The Words of SEA – Day 29

Day 29 – March 24, 2021

Let us continue.

We want to talk today about the method and reach of our creations. This is not a subject that revolves around manifestation, but a subject which speaks to the purpose and the design of the building we have built.

What we are creating, what you are placing together and bringing to form, is the manifestation that is desired for you to function in the form you have taken on this earth. It is not our fault, nor anyone’s, if you do not like or enjoy the form you have taken. If you look within yourself you will see that your vessel, the form and function in which you sit, is the perfect vehicle for your travels on this earth.

We want to speak about this vehicle and the reasons for its being and the purpose for this house you are building. The vehicle, the vessel, you sit in is used to house and confine the soul which is your one true being. This is not punishment for the soul. The soul is not placed in a jailcell and subjected to harsh treatment. No, and you should not treat the vessel as such.

No, instead, this vessel in which you sit is the product of prior manifestation. It has been perfectly tailored and cultured to reflect the desires and aspirations of the soul body on this level of incarnation, at this time, on this planet.

What we mean by this we will call Step 60 to continue with our journey – the vessel you derive from, the form and function you hold on this planet, is the creation and manifestation of prior decisions made. It should not be second guessed but instead should be utilized as the tool in which it is for optimum learning and understanding of the world in which you sit.

Our vessel is negating some of these words we speak, fearful of the message that may be taken from them in the culture that is existing today. No, we are not saying that you cannot change and modify the body in which you sit, that is perfectly fine and may be part of the desired plan, we merely speak that the vessel in which you are residing is the perfect vessel for you.

There is no reason to hate at or throw negativity towards the vessel you are riding in just because you do not like the shape or size or abilities that it is possessed with. What is the purpose of this? No, try to praise this vessel for allowing you the opportunity to take a ride and experience this earth in which you reside, in whatever manner it is able to do so.

Your culture is full of praise for vessel that may seem unworthy but that does not mean that your vessel is not perfect and spectacular just the way it is. This does not mean that your vessel is not functioning and operating in the perfect and correct manner for your soul’s desires and ideals.

We ask you to love the vessel you are in. Do not talk down to it or act as if it were a fool. No, love it and treat it as a kindred spirit. Treat it as an old family friend which is giving you an opportunity you would not have previously had. Because living on this planet, experiencing the joys and wonders, this is an opportunity. An opportunity some of you have longed for for ages and eons. Treat it as such.

We will move on to Step 61 at this time – treat other’s vessels and vehicles with respect for they are derived through the source of all things and manifestations of the inner lights and loves of those here on earth.

Yes, this is a continuation of the previous step. Why would you deride another’s vessel when it is made of and through the source of all things, the god energy in which we are all created and manifested?

What purpose do you seek in pointing fingers at other’s vehicles or saying that they are unwilling of praise and congratulations. There is effort and work that goes into every vessel and vehicle and there is manifestation in every cell. Praise to the energies which form the microbes and electrons which hold up the shells we reside in.

We ask that you not only love your own vehicle but love the ones of your neighbors as well. Do not judge the vessel of another as unworthy just because a hairstyle is not in fashion or they chose the wrong shoes to wear. This is silly and not the work of the soul.

The time and energy wasted in these pursuits of the correct body are wasteful and not necessary for your time here on earth. And here we are talking not only about judging the vessel in which you or your neighbor resides but trying to form it into something that it was not meant to be.

Instead, we ask that you listen to the vessel in which you reside for it will tell you its needs and desires. You can view it as a small puppy if this will help this exercise. Does the puppy need to be let out and allowed a walk around the block? Does the puppy need to be fed? Does the puppy need to be groomed or physical contact?

Your vessel requires certain activities to allow it to function in the manner which is best for it and with this we will say Step 62 – listen to the vessel in which you reside, and it will teach you and tell you the necessities that it requires in this form and function it was designed to do.

The body, the vessel, the vehicle in which you reside is not a stupid or unknowing being. It is not some lower energy that you are here to control. No, it is a being in its own right and deserves the love and attention that is paid to it. It deserves to be listened to and understood.

We say all this, as our vessel is questioning the time we are spending talking about the physical form, because it is through the combined effort with this form where the true house, the true manifestation, can be brought into the reality in which you sit.

Not only this, we say, but this vessel in which you sit is an example, a blueprint of the creation and manifestation principle. Where do you think, how do you think, this vessel you ride in was designed and created? There is the same process involved in building the house which is used in building the vessel in which you sit.

There may be different names for the structures and functions, there are not walls but skin and bones, there are organs which heat the body, not furnaces which heat the house, but the end product, the manifestation in form, is the same concept as creation principles which we are teaching.

And with that, we will end for today. We love you. We love all of you. We love the vessels in which you ride in, that were created of and through your being, and we ask that you love them just as much as we do.

Blessed be.

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