The Words of SEA – Day 25

Day 25 – March 20, 2021

And so, it continues.

Today’s topic will be that revolving around understanding, an understanding of where we are going in this process, in this journey, and how we will get there.

We have built the foundation of our house, the foundation of love with the realization that all is love. You wear god’s face just as your neighbor and the beggar in the street and the murderer in the jail all wear god’s face.

Now we frame the house, and work to lift the walls into this new structure of our being. We do this with the philosopher’s stone, the idea of taking two and making it one. Now we take this a step forward, take two and make it one in manifestation. Yes, you heard us correctly, manifestation.

Manifestation is not some trick of the imagination or a great law that has been passed down for centuries. Manifestation is what is and what will always be.

This leads us to Step 49 – the key to manifesting is finding seemingly opposites and bringing them into their harmonious state of oneness.

How does this even work, our vessel is asking us. Well, let us have our time to explain.

When you take two forces that seem opposing, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine; when you take these two forces and combing them together you create a new, you create a force and a life force that has the power to propagate and come into being.

We ask that you do this exercise for us today. Close your eyes. Take a few slow breaths. In and out. Now, imagine in your mind’s eye you, bouncing a ball. This ball bounces as you walk around the world, from the mountains to the valleys and the meadows, this ball continues to bounce. Then, one day, this ball stops bouncing. You decide you no longer care about bouncing your ball and you want to exert a different force; you want to kick this ball of yours. So, you place it on the ground and kick it through the mountains and the valleys and the meadows. Until you do not desire to kick it anymore. Now we want something new to do. You want a ball to throw in the air, so you do this through the mountains and the valleys and the meadows. Finally, you have decided that you no longer want or desire to move this ball around. You want something new and different to play with, some different way to exert your energy. You take this ball, and you open it up to see what it is made of. Inside you see that it contains a world of its own. A world with its own mountains and valleys and meadows. As you were traversing the world with this ball, it was taking on the energy and the vibrations and the structure of what it passed. You may open your eyes now.

This exercise is a reminder for you. A reminder that the world around you, the physical that is solid to the touch, contains the same vibratory state as you do. It contains a vibratory signature which is inherent to it and which is fed to it by and through you.

When you take a ball and travel over mountains and valleys and meadows, that ball will take on the energy and vibrations of those places. You may not see it with your physical senses, but you can feel it with your intuitive senses.

And we say, you must understand this supposition to understand where this work leads us. You must understand that the world around you, the world you see and feel, is made of the same vibratory nature as you are.

In order to create the world you desire, in order to build the walls of your house on the foundation of love, you must realize that this build is a vibratory one. The walls must vibrate as the floor vibrates. There must be a resonance of love throughout the structure.

And with that, we will take you to Step 50 – to create from two one must see the two as one and mold the two in the likeness and image of your choosing.

Once you have your two opposing forces, your two illusionary opposites that you are here to combine, you must use the power of your soul through the power of your mind to mold and shape them together.

This is a mental exercise yes. This is also an opportunity to understand how powerful your vibratory signature is and can be. This is how your world was made, by the aspects of your god who formed the foundation and built the trees.

This is the true secret of the universe. To build, to create, one takes two and brings them together in an energy sphere to mold and shape to their choosing.

Here is an additional exercise for you today. You may shut your eyes if you choose but it is not necessary for this. In your mind, picture two balls. One blue and one pink. Take these two balls, one in each hand and allow them to melt together. Do not force them together, instead, let them slowly and methodically come together and meld into each other. Let the two become one. Now, look at the ball you have created. A lovely shade of purple. From two you brought forth one. And this is the essence of this teaching.

For many of you this step won’t seem understandable or practical at this point in time, and we say we understand, and we know, but it will be at some point. The idea of taking two seemingly opposites and melding them together seems foolish and cumbersome, but it is the reason for your being and part of the law of creation.

You are on this earthly planet to learn lessons, the lessons of joy and sorrow, hope and sadness, poverty and abundance. But these lessons have been brought before you in previous incarnation and you have chosen to repeat, to fully experience the lesson of your choosing. This is because to fully experience it, one must experience all of it, the good and the bad, those seemingly opposites in which you speak.

We will call this Step 51, but we do so just to separate it off from this teaching, but it is, in essence, the same as which we speak, just an explanation of your earthly life as an example and representative. Step 51 – the lessons you choose to learn on this planet have been learned previously by you in an opposing manner such that it is necessary for you to understand and experience the whole of the matter to understand this concept of two becoming one, to understand the true creation principle.

When you incarnate in this life as a beggar, you choose to experience life as a beggar. But that is not the full range of the experience. You must incarnate another life to experience this world as a king. Thus, with these two experiences, you receive the full and complete energy and understanding of this matter. You must experience both to see the whole because, in essence, these two are the same, these two are the one.

Yes, we simplify this idea of reincarnation and lessons for you to make our point. None of this is as simple or complicated as you make it, but it is what you make it. It is a choice of the soul for the experience you go forth in this world. It is a choice to experience the seemingly opposites so that you can experience the whole.

And this is an example of what we speak for you today. The idea of creation by bringing two energies together to form a new third. This energy is shaped and molded by you and the forces inside you. You are the creator of this world and the destroyer as well. Use your power wisely.

And with that we will leave you for today. We offer you good blessings and joy and ask that you send your love out into the world so that we can feel your blessings as you feel ours.

Blessed Be.

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