The Words of SEA – Day 21

Day 21 – March 16, 2021

Let us talk today about the subject of understanding. It is our hope that these words that we dictate find their way into your being, into your vibratory field, and thus activate the principles which exist within. In the field, they will work to shift and change, to maneuver the mind out of the way so the true seat of understanding can take its place.

Not all who seek will find us, and we are okay with that. Our desire is for those who are ready, those who are prepared and have made the commitments to their selves for true change to find their place among us.

And that is the crux of what we would like to discuss today. Step 37 – for true understanding to take place inside yourself there must be a desire to go along this path. If there is no desire, either from the soul or the personality, the path will be discarded for the first shiny object along the way.

Who wants to walk along a wooded path when there is a swing set nearby? Who wants to find the answer within when there appears to be an easier way by looking without?

No, the desire to travel this path must be firmly in place to actually travel along in this journey with us.

We do not force you to come along. It is a choice you have. A choice you make and can choose to make in this incarnation or the next, but it is a choice.

With that choice comes the realization that you cannot choose for another. Which leads us to Step 38 – do not force another on this path when their soul is not ripe for the evolution.

This is a path that must be individually taken. You cannot drag your partner along because you know it will be good for them. That will not work for this process. The partner must make the decision on their own time, in their own way.

No, each individual who walks this path will find that they walk it alone at first. It can be a lonely path in that way, at least in the beginning.

It may feel as if you are traversing this earth alone, the only wise one among a planet of apes. But this is not the case, and you know it in your heart.

There is no reason to judge your fellow man for the location or desire to travel this path. We have no need for that judgment. They will get there in their own way and it is not onto us to drag them along with us. That will only slow the both of us down.

If you would like to influence your fellow man, we ask that you do this by being, by radiating the love out from your heart center so that it can be felt by your fellow man in true fashion. This is the heart of the matter and the true way to show your fellow man the way along this path we travel.

And now we will shift to Step 39 – to understand each moment you must be in each moment. To feel each moment, you must be in the presence of each opportunity which is presented. To experience the true wisdom of understanding one must be present and acknowledge what is before them.

We ask that you do not hide along this journey. There is no learning which takes place if you do not offer yourself up the opportunity for that learning to take place.

No, we ask that you remain fully present in your life as you move along this path with us. We do not ask much of your time. Only a few minutes each day to orient yourself in this vessel you sit. Remind yourself of who you are and why you are here. You will find that this subtle morning shift is enough to waken your whole being when you remember the truth of the matter, that you are a being of love as are your fellow men.

Here we will give you an exercise to perform every morning when you awake. We ask that you close your eyes and take a few breaths at your own pace. In your mind’s eye, imagine the sun coming above the horizon. A full and glorious morning sun that does not hurt your eyes to peer upon. Feel this sun shining on your face. Feel the radiant warmth it spreads throughout your being. Accept this sun and let it shine on and through your physical form. Let the sun’s rays seep into your full being, the vessel and the soul. Feel the warmth that this sun radiates. Sit with that warmth for a few moments. Now, gather that warmth into your heart center and feel it growing strong mixing with your own inherent energies. Once it is fully mixed, take that energy and, with your out breath, move it throughout your body again, letting it seep into your auric field and spread from there. Feel this energy radiating from your heart center and out into the environment in which you sit. Take a breath and be in this moment. You may open your eyes now.

We give you this exercise as a possibility on how to begin your day. This is an orientation exercise. One to remind you of who and what you are. One to allow your soul to vibrate with the love of the universe and spread that love outward to the masses.

And with that, we will leave you for today. We offer you our love and blessings. May you find the love that is your birthright and offer it to your fellow man each day and in every way.

Blessed Be.

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