Channeled Words of SEA – Day 13

Day 13 – March 8, 2021

For behold, we come unto thee with the disguise of heaven on earth. We come unto thee as men walking your green earth, for we are the heavens, and we are the earth.

We speak the frequency and the amplitude of love. Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to forgo your preconceived conclusions and find the message behind the words we speak?

Let us continue with our journey. This is a journey that will take you several lifetimes. This is a journey you have walked for many years and many years to come. For many lives and many lives to come. This is the journey of your soul.

Step 17 – be not unto thee which the heavens have brought to man but for which man has brought to the heavens. For unto this day is the grace of god placed. And it is this day you must rejoice of the heaven on earth. For your fellow man cannot conceive of what is to come but only what has been brought.

Do not let the fears of man dissuade you from the knowledge and presence of god. For he who is the creator is he who wrought the heavens and who spoke the word into formation and creation. For he is you and you are him. This is our message for today.

This is a message of hope. This is a message of peace. This is a message not for your understanding or enjoyment but for your comprehension and perseverance.

We ask you now, on this very day, to step forth into your world with an attitude of peace. With an attitude of enjoyment. With an attitude of awareness of what is before you. And what is before is the heaven.

You have been thinking of the heavens as something outside of yourself. As something that is to obtain. As some place that you go to after you finish this life, this incarnation. No, that is not the case.

Heaven is right before you. You are in heaven now if you would only open your eyes and see. That bush, that tree, that sky before you is heaven. Why do you forsake that which you created?

You created the heavens in which you live. You created the trees and the bees. Enjoy this heaven of your creation. Do not spite it and wish to form a different heaven. The heaven that is before you is the heaven that you deemed worthy of your grace.

We live in a society which would rather deny the existence of heaven than see the heaven which is before them. Try it. Look closely at the plants around you. Marvel at the lines and the roots and the shapes and the colors and the smells. How could this not be heaven?

If you walk forward in your life with the knowledge that everything before you is heaven, this will change the way you step into the presence of each day. Look before you at heaven and you will see heaven. Look before you at hell and you will run into obstacles and strife to get you to see the truth of the heaven and the love which is around and surrounding you.

Do not forsaken the past, for it is heaven as well. Heaven abides in the essence of the lord, and the essence of the lord is in you.

We ask now, please, that you do an exercise with us today. Close your eyes. Yes, everyone who is capable of doing so, please now close your eyes.

We want you to picture before you what your ideal landscape is. Picture before you the heaven which you dreamed of attending after this incarnation. How does it smell? How does it look? How does it taste?

Now open your eyes, what is before you now? Can you find the smells of heaven? Can you find the sights and taste?

Here is the secret you have been waiting for. You could not conceive of or create the heaven of your choosing in your mind’s eye if it did not first exist on earth. What are the smells of your heaven? Do they not also exist on this earth? The tastes? The sights?

All of your mental creation of your ideal heaven exists on this plane as well. So how is this current creation not heaven as well? That we ask you.

This is your heaven. This is your god. This is your creation. Accept what you have wrought and rejoice in its presence.

We leave you now today with our message.

For he who has seen the face of god has seen his own reflection. For he who has tasted the fruit of heaven has tasted the manna of life on earth.

Blessed be.

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