The Words of SEA – Day 27

Day 27 – March 22, 2021

Let us continue.

Today we will continue to build our house together. This house built on love and framed with wood using the philosopher’s stone, the stone used of two combining to form one. We mentioned that the glue which holds this together is the desires and intentions. Now let us explain how to raise this wall yourself.

To do this, a task that can require the strength of many men, you must first look inside yourself and see where this wall desires to be. Where, in this space time energy field in which you sit, does this wall, this combination of opposites, desire to be placed. Because the placing of this wall is essential. Just a few inches off and it will not stand.

We mention this, as we have mentioned the idea of patience and waiting and proper timing, but also the idea that time is not what you think it to be. That time and space can both be manipulated and are malleable.

Combining these two topics we come up with the idea that learning to be in the moment and of the moment helps you determine the proper setting of your wall to form the house which will stand for ages rather than be blown over by a passing wind.

Let yourself not rush this journey, let yourself allow the energies to coalesce and come together as they are meant to, not as your force brings them forward. This is the secret to good wall placement. To let the energies come with your intention to hold them together and raise them in the proper place at the proper moment in time.

This is also what we will call Step 55 – allow the energies to form as they will and the timing and placing of these energies to be determined by the heart’s will not man’s will.

You may quickly find that the heart is not ready for the wall to raise up. That it will be stressed and strained to have something so grand manifest in front of them at this stage of the game. Working your way slowly, allowing the energies to collect and manifest as they may, will allow this process to unfold as it should and with the dynamic that makes the proper fitting.

Let us move on. You have waited patiently for the time for your wall to be raised. Now we ask that you raise this wall and hold it firmly in place. To do this one must follow the process that the heart sings, one must follow the guidance of the heart and be shown the true way.

We will call this Step 56 and it is this – the directions for your journey forward are not given in the mind but in the heart. The true path to bring about this manifestation is through the heart center. Follow the guidance presented and all will be revealed.

We offer you this analogy. You may close your eyes if you will it so, but it is not necessary for this. Go to your heart space. In this heart space find yourself a map. Pull out this map and unfold it. On this map are the step-by-step processes, the steps if you will, that will lead you to where you are meant to go. This is the journey before you which we have described, but our journey is to this map and the understanding of the symbols on it. Once you find this map, trust this map, understand this map, we are no longer needed. This map is your true journey forward.

With this analogy let us say that the way to raise your wall is to follow the steps set out before you by your heart center. If you listen closely, if you follow what has been written, you will see that raising this wall does not take effort of strength but effort of the heart.

Many of you will ask how is this map revealed? How does one find this map on their journey and how can it be revealed to them?

Well, we say, this is our journey to lead you to this map. To help you understand and trust the process that has been set out for before you. Each of our steps we provide you along our journey are meant to train you to reveal the truth, which is already there, but you have not been willing to see.

And this will be our Step 57 if you will. The truth is that you have the steps inside you all along. You have the ultimate truth and knowledge. We are merely working to teach and train you how to reveal that knowledge for yourself.

Yes, each of the steps we give you leads you a little closer to this truth. But some of you may not need us to help you see the truth. You can go into your heart and read the map and follow the lines it leads you down. For this we are eternally grateful to you and we ask that you follow that map.

For those who are still seeking and trying to understand the existence of their own unique map, we ask that you follow our steps along this journey. Yes, sometimes these steps may seem tedious or tiresome or that they are repetitive. This is because these laws we speak of are simple. This is actually a one step process, follow your heart’s song, but that song has been covered by layers of mud and dust and centuries of doubt, so we are slowly working our way to that heart with you, allowing you to see the truth that has been there all along.

You will raise your walls, and you will do so using the directions of your heart. Little by little you are seeing that what we say is the truth, that your heart is singing, and you are learning to listen, this we will teach you.

The map is inside you with the directions on how to raise your wall. The proper timing and placement are written on that map and it is for you to follow. Do not push the wall up too soon as forcing this energy into place will not lead to a strong wall, but a wall that is unstable and may frighten your own sense of being.

No, we ask that you find that heart map and follow its directions. Find the proper timing and placement. Reveal to yourself the truth of the matter. The true directions which lay before you. Listen and that wall will stand strong for eons to come.

And with that we will end for today. We offer you our blessings and we say that we love each and every one of you very much. We see that you wear the face of god and that makes us smile.

Blessed be.

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