The Words of SEA – Day 23

Day 23 – March 18, 2021

We speak to you today of love. We speak to you today of peace. We speak to you today of abundance. We speak of the basic laws and facts of the universe which you inhabit. The universe which is of and will be through you. The universe which speaks to the essence of your bones and the beat of your heart.

Today we talk of peace and love and understanding, not because we are forced to do so, but because it is our desire. It is our desire to spread these messages far and wide. To announce to you that you are love made manifest. That you are a perfect and complete being just as you are.

Our hope is that one day you will believe what we speak and live these words.

And now, we will move on to Step 43 – when you walk this earth you do so with an opportunity for revelation. This is the revelation that you are a divine being of love and that your fellow man is as well.

This message has been transmitted by many and will continue to be transmitted. What we speak of is love. And as you reveal to yourself the divine essence of your nature, we ask that you reveal the same in your fellow man.

Now we do not ask you to chase down every man or woman on the street and tell them that they are divine, that they are love and wear god’s face. No, instead we ask you to see them this way.

Instead of proselytizing to others we ask that you proselytize to yourself. You spread the word of your god to yourself so that you see that all around you is god made manifest. You do not need to convince others of this, you need to see it for yourself.

These words we speak, these messages we give you, are the essence of why you are here. You are here to understand who and what you are and to understand that your fellow man is the same. Your fellow man wears the same face of god which you wear.

Let us move on to the practical aspect of this teaching today. This we will call Step 44 – to be one with the universe you must speak to the universe. To be of the universe the communication must be mutual and beneficial.

We talk this talk but if we did not make manifest and walk this walk what would be the purpose of our teachings? Yes, we were once and are in manifest form. We are teachers of this subject just as you are teachers of your universal understanding.

We do not say that we are the penultimate knowledge bearers, but what we do know, what we do understand, we transmit to you.

And thus, we ask you to communicate with the universe, communicate with the divine source and hear the words which are spoken. This will allow you to live your life with this understanding of the message we give.

Here is your exercise for the day. We ask that you close your eyes, take a deep breath. In your mind’s eye see yourself in outer space. Let yourself feel your physical body as light, as an aspect of all, as a point in the sea of creation. In this space, ask your questions of the universe. Let the response flow to you. Let it fill your soul with universal wisdom and universal love. Now open your eyes.

You may say, that was too simple, that is not me communicating with the universe, that is a simple and quick guided imagery. And to this we say, we know, and yes, it is that simple. Communicating with the universe, communicating with the divine, is not and does not need to be a complicated process.

You want to hear the voice of god, listen. Ask for that voice of god to speak to you and then accept the words that are said.

So often in your culture today you add methods and processes to complicate this process. This was not always the case. There was a time when the men of the earth talked with the gods and listened.

Now they seek assistance outside themselves. They seek priests and spiritual healers and gurus to tell them how to live instead of asking for themselves.

Yes, we teach this as a two-fold process. Previously we spoke of asking your heart for answers. Now we speak of asking the universe for these answers. This is a process of finding the light both within and without yourself.

We speak this way, in this duality, in this dual sense, to show you that you are the light and the face of god just as your fellow man is. If the answer can be found inside yourself, inside your heart, then it can also be found in the universe, in the heart of all men.

And thus, we will take you to Step 45 – finding your way in life is a process of conciliation, of finding the middle way that incorporates the opposites and brings together what always has and what always will be.

This process we speak of is the idea of bringing what you would think of as two separate things and realizing that they are actually one and the same. The man that is sad and the man that is happy are both experiencing emotions, which may seem on different sides of the same length, but in essence are the same.

We ask you to see these two sides, these two aspects, as the same. To bring two together to be one. The triad made manifest. The two into the one. This is what we speak. This is the true law of creation and manifestation. This is the sorcerer’s stone.

Yes, this, what we speak, is the truth. The essence of the matter, love is all, is the foundation, and the triad are the walls that have been built up around that foundation. The idea of bringing two, the duality, and turning into a third, the alchemy of the soul, this is what we speak and what we desire to bring forth.

We have set the foundation. Now we will continue by building the bracing and erecting the walls.

With that we will leave you for today. We offer you many blessings on your journey to this earth. We see the glory in you and ask that you see the same glory reflected back in your eyes.

Blessed Be.

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