Channeled Message from SEA: Day 12 – March 7, 2021

Day 12 – March 7, 2021

We come together before you to speak of a time of possibilities. An age which all things are possible. A potential reality that can and will exist. This is the time. Now is the age. There is no need in putting off what must happen. Do your work now and you will reap the everlasting rewards of this heaven on earth.

Let us continue with Step number 15 – you will find the face of god looking back at you, but you will not always expect or like its reaction. The face of god is not asked to speak certain words to make you feel better. They are asked to speak the words you need to hear for true and full understanding.

You want so much for god to be gentle and kind because you have a backbone fused together based on a religious course that you find abhorrent. Well, we have news for you. God is gentle and kind, but that gentleness and kindness does not always take the form which you would like to see.

Ask not that yee be judged as to judge the face of man is to judge the face of god. To understand the face of man is to understand the face and destiny of our god.

Yes, there is a message here. The message is that the words you need to hear are not necessarily the words you want to hear.

You want your god to tell you that you are beautiful and worthy of all things. And your god with the face of a man will tell you that, if that is what you need to hear. But is that voice going to get you out of your castle walls with your chocolates and your tv show in the background? Or does the face of god need to say words you deem uncomfortable or inappropriate to get your to react and work?

Here is the message for you today. The word of the lord is not always nice and gentle, but it is needed. The word of the lord is what needs to be heard to transform the place you have been into the place you will be going.

Listen to us here now. We want you to succeed in this game of life you think you are playing, but to do so you need to realize that the god you seek is not the benevolent being you wish him to be. God is the beggar and the rapist and the murder. God is the aspect of humanity which gets the reaction from you which makes you move, and which makes you think.

In your castle in the sky are you going to care what happens if god is on the ground petting a cute puppy? No. You will react if god is on the ground murdering your next-door neighbor. That seems more likely to illicit the needed action or reaction.

These actions and reactions we speak of do not need to or have to be physical. Mental thought reactions work just as well and that leads us to Step 16 – when the face of god comes into conflict with you react with the heart of god. React with the loving kindness you wish god spoke to you with. React from a place of love and understanding and this will be reflected back to you.

Yes, we do not expect that you will necessarily stop the murderer from killing your neighbor, but you can understand that the murderer has the same face you do. You can use your thoughts and mental abilities that you were born with to show that love is a possibility for the one who slays. There is no need to live in fear or hate. There is a need to live in everlasting love.

So, yes, we say do the uncomfortable job of loving the murderer and the rapist. We do not ask you to make excuses for them or to go out and give them a hug. No, your job is to shift your mental focus to one of love. See the murderer as god and the act of killing as the act of a god.

That last part is making our vessel uncomfortable. Yes, the act of the murderer is an act of god. We ask you to see that. All acts under the heavens are acts of god. Just because you do not like the act does not mean that it does not serve its purpose on earth. You cannot judge lest you be judged.

That murderer which killed your neighbor’s wife may have stopped her from baring a child which would have grown up to be a genetic link which would destroy all of human civilization. If you knew this would you still judge the murderer? Even if the murderer did not know that by committing his act, he would save all of humanity? Do not judge the act for you do not know the purpose under god.

We don’t say that you need to celebrate the act or the actor. There is no reason to throw a parade for the murderer. No, we merely ask that you shift your perspective and see the murderer and his act for what they are, acts and faces of god.

It is really as easy as this. By taking away the need to judge and make decisions this is actually easier than your current predicament if you see it as such. We just ask that you see the face of god in all men and their actions.

With that we will leave you for the day.

We ask that you open your eyes to the light which is inherent in yourself and that of your fellow man. We ask that you sing your song to the heavens so that you can hear the choir’s response.

Blessed Be.

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