The Words of SEA – Day 22

Day 22 – March 17, 2021

Let us continue.

Today we want to speak on the subject of hope. There is hope in each moment and hope in each particle of time which you interact with, but this is not necessarily the hope that you have been conditioned to believe you want or you experience.

Instead of hope for a better future or hope for more money or the perfect career, we give you hope for understanding. Yes, we bring this back to the idea of understanding, since this is what we teach, understanding who and what you are.

Hope for understanding is the greatest hope there can be, but it is also a fallacy. It is a fallacy in that you need to hope, to strive for something. The reality is that the true understanding is already there, you just need to realize it. You need to pull back the darkness to see that the light has been there all along.

Here we will give you Step 40 – to understand our message, you must see that hope is not the ultimate task but a steppingstone to move past and get rid of on your way to true understanding.

See, what we speak of is not the idea of striving but the idea of realization. There is nothing to do, nowhere to be, no emotion that needs to be experienced or expressed. The need for hope is also non-existent.

Instead, what is to occur is an unveiling of the truth of the matter. The truth of matter. The truth of your human matter. Which is that this holy essence, this light of the world, this song that you sing is already there. Your only task is realization of this inherent light inside you and acceptance for what it is.

Now, here is your exercise for today. We ask that you close your eyes and pay attention to your breath for a few beats. In your mind’s eye, picture an airplane flying high in the clouds. This plane is lulling along through the clouds, minding its own business. Let this airplane fly for a little while, enjoying the view, which isn’t much, as it is just clouds. Then a wind comes and blows away the clouds. Suddenly this airplane is flying through bright blue sky with a sun shining on them. Below they can see the hazy fields are now green with color and life. Everything has a brilliant quality to them. You may open your eyes now.

With this exercise we want to show you the truth of the matter. And the truth of the matter is that you are already in the light. The airplane pilot was in the sky, flying near the sun, he just did not realize it because the clouds were covering his view.

He had the opportunity to experience divine bliss once he allowed the clouds to be swept aside. It was merely these thought forms blocking his way to the ultimate view of his true reality. And that reality is the truth of the matter. That you are the light and the divine essence as is your fellow man. This will become apparent to you if you allow the clouds to peel away.

This brings us to Step 41 – to see the light, which is your birthright, you must allow the winds of change to blow through you, you must allow the energies within you to shift so that the inherent light will be revealed.

What we mean by this is that the process must be allowed to unfold in its own time. The airplane pilot could only do so much to get out of the way of the clouds. Some of what was necessary was for him to wait for the timing, to wait for the changes around him to take place so the clouds could be blown away.

Yes, he could put himself in the right place for this to likely occur, but he could not force its occurrence. And this is what we speak of, force.

Instead of forcing your understanding to take place it is best to allow it to happen. That hope that you have for the enlightenment to take place, it is unnecessarily when you realize that you are already in the state of enlightenment, you just need to allow yourself the time and space to see where you truly are. You need to allow the clouds to lift around you in an organic and functional way.

And, for most people, this process is a slow and methodical one. The clouds lift from you slowly, you slowly move the tip of the plane out into the light little by little. Yes, there are some who will see the light quickly, but they may become disillusioned just as quickly and ask for a blanket to be put over their head to block out this great light.

Exposure to the truth and knowledge of who and what you are, the true understanding of who and what you are, is a process that takes place here on earth. Revealing your true identity can lead to disillusionment if you do not allow the process to take place in its own time. You will be frightened by the light or the light won’t be as you expect it to be.

You will ask for the blanket back. You will ask that the blanket be placed over your head, so you do not have to look on the beggar or the murderer as of god. You will ask that the blanket block out the choir of angels seeking for you to sing your true song, and not the song that you want to play because it is easier.

This is why we say this is a process. This is why we give you steps, and we take our time through this process. Lifting the veil to enlightenment is easily done, but staying in the light is not always what is truly desired by the personality.

We will take you now to Step 42 – those who walk in the light of the lord do so with a smile on their face and a joy in their hearts for they know the true face of man is that of god.

What is it that you truly desire? Is it enlightenment? Do you desire to walk this earth with the energy of the Buddha or the Christ or the Krishna? What is it that you truly want?

Walking this earth with the energy of enlightenment may not be what you imagine it to be. Walking the earth with this energy is to see your brother as holy, to see the face of god in all man and to accept all man for their true song, including yourself.

The man who is enlightened has a smile on their face in the rainstorm and the sunshine as they know this is the true reality of which you are here to experience. This reality does not frighten them because it is the reality in which they chose to exist in for this time being.

A smile is easy for the buddha energy but that does not mean that living this life as an enlightened being is all sunshine and roses. There is still strife, there is still hardship, someone still has the pay the mortgage and get the kids ready for school and deal with the meandering boss. But this is done with a smile and a thought of love in the heart. This is done with the energy and essence of knowing that this is the world of our choosing and the face of god is everywhere.

Yes, the one who is enlightened cleans the dishes each night. They mop up the mess and they pay their bills. Once one knows the light of the lord is inside them this does not shift their daily responsibilities. No, instead it shifts the mindset and outlook of these responsibilities in which you sit.

We offer you this exercise and then we will leave you for today. Close your eyes. Picture in your mind’s eye what an enlightened being looks like. What does this enlightened being do throughout the day? How does he interact with the world surrounding him? How does she eat and drink and go poop? How do you picture this enlightened being which is you? Now, open your eyes.

The next time you look into the mirror realize that you are wearing the face of god. See yourself for who you truly are. Understand that all that is necessary is for the clouds to pass, for the blanket to be pulled back and for you to see reality for what it truly is. A place of love and understanding.

You walk with the face and presence of your god with you at all times. Rejoice in this presence and sing their song for this is the song of the angels.

Blessed Be.

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