The Words of SEA – Day 16

Day 16 – March 11, 2021

Let us begin our journey today with a blessing. May all those who hear the words that we speak, who read the words which are transcribed, who feel the message of these transmissions, may you find the peace and happiness you desire and experience the love of your god directly from the heavens above to your soul beyond.

Now, let us continue. We have come today with a message of oneness. A message of universal and undying peace and love. A message that you can have everything you have ever dreamed of, but you must first dream correctly.

What do we mean by dream correctly? This takes us to Step 24 – when you imagine the world of your future, imagine it with an open heart and with thoughts of love and you shall receive this.

This is the truth in which we speak. This is the true law of manifestation which so many have sought. The law of manifestation does not work at the snap of the fingers but at the breath of god. One must wait and want and hope and dream, but what one really truly desires is what becomes the frequency which meets and forms for the law of attraction.

What is it that you truly desire we ask? What is it that you dream about before you go to your dream world at night? What is it that stirs your soul?

Think long and hard. Many times, you will find that it is the drama that you seek. It is the fear which really truly stirs you, not the heavens of peace and joy. To experience the heavens of peace and joy, which are always around you, you must desire them to be so.

Here is your exercise for today. Close your eyes my child. Now, imagine a tree just starting to grow. Imagine it first as a seed in the ground. Then its roots form and grow into the dark soil. After a while the sprout starts to form, and green growth can be seen above the surface. Here the plant rejoices for seeing the light of the sun and is able to keep growing big and strong. But as its leaves branch out and grow, its roots too stand firm in their growth and development. And this is what we teach. You may open your eyes now.

To truly manifest what you desire you must truly desire it. This is the roots which grow beneath the surface. This is your desires, your wants, your dreams. Pay attention to what you really want. This is the foundation on which your plant will thrive.

Yes, you may want the fancy sportscar or the big house. But look at the foundation these roots set. Are they a foundation of peace and love or do they bring drama and hardship?

Do you truly desire the love you seek, or do you want the love you have imagined and designed based off your cultural expectations?

Yes, we know many of you seek a love which is destined and written in the stars, but then you try to shape the face of god that this individual chooses to wear. He must be tall, she must be lean, there must be a green ribbon upon their hair. Well, these foundations are shaky. The roots will not grow a strong plant.

Instead of asking your lord for a superficial plant which will not produce seeds, ask him for a love that will stir your soul. Let the roots which form the foundation be strong and brave, not limited to what you deem desirable in this moment in time.

We ask you to seed your desires with a heart full of love and joy and this will bring forth the true plant that you desire, not the plant that will wither and die, but the plant that embraces the light of god and seeks joy in the gentle breeze.

This now, leads us to the next step. Step 25 – seek not that which yee will find in the garden, seek that which thee will find in the heavens above. This is a message of finding the truth and the strength to look beyond the surface of the matter to the heart which lays beneath. Look to the heavenly aspect, the divineness, of the creature before you and not the physical shell it wears.

You ask for these twin flames and soul bonds but then when they are delivered you reject their image and likeness of god as not worthy of your grace. But the beggar on the street is just as worthy of your love as the model on the pages.

No, the true desires of man will bring you their true counterpart. If you speak of wanting a soulmate and then set out the parameters of how they will meet you, you will find that the soulmate has already left the scene because you deemed them unworthy.

Instead of looking outside yourself, find the peace and love inside yourself and this will lead you to the true beauty, the true connection, which is meant to be, not which you deem worthy of your love.

The heavens shine bright in the true love, but the soul does not respond if the mind and body are in charge. Let the soul show you the way and you will find the everlasting love that was meant to be.

And that is our journey into the world of twin flames and soulmates. Our vessel is uncomfortable with these words, but these are the words of the culture and the times. These are the words that have come to be and are used, so we must use them.

Let us move onto Step 26 – be not unto your fellow man as a servant or a slave but as a receiver of all things holy and good. When you interact with your fellow man, do not look at the interaction as one of servitude.

Yes, we hear these words bantered about, but we want to make this clear. You are not a slave to your fellow man. You do not serve for their enjoyment. You pay tribute to your fellow man for his face of god and you see the blessings which lay in the heart of everyman.

You are here to make your mark on the world by showing your face of god and by respecting the faces of god that your fellow men wear. You are here not to serve your fellow man but to lift him up to his own heights by witnessing the face of god inherent in each and every man.

We say this as a clarification, and we will call this step a clarification of the words that have been spoken. Man must not fall into the victim or the martyr role in their effort to become enlightened. This is the same ego trap as the man in the castle on the hill eating his chocolates.

No, to serve your fellow man you do not lay prostrate at their feet. Instead, you stand in full glory of your own divinity and witness their divinity in kind. This divinity has the same presence and light as yours, even if their darkness is hiding the brightness beneath.

Your job, your mission on earth, is to see that divinity for what it is and recognize its inherent lightness, its inherent love, which is for all man and not singled out for your choosing.

And with that, we will leave you for today.

May you find the peace and love you desire not in the hearts of men but in the faces of the god that each of you wear.

Blessed be.

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