The Words of SEA – Day 24

Day 24 – March 19, 2021

Let us continue.

Within the hearts of man lies not the path forward, but the path inward. To examine the path forward is to examine the life that is thought to occur, not the life that is occurring.

We ask you now that you step inward in order to move outward. That you journey with us, into the heart of man, to see what creation has wrought it and will bring forth.

We move along, to Step 46 – the answers you seek you already have, the questions you ask have already been asked, the words you speak are an echo in time.

Everything you are doing has already been done. Everything you are thinking has already been thought. The task for you now is one of realization and understanding. Realizing that you are already everything. Realizing that there is nothing that needs to be done to walk forward, only a shell that needs to be pulled back in order to truly see.

We ask you to do so now, remove the shell, the outer layer that is covering you. That you are using to hide and pretend you are some small-self living on this green planet and not the giant you are.

Our vessel is using our imagery of peeling back a layer of blackness to see the white that was hiding behind it. We suggest you do this now too, in your own way, to reveal the truth of the matter.

We need that outer shell pulled away so that we can move forward and inward on our journey we take you on. The journey of the self and the journey of the mind. The journey of the world and the journey of the universe.

Let us take those steps now and move inward.

We spoke previously about the idea of the philosopher’s stone, the creation of a new by the combination of the two. From two there is one. And this is the essence of the teaching we are moving forward with.

The foundation has been laid with the knowledge that all is love. The universe is made of love and you are the essence of this universe. Now, let us move forward, and inward, with the idea that to create, to manifest in this universal field, we must take two and make one.

The two which we speak of are what you deem opposites. The call and response motion in manifestation and kind. The bad and the good, the heartbreak and the wonder, the toadstool and the toad.

We ask and assist you in taking these seemingly opposites and bringing them together as they are inherently meant to be, and we show you that this process is the process of creation and manifestation. To create one there must be two, out of the two comes the third, and this is what we speak.

We will call the next step, Step 47, and with that we will say – the heavens before you were created by man in man’s image, that is by god in god’s image, and you have played a part in this creation since the dawning of mankind.

We speak of creation not in the physical earthly sense of the word, but in the use and means of energetic frequency. The words you think, the thoughts you have, the energy from your mental center, radiates outward to attract and repel.

We offer you now the knowledge of the universe, the walls to the house we are building on the foundation of love. And that is one of creation, of building those walls and manifestation in this human sphere.

To create, one must send out a thought and expect that thought to return in kind. But it is not the exact vibration that must connect with the thought pattern but the opposite which attracts and repels.

We are building are truth now, we are building toward the ultimate truth in which all matter lies. We are building with the foundation of love and with the essence of mankind.

To allow our walls to build up strong there must be opposites inside. Yes, like attracts like, but like does not mean the same, it means similar. And what is similar but your duality of opposites.

We move onto Step 48 and with that we will say to build the walls of your structure, you must accept that duality does not equal different but likeness in the image of god.

This acceptance, this willingness to work with the forces of the universe, will open up the world for you.

No, we are not saying that this is a mandate to go out and be “bad” or “untruthful” or “unworthy”, no that is not what we speak of here. Instead, we ask that you realize and recognize that the labels you use are not worthy of this structure you build. The structure you build is built of love. You do not label love as hate and call it a day. No, you use the labels and the words of this manly world to create what is before you.

We ask that you build this going forward on the foundation of love and your structure will stand. It will stand because it is built using the facets of the universal principles of life and creation. This is the idea that all are one, including seemingly opposites.

We ask you now to create the wall before you, this structure before you, using your mental strength and perseverance to lay down the walls which will be raised. To do so, we ask that you bring what you deem as opposites and see that they are the same. We ask that you bring two to create one. We ask that you use your manifestation principles to create.

This we will tell you about our journey forward. This is a journey and an opportunity. We are going to raise this wall and create this house. We are going to show you how to create and manifest. How to use this philosopher’s stone which is before you. But we ask that all this be built on the foundation of love. For when it is built on love the opposite is not recognized as evil or bad because the opposite does not exist.

You choose the lumber that is right for your structure and the words you use and the thoughts you think are inherently what you would deem “good” or “right” in this earthly world, not because they are necessary as such, but because that is what exists in this foundation of love on which you build.

And with that we will leave you for today.

We offer you our blessings and say, peace be unto you and all of mankind for the lord your god speaks the words of truth and that truth is love.

Blessed be.

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