The Words of SEA – Day 18

Day 18 – March 13, 2021

Let us continue.

The message today will be one of space. We are being thematic right now, as you can understand it.

Space, like time, is not what you believe or think it to be. Space is all relative, as they say. Space is relative and situational. The space you are in today is not the space you will be in tomorrow or the space you will be in the next day.

Space is an inherent construct of your reality in which some members fascinate and enjoy to delve into. Space is the container which holds the essence, the vessel which holds the fluid, and for that we are thankful.

For here, we will travel to Step 30 – be not unto thee the space of the ages but the space of the times in which you sit. The space that is around you is in the moment you are in, just as the time particle you interact with is at an exact moment.

What we speak of here is the idea that space is divisive and neutral at the same time. Space that is allowed to be can open up into many different avenues. In its free range, space can exist at many points in time and in many avenues of birth.

We desire to impress upon you the idea that space is malleable. It can be created and formed through the powers of your mind just as the particle of time can be created and formed. It can be manipulated and used to your choosing.

Our vessel is asking for an exercise to demonstrate what we speak of, and so we will oblige for this lesson.

Close your eyes. Sit your body in the space you are in. Feel the vessel that is enclosed around you. Feel the skin which defines this vessel you have chosen. Now, let your essence seep out of that vessel. Let your essence travel to the other side of the room. Go to the left first, as far as you choose. Don’t let the walls or the ground be of your concern. They do not matter; they are just matter. After you have gone a ways, come back to your vessel. Now repeat this exercise going to your right. Go as far as you choose to go, not minding those matter constructs in the way. Now come back. Go up in your space now, up as high as you choose to go. Past the ceiling and into the stars. How does it feel up there? Now come back. You can open your eyes now.

When we say that the space you are in is malleable, we mean that you can shift and change it at a moment’s will, a moment’s thought. Your physical body may appear to be in one specific space at one specific time, but this is not set-in stone, as it were. You can shift your body and your perception to a different location using your power of thought.

Now, our vessel is not believing this and questioning our methods, and for this we will say, you will get there in your own “time” and “space”. And for that, meaning when you fully accept the universal laws and the flows of the universe for what it is. An energy stream which can be used and understood in all manners of ways and reality.

For that, we will move onto Step 31 – the mind controls where the vessel sits but the heart controls where the soul flies.

For this we ask you to remember the previous exercise. You will understand that your perception, and the perception of the soul can traverse outside the physical form. You can move your soul energy across the seas and over the mountains if you so choose to.

But that is the important point here, if you so choose to. Many of you do not choose to move your soul beyond the confines of your vessels, and for that we say, okay. That is fine. There is no need to travel the worlds with your soul at this time.

The fact that the soul can travel does not mean that it needs to travel. Yes, your soul can explore different realities while you are on earth, but does it need to do so? No. It can if it wants and it is a choice, just as all we speak of are choices.

The vessel in which we sit currently, the soul, which is housing us, does not wish to travel far and wide, and for this we say, fine. This current incarnation, in this current time and space, is a fine place to sit and understand.

For the moment you are in, the space you are in, is a valuable learning tool, just as is all we teach.

And for that, we will show you Step 32 – the moment you sit in, the time you sit in, is as valuable as any other point in time or space. You do not need to push the confines of where and when you are unless it is your choice to do so.

We say this to encourage choice, not push the boundaries of what each individual is comfortable with. Traversing the universe may not be necessary for one soul’s growth while it may be helpful to another, and determinantal to a third.

Do what your soul directs you to do. Do what your soul yearns to do. If your soul yearns to explore the concepts of time and space, allow it to do just that. Allow it to manipulate the time you are sitting in, making it slower or speeding it up. Allow it to change its location, going across the street or across the universe.

All of these exercises are merely that, exercises. Even if you manage to put your energy vibration on the surface of the Moon and see each crater for what it is; it is still merely an exercise.

And each of these exercises is designed to do the same thing. Bring you to the realization that all is one. That we are all connected in the universal flow of life and energy. That loving your neighbor as yourself is an integral lesson in the here and now because all is one.

Your neighbor is you and you are your neighbor. The universal life energies which traverse the space you sit in, the time you are present in, these energies are the same for your fellow beings on this planet.

And thus, you sit at the precipice of this teaching. All is love. You are love. Your brother is love. The time you sit in is love. The space you feel in is love. The face you see in the mirror is love. This is the essence of this teaching. This is the essence of your life.

So, we will give it a step if you feel that is right. Step 33 – ALL IS LOVE.

No other explanation is necessary for this whole text and dialogue is an explanation for this statement.

We ask that you simply contemplate this statement. Let it settle in your being and in your mind. Let yourself feel the essence and the energy that this statement provides you. Let it be your mantra and your message.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

We say we love you. We offer you our blessings in this eternal space time continuum in which you choose to sit, wherever and whenever that may be.

Blessed Be.

2 thoughts on “The Words of SEA – Day 18

  1. Age 18 is when I gained human awareness about the laws of the universe, and I have them tattooed around the stem of my sunflower on my leg. They intertwine with the four elements. Earth, Intent, Wind, Attraction, Fire, Allowance, Water, Balance.
    The “idea” or concept if you would rather is simply this:
    Go through life with the proper intentions or motives, according to your life’s compass. Attraction is that You do, treat, say speak everything as you would want it done unto you. Allowance is simply allowing people to have the free will they were naturally given at birth, just like you. and everything will come into balance.

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