The Words of SEA – Day 17

Day 17 – March 12, 2021

We will speak now about the passage of time. The time that you see before you and the time which you feel within you. Time is a malleable substance that those of you who understand this property can create and enjoy at your leisure.

Now, what do we mean by this? We mean what we say, time is malleable. You can form it and use it for your own choosing. The fact that you do not choose to use time in such a way is of no consequence to us. It is an option you have as a life form on earth.

You will understand this concept to a greater extent the more you allow yourself to slip into the universal flow of energies, to dip your toes into the waters of life.

Yes, this is a metaphor and symbolism used to evoke that feeling you get when you are in your bliss and nothing around you truly matters but being in the present moment.

And here, we take you to Step 27 – live in the present moment and nothing else matters or exists.

Yes, this is a message and a step to live your life in the moment you are currently experiencing. Not the moment twenty years ago or the moment twenty years in the future. The moment you are in now.

We have an example for you if you wish. Picture yourself twenty years ago. In that moment in time what did you imagine yourself doing now? Did you picture your nose glued to an miniature phone screen scrolling through pictures of other people’s food choices for the week? No? You did not realize you would put so much stock in what an individual who lives across the world eats for breakfast every morning?

Now try to picture yourself twenty years into the future. Do these phones even exist anymore? Well, can you really say? Are we in the flying cars that were promised to us or still driving around these gas-powered automobiles?

Progress happens where people choose progress to happen. Your desire for a certain future will shift and change as the world around you shifts and changes. This is why we tell you now, live in the present moment. Live in this moment in time which is before you and which has been given to you.

There is no need to live in the past, that does not exist anymore. You can let that go. There is no reason to live in the future. You cannot even conceive of what a future will look like or the possibilities it will hold. And when you do try to conceive of such a future, you limit yourself to what you believe is possible or likely to occur, not the broad stroke of ingenuity which may come along and change all the matter before you.

So, we say, live in this present moment you have before you. Live with unfettered glee and joy for the creation and wonders that you have the opportunity and possibility to experience and enjoy.

And with that, we will move onto Step 28 – when the moment in time you are in is allowed to sit in the place you are, you can derive the full benefit from that time particle.

Here is where we get to the ideas regarding the manipulability and malleability of time. Yes, you label time as one hour or one second or one day, but these are merely formalities. You all have agreed on a calendar system, a time system that works for you so you agree that today is a Tuesday or that next week will be a new month. These are all arbitrary decisions that have been collectively agreed upon.

But, instead of relying on these collective agreements, take a moment and allow yourself to sit in the time you are in. Experience the time you are in. Then, using your mind allow that moment in time to expand. Allow that moment in time to grow infinitely bigger. How much can you put into that moment in time? Allow yourself to fill that moment in time with all the sunshine and roses of your choosing. Contract that piece of time now. Let it get small. Let it sit on the top of a needle. Let it be so tiny that you need a microscope to see it.

Do you understand the metaphor we bring before you? You can control your experience of time with the energies in your mind. If you sit with time at the place where it is, in the present moment where you currently are, that piece of time is malleable. Use your mind to expand it and allow it to last as long as that time piece needs to last. Allow that time piece to shrink and experience it as a blip on your radar.

Here is your experiment we ask you to perform. Sit in the silence. Sit with your back straight and your eyes closed. Count backward from five releasing your breath with each number. (Five – Four – Three – Two – One) In this moment in time, in your mind, yell “stop” and allow your inner world to pause and take a moment. Allow all your senses to stop their movement for a microsecond of your time. Now breathe regularly again. This time count forward to five, saying the number on each in breath. (One – Two – Three – Four – Five) When you get to five say the word “expand” in your mind. Allow time to expand beyond your preconceived notion of it. Now breathe regularly. You may open your eyes now.

At first, as you try this experiment, you may feel your mind trying to talk you out of the possibility of time shifting its normal rhythm. Do not let this dissuade you. Keep attempting this experiment and see where it leads you.

The goal of this exercise is for you to feel the different nature and reality of time. Time is malleable in measurement just as it is malleable in form.

And this leads us to Step 29 – time is an illusion and therefore a tool that you can use to alter the reality which is before you and the reality which is within you.

Our vessel is getting uncomfortable with this talk of time and for that we will say step back and let us explain what we mean.

Here we mean that time is not something that you should discount or not take into your consideration. It is an illusion in the fact that it is not really stable or how you conceive of time. Time is an opportunity, a resource, which you can use to tread this earth in a manner of your choosing.

Here we will say that time is a tool for you to choose how to use and how it should operate. If you wish to discount the power of time, that is to your choosing. If you would like to use time to benefit you then we bless you and offer you good bidding.

We say that time is a tool insofar as you allow yourself to see that time can cooperate with what you desire of it. Stop wearing a watch and see if your concept of time changes. Does it matter what time you eat your morning meal? Does your body tell you a different story of when it is ready for rest and what amount of rest will be good for it?

When you get rid of the structures of time which have been built up around you, you allow the true nature and reality of what time really is to fully exist.

Now, we know that this is not an easy task for one to do in your society today. Get rid of the clock and you get rid of your job that starts at a certain hour of the day a certain day of the week. For this we say, you can start with this task on the weekends or when time is of no concern to you and move on from there.

During these time free zones, feel what it feels like to not be dependent on other people’s definitions of time. Allow yourself to sit in your present moment and feel what that is. Choose a task that allows you to experience time to your liking.

Do you want time to expand for you? Choose a task that allows you to feel every instance of time. Pay attention to each of those instances in your present moment. Does time feel longer in this scenario?

Do you want time to go quickly and move so that you do not even notice it? Well, simple. Choose a task that allows time to be lost so that you do not notice it. Allow yourself to get caught up in the joy and excitement of life so that you forget that time is there for you to manipulate.

These rather simple tasks seem like that, simple tasks, but they offer you opportunities to peek behind the curtain. These are opportunities to understand that the world before you is not necessarily what you have been told it is.

Time is not a fixed constant but a malleable tool to be considered and used. The beggar on the street is not an evil man just as your friendly neighbor is not an obnoxious woman. These are just definitions that have been used and placed on the world around you to fix your focus to one point of view.

Instead, we ask you to shift that point of view. This can be done on all levels of your being. You shift your perception of time; you shift your perception of the murderer and the beggar and the man in the castle on the hill. You see all these aspects of the universe around as aspects of your god. And then you see the truth of what really is.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

May you find the light within you and shine that light so others will see that the darkness is merely an illusion used to trick their mind. That the reality which is before them is truly one of love and understanding.

Blessed be.

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