basic manifestation and the law of the universe, but this is also missing in many of your modern-day manuals on creation. You want to create, you want to envision a future of light and love, you must be at the vibration and frequency to allow this to happen and unfold.

You cannot unfold light and love in the world around you if you do not sit in light and love. If you sit in the mud you make a mud house, if you sit in the heavens you make a house made of light. That is the basics in which we speak, that is the basics of manifestation.

The house you desire to build, which is constructed on the foundation of love, this is the house that is built with light and which will reveal your true desires and function in this world in which you are projected into being. To have a house made of light you must function and operate at the frequency of light. You have the tools and materials available to you at the level in which you sit.

And we do speak of levels because this is the process and the understanding of your society in which we are speaking. This idea of greater than or lesser than is not a true reality, but it is your reality. It does make it simpler to speak in your reality in the words and tone which you can understand and comprehend. We could speak of the idea of all is one and that the form and structure of reality is that no hierarchy exists. That you are god made manifest as we have said. But what does that mean to you in incarnation?

No, instead we choose to speak of this stratosphere in which you are manifesting your house. You may wish to think of it as the where in which you build your house. Are you building your house in the mud of dense earthly energies? Then you will receive dense earthly experiences. Are you building your house in the skies of high vibrational realities, then this is what you will experience.

You will not receive what you are not ready to receive. You will not receive the house made of light if you cannot see in the light. This is the basics in which we speak, and this is the reality in which your form and function is made manifest.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

We offer you our love and say to you, you are a being of light and this light is needed and necessary in the world in which you live.

Blessed be.

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