Channeled Message: Day 11 – March 6, 2021

Day 11 – March 6, 2021

My children. We walk in the presence of the lord daily, but we refuse to open our eyes and see that his light shines upon us. For he is one with us and we are one with him. He is the everlasting and eternal greatness of our salvation and his blessings befall us each and every day.

We are made in the image and likeness of our father as he is made in ours. It is a reciprocal relationship. That of son and daughter mimicking the acts of a gentle and loving father. A gentle and loving mother if you will. A gentle and loving parent.

We come before you as messengers of this word. Messengers of both hope and understanding. It is our hope that you listen. It is the understanding that we seek to teach.

An understanding of the way your world functions and the way your life could and should be. A life full of gratitude and understanding for what befalls you. For what befalls you is of the heavens. Each and every turn in the road or rock in your path is from the heavens. Is from the kingdom which is before you.

Do not wait for the time to come to see the truth. Take it upon yourself to remove your blindfold and let the light of knowledge and understanding shine through. This is the day of your rebirth and this is the hour of your reckoning. Let yourself see the light that shines so brightly in front of your face.

Is it not a mirror which is reflecting the image of god? Is it not a mirror which shines brightly from the heavens and shows the true image of god which is of all men?

There is no need to fret or worry about definitions or truths or understandings or possibilities. There is only a need to be one with the lord your god and see your face reflected in the light and understand that his presence is with you as you are with him.

We come today to speak of this time of reckoning. It is not a great fall which will come to men but an opportunity for re-understanding and understanding in a greater and deeper way.

You have lost generations of inherent knowledge because of pride and ego. It is time to release that ego and let yourself see the truth of men. That men are and were created in the likeness and image of god so that god is treading upon this earth as we speak. There is no reason to go out searching for god because god does not need to be found. God is in you. He is not lost. He knows his way. Just open your eyes and let him in.

We now must speak in steps because that is how we began and there is a continuality which must and does occur in our language and speech.

So, we will speak of Step 12 – see the face of god in the face of the men on the streets. For when you recognize the face of god in your fellow man you recognize your own face and likeliness.

You will see there is some repetition in what we teach because it is this repetition which is needed to hammer home the truth. And the truth is rather simple after all.

You are of and through god. There is nothing else. You are one with the spirit as your fellow man is one with the spirit.

Yes, we will talk about how to attract the things you want into your lives, but this is not important when you understand that your lives are meant to be seen as a blessing not a curse. Every time you degrade this land you walk upon or speak ill of your fellow man; you do harm in the image and likeness of god.

Instead, speak with a gentle and peaceful heart and you will see the world as a gentle and peaceful creature. We know this is difficult because we see what you are reflecting out into this world of your creation. We see what you label violence and insolence. But this is just a child throwing a tantrum for not getting his way. When his way was not healthy or worthwhile to begin with.

No, you must be taught that god is already present and does not need to be sought. God is within you and within your fellow man. Yes, you are hearing the repetition here as we make our point.

You are one with the lord and the lord is one with you. Your fellow man is one with the lord – your fellow person or human being is one with the lord as the lord is one with them.

We will speak the language you wish us to speak but you must know that this is not the wisdom of the ages but the wisdom of your time. To disregard the definitions of the past is to disregard the heritage on which you lay your foundations.

So yes, we speak of man and father, not in the sense of human gender but in the sense of what has come before. Do not discount our speech for it is just as worthy and as valuable as the speech of the modern man.

Would you be surprised if we tell you that the words and definitions you use now will become what you deem hate speech for future generation? No, the past is your foundation. It has the definitions and the energies and atonements to the vocabulary which must be used to establish your foundation.

If you would like to lay a different brick with different intonations after the foundation is built, we encourage you to do so. But with the foundation, we must use the language and the intonations of your forefathers no matter how uncomfortable that makes you.

So yes, we will say that you are in in the likeness of your father as your fellow man is in the likeness of their god. You have come in sprit to resurrect the image of god in your daily duties and presence. There is a vibration and a tone which you must sing. It is vital that your tone be added to the choir of angels which we speak. Without your tone the symphony will be offkey. It will sound off to the ears of your fellow man.

Here we will take you to Step 13. Without your voice in the heavens the choir would not rejoice. You must sing your authentic note with your full heart and in true awareness of who and what you are.

And who and what you are is made in the image of god. If you do not shine your own light, your own authenticity as you shall speak, then who are you but a key that is off and not tuned to the correct frequency.

How can your fellow man recognize that key that you sing if you are not singing with your true and full heart?

And we will say again. You find this authenticity; you find this true spark of light by listening within. By listening to the heart of your soul and hearing its true yearnings and realizations. If you do not give yourself time to listen, then who will?

You like distraction. This we know. You like to distract yourself with fast cars and bright television screens which span the length of a room. But these are just distractions from listening to your true heart.

Yes, you can watch your tv and movies and experience life that is lived within them. But do not substitute the life of your fellow man for your own true life. Do not get so caught up in the world of someone else’s creation where you do not create your own reality in this heaven on earth. Let yourself have the time and space for creation. For what is man without the creation of their heart?

You always want to know how you create upon this earthly plane. How do we manifest what we desire? How do we create the manmade items that we think we need? Well, first you must realize that your creation skills work best when you aim them at what is truly desired and not what is just thought to be desired because your friend Suzy has the new shiny object.

No, for here we will step in to Step 14 – let your heart speak its desires and you will manifest mountains.

Yes, you heard us correctly. You have the power and control to manifest mountains. But do you really want to? Is it worth your time and energy to create a mountain when a molehill is really more your style?

Here is the secret to your true secret for manifestation. You need to desire with all your heart what you seek. Not desire it with the heart of a man but desire it with the heart of a soul. If you soul does not truly want the new car what purpose does it have for manifesting it? That is just a waste of its time.

No, for the soul must sing from its true heart its desires to manifest what will truly come about.

And with that we will leave you for today.

May the heart of man rejoice in the heavens for he has seen the face of god and with it his own reflection.

Blessed be.

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