Day 10 – March 5, 2021

Day 10 – March 5, 2021

For there will come a time when the hearts of men will sing with their love song of creation and all men will understand that the path forward is taken together and with one joyful leap.

We are not to this time yet, obviously, but as the universe moves forward into its creation, so too does the species of man.

You have been sent here to help that species of man evolve into what it is meant to be, a divine representation of the hearts of possibility and the confines of the human slate makes this seem impossible at times. But the divine representation we speak of encompasses all of the divine’s movements and revelations, not just the revelations which fit into a neat little jar to be buried in your back yard.

No, for the prophets that came before you have spoken their heart song and others have listened. Each prophet we sent furthers the evolution of man forward to a degree. It is when those whose hearts sing the song of god that do not speak when we weep for what might have been. And what might have been was love.

Step 11 – speak not for the heart of men, speak for the heart of the universal soul. For knowledge kept is knowledge not spent.

When you hear the word of god in your ear, speak the word of god to your fellow man. Do not hold back the voice of the lord from your lips. Let it sing out and rejoice with the heavens.

The fear which has blanketed this planet leads those who may have been great prophets to shelter in their homes with a bowl full of popcorn and a blue light shining on their faces. They dismiss the sights and sounds of their own mind for the creations of their fellow man.

Let us release this blanket of fear and step forward together. If you see the word of the lord say the word of the lord. This message is not meant to be bottled up and kept for your own use. The label clearly reads “dispense as needed”, but you do not dispense at all.

To live from the heart of man there must be a gathering of souls who speak the same language, and that language is the language of their god.

This god is one and is many and the name and function does not matter. We use the term god because it is the term your vocabulary has available. You are the ones who imbue that term with different meaning other than universal oneness.

Within the hearts of every man is the heart of god. Inside that heart is the message that is waiting to be received. Once received the message must be sent to the masses for its note, its universal chord, is waiting to be received by the choir of angels waiting in the wings.

Do not reject the prophesies you receive. Instead release them to the world and let them permeate and perpetrate where they are meant to seed. That part of the equation is not on you. That is on us to disseminate the information once it is released, but first it must be released.

That is why this step is so vitally important. In the words of your modern era, “if you see something, say something”. If you see the word of god spread the word of god. If you hear the divine voice in your mind let that voice be heard by others.

Your work is not to keep this revelation bottled up but to unscrew the cap and let it be released onto the world you live on. This is how the ground is fertilized. This is how the seeds of truth are allowed to grow and get stronger each and every year. This is the true evolution of man.

Thank you for your time.

Blessed Be.

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