The Words of SEA – Day 20

Day 20 – March 15, 2021

The message today is one of peace and hope. A hope for a peaceful state of being which exists in each and every one of us. A potential and a possibility for what is and what may be.

Every day we wander this earth thinking about the joy and exaltation it would be to live in a state of peace. But peace is not what we speak, and peace is not what we vibrate out. No. Peace seems to be like some lost prize that we don’t even know what game to play to win.

What we are looking at is a word and an environment that does not correspond to our actual thought patterns and behaviors. You say you want world peace but then criticize the elephant on the street or the man in the bodega. No, that is not the speech of a man wanting peace; that is the speech of a man wanting his view of reality imposed on all.

This brings us to Step 35 – do not unto others as you would do onto them but as your brethren would do for all of mankind. This is a message of loving yourself and your neighbors, of loving all of creation as they are meant to be loved. Of loving and feeling and being in a state of peace and love and joy, or whatever word you choose to give this state in which you seek.

Instead of seeking this state of being, be this state of being. You are peace, live it. You are joy, be it. You are everlasting love from the heavens above. Thank that love and express it throughout your being.

What we ask of you today is simple. Love your neighbor. Love yourself. You want peace throughout the world, be peace within yourself. What we vibrate, vibrates out and attracts the world around us. Let yourself vibrate peace and a peaceful nation you will create.

This leads us to Step 36 – your thoughts and actions bring the reality to you in which you are seeking. Instead of seeking that reality, let yourself be the reality you want expressed around you.

Yes, this is a continuation of the previous step, but one with more pointed a message. What you express out of your heart space spreads out into the world around it. It does the seeking for you. It seeks what it is. It seeks to resonate and intonate with the world around it at a similar frequency.

When you express the love principle outwards into your environment, it spreads and seeks and attracts that which it is. It attracts the love principle back to itself.

It is as simple as that. You want to live in a peaceful world, radiate peace outwards from your heart space. Let yourself be peace. This will attract a world of peace because condemnation cannot stand in the way of a peaceful vibration.

But what we really want to uncover for you, is that you do not radiate peace because you do not realize this is not what you have placed in front of your heart space. Instead of asking your heart space what it wants and radiating that outward, you watch your news, you interact with your culture, you are taught to condemn your fellow man. To see his actions as unworthy of your love.

You are not taught to love the murderer or the bully. At a young age you are told that the boy who pushes you off the swing is bad and should not be given love. What a world we would live in if instead of being taught to push back or to condemn him, you were taught that this individual was missing love and asking for it in return. Instead of condemning the bully, what a world we would live in if we were taught to see the bully with the face of god and know that he is righteous and worthy in his own right.

Now, do not misconstrue us. We are not saying to teach your child to hug the one who pushes them off the swing. No, that would be foolish, and we do not teach foolishness. No, instead we ask that you teach the child to establish their proper boundaries in that moment, to tell the bully not to do that, to seek assistance if need be, to not accept the behavior that was wrought upon themselves. But then we ask that you not view the bully as an evil aspect of creation. To view the face of god which the bully wears and to love him in all his states, unconditionally.

We are taught to hate and condemn our fellow man. This is not inherent in the small child. This is a lesson that is currently being taught in this creation sphere and must be untaught to see the truth which lays beneath. And we say this must be untaught at all levels, from children through adulthood.

Love your neighbor. Love yourself. Radiate this love outward and you will feel and experience that love in return. Do not condemn those whose behavior you find unworthy. Love them unconditionally. Teach your children, not to approve of inappropriate behavior, but to love the individual anyway.

And with that we will leave you for today.

We love you with unfettered joy and we ask that you view yourself the same way we view you. We love you and accept you.

Blessed Be.

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