Channeled Words of SEA – Day 14

Day 14 – March 9, 2021

And so, it begins again.

The newness of the state you are in is not due to the reckoning of the body but the reckoning of the soul. There is no place here for confusion. This is a place for understanding and let us make it so.

On this day you walk forward into the world of god seeing the faces of god before you. You understand that you are the essence of love and those around you are of the same material. There is no need to question what is but to accept the reality which brings you to where you are.

And where we are is Step 18 – tread with a smile on your face and a gleam in your heart for the trials of men are never the burdens of the heart, but the opportunities of the soul. There is nothing to fear because everything before you is and of through god. Be one with this message and you will find your eternal peace.

Now our vessel is saying this sounds a lot like an earlier step, that of accepting your place in the world because that is where you are meant to be. And to that we will say yes, it is similar but there are also differences here.

First, we ask for a smile. A gentle smile can change everything. Just place a smile on your face and the world around you changes to smile in greeting. The world is your mirror, let it reflect back the face of god with a smile on its face.

This smile that we speak of is more important than you could imagine. It is the beginning and the end. It is the frequencies of love and joy. It is the frequency which you pass on to others as you walk down the street. Without that smile how would they realize that the face of god is here to serve them? Without the smile how would they understand that god is before them and god is pleased with what he sees.

Put the smile on your face and see the world around you change. It is an easy ask of you and an easy task to comply with.

Next, we say that the road before you is where you are meant to be. This is not to repeat our earlier statement but to emphasize the facts that fear does not need to exist in this lifetime because there is really nothing to fear. The path before you can be as exciting and challenging as your desires, and your desires will be fulfilled.

If you are making a mountain out of a molehill it is your own doing. If you accelerate the fear principle because you feed it with its yummy feelings, that is your doing.

You must accept your doing. It is really easy to change if you so desire. We ask that you put the smile on your face and let that fear fall away. This is the change that will start to take place. This is the change you will see.

You will see your fellow man receive you with kindness and you will respond with kindness. That challenge in your path will no longer seem like a challenge but an opportunity for the progression which you seek. That opportunity will lead to more and greater opportunities until you are living a life based on love and understanding.

With that outcome you can see that the smile we ask is a rather simple and easy payment for the potential that it can bring. It represents the potential of complete happiness.

Now we will continue with Step 19 as it is a follow up to this part of our journey. Step 19 is that happiness is not what it seems. Happiness is not the castle on the hill with the chocolates and the unlimited cable subscription. No, happiness is a state of mind which is possible to achieve and simple to produce.

Happiness involves accepting life as it is meant to be and offering it joy in return. Happiness is understating that the trees and the bees come to you as messengers of your lord and you are here to greet them as such. Happiness is the feeling of ecstatic joy which overwhelms you at the sight of your fellow man. That is the happiness we speak.

Obtaining this happiness is simple. All you need to do is live in joy. All you need to do is walk around with a smile on your face and that joy in your heart. All you need to do is let go of the should bes and the what ifs and realize that your place in this world is special. Everybody’s place in this world is special, no matter who or what they are.

Yes, the beggar on the street is here for a reason and is special in his service to humanity. He is in service by acting as a mirror to the consumerism which is rampant across the globe. He is the reflection of gods face in the mirror of humanity. Do you not rejoice in his service and thank him for his good work?

The corporate banker on the hill is a reflection just the same. He looks in the mirror and sees the same image of god. The god he sees is the same as the god you see. He is a representative and is doing the same service work as the beggar on the street. Do you not see this?

Can you live with your smile and your heart full of joy with the knowledge that both these men are representatives of god and doing the service of god? They are servicing god in their image and likeness. Let us not judge them for they need not be judged. Let us rejoice in their presence and give them our service of love in kind.

This is a simple message. We have said that from the beginning. Our message is always simple it is man that complicates things. We ask for simple understanding with our simple message.

You are love. You are peace. You are eternal happiness. To obtain these states one only needs to realize that their reason for being here, their purpose for this existence is to live their life in this state of happiness and unfettered joy.

This will take us to Step 20 – service is the ultimate respect and payment to your god. You are asked each day to perform your service to your god. And this we say, your service is to live a happy life full of love and gratitude.

We know, happiness is not what it is always cracked up to be. Happiness can lead to confusion in how it is defined. But it is really simple. Your service to your god is to live your life as you deem fit. To live in a state of everlasting love and joy.

This will seem like a monumental task to some out there. They shout at us; “how do we live in joy when there is destruction around us?” Well, what is that destruction you see? Is it destruction or is it the face of god made manifest? How can you deem the destruction around you as unworthy of your gaze of love if it is of your god?

Do you not see the simplicity of this? Every step we speak of is the same. Every step we speak of is an offer and a call to you to walk on this earth as god intended you to walk, in awe and wonder. You are here to be of service to your god and to be of service means to live in a state of love and joy.

It is as simple as that and yet we repeat ourselves. We repeat ourselves to show you that the simplicity you seek is within you. All you must do to obtain this simplicity is to realize and understand that the face of god, the heaven on earth, to service of man is before and within you. If you have doubts about any matter before you, ask your heart, and it will tell you the answer because in it lays the voice of your god.

All we ask of you is peace. All we ask of you is joy. All we ask of you is love. And with that, we will leave you for today.

May the glory of god be before you and may you pour forth the love of god to your fellow man.

Blessed be.

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