The Words of SEA – Day 15

Day 15 – March 10, 2021

We begin today, with a message to those who choose to listen. This is a message that requires your understanding and promotes your spiritual development.

On this day we ask all of you to focus not on what you don’t have, but on what is right before you. We have told you that heaven is on earth, that heaven is right before and around you. Now we tell you that this heaven we speak of is beautiful. It is marvelous and it has the combined values of all the stars in the sky.

Now, we ask that you actually look at what is before you. To see the beauty and marvel at it. How long have you spent looking at the leaves of a tree or how the concrete in front of you sparkles in the sun. How magnificent are these? Do they fill your heart with joy and gratitude?

Yes, and we mention the concrete because the man-made items are not the devastation that you claim they are to be. No, they have their beauty and their worth. They are part of your heaven on this earth.

Yes, even the nuclear bomb and its aftermath has its place in your world and the faces of god. Look at the emotions that can be evoked by that simple concept. Look at the possibilities that come before you. Look not to the devastation but to the healing that the event brought.

Now, when we ask you to gaze around your environment and actually see what man has made, what god has made, we ask you to do this with an open and honest heart. We ask you to focus on the minute details to see what lays beneath the outer layer, the outer shell.

Take some time throughout your day really examining what you place before you. Is that computer sitting in front of you made of glistening materials? Is that coffee cup smooth to the touch and reflective of the light. Sit with your environment and focus on the details.

How many trees are outside your window? What do they look like? Is there growth? Is there death? Is there new life forming from within?

This is a message and an opportunity and so we will call it Step 21 – view the world before you as heaven on earth and appreciate each and every little spot and speckle that presents itself.

This step is an opportunity, a message, and an exercise. Really look around. See what you see. Follow Step 1 and feel what you feel. Experience this life you are living because it is meant to be experienced. It is not meant to be glanced over with a passing thought. It is meant to be seen. It wants to be seen. It is heaven after all.

Now, we want to expand and move on from here. We want to traverse the mountains and find what lays on the other side of this possibility that we lay out before you. We want to explore the valley of heaven on earth.

For this we will move onto a new set of steps. A set of experiences and understandings which follows for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Step 22 – for when we say you are in heaven on earth, we mean that literally. To mean that literally means that there is no other place you are meant to be. Nothing for you to strive to be or strive to occur. Instead, you are meant to be here. You are meant to be now. You are meant to live and experience this life and be in this place called earth in all its glory.

Forsaking the trees and the bees will not get you to your preconceived heaven. No, instead one must love the trees and the bees as much as one loves their fellow man. Or if one does not love their fellow man, as much as one loves themselves. And if one does not love themselves, as much as one loves the stars in the sky and the heaven below their feet.

We ask you now to try this simple exercise. Close your eyes. Focus on a dot in front of your face. A small black dot with whiteness all around. Now watch this dot grow in size. Watch this blackness get so big that it eventually wipes out all the white that has surrounded it.

It feels like the whiteness is gone. All you can see is black. But realize, the black has not taken out the white, it has only masked it. Even though you cannot see the white, it is still there, just hidden beneath the white.

You may open your eyes now please.

And this is our message and explanation for you today. Yes, there is heaven on earth. Yes there is lightness and love all around. Sometimes you only see blackness and darkness and destruction, but that is just a layer on top of the white and light that exists.

Everything that has been built is built upon the foundation and structure of love. The light that shines on you shines on every single individual on earth. Just because you cannot see the light shining does not mean it does not exist.

This physical structure of earth is dense and heavy. Its vibration has been slowed and dulled so that you can experience this life in the manner of your choosing. What an amazing opportunity for you, to experience darkness and dullness at a time and place of your choosing.

But to experience this darkness and dullness you must first realize that your memory of who and what you are has been made more difficult to grasp. This memory, this white light underneath the surface, has had a layer of darkness pulled over it, but it is still there.

This brings us to Step 23 – you are the light. You are part of heaven on earth and the fact that you cannot see this heaven does not mean that it does not exist. The cover that it wears, the blanket which covers the light, is only there for your convenience. When you are done with it you are welcome to have it removed if you choose. And there is the key, if you choose.

For this is a choice that we bring you. To remove the blanket of darkness and dullness one must choose to do so. This is not a requirement of your journey on earth. You can continue seeing the world through your eyes and with your given interpretation of the events around you, but it is not a requirement either.

If you so choose to do so, you can remove the blanket from your eyes.

To do this we ask you to again, close those earthly eyes. See the darkness again before you. See that blanket that has fallen over the white light. Now, take a corner of that darkness and peel it back. Reveal the white light underneath. If you now choose to do so, keep pulling it back until all the light and white is revealed. We will wait for you. There. Now all before you is whiteness and light.

This is an opportunity for you to see and experience life in a new way, but to do so one must make that choice.

And the truth is that many of you enjoy living in your fear bubbles. Fear comes with drama. Remember our man in the castle on the hill eating his chocolates. It sounds like a great life, but it is boring. He is bored to tears up there in his perfect life.

This is the aspect of fear that many enjoy. The drama and excitement that it brings into your life. You get to experience life in a higher-octane way when you let yourself be run and driven by fear, but is this what you truly desire?

Or you can choose to live with the blanket pulled back and see this life as an opportunity to view all, and we mean all as you have seen, as god. All as love in its many varied forms. All as a oneness and a wholeness of the creation.

For all has been built on the fabric of light. All has its foundation and its base in this love principle and vibration which we speak.

The choice is yours whether you want to continue to experience the darkness, the drama, the fear; or you can choose to draw back the blanket and see the light that all of creation rests upon.

And we will leave you with that for today. We wish you all many blessings and send our love in multitudes to those who are living in your heaven on earth.  Many blessings to all.

Blessed be.

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