Day 9 – March 3, 2021

Day 9 – March 3, 2021

What we speak is the truth and the truth is the word of the Lord. There is no need to doubt or question us. Just let our words come into your mind and you choose whether what we speak is the truth or false prophets.

Now, let us continue.

We move, now, onto step 10 which is the essence of this whole teaching. Be one with your god and your god is one with you.

We speak with these uncomfortable religious terms for a reason. It is the reason that the lord our god is symbolic and representative of how this language of your society functions. If we wished to speak of dirt we would talk in soils, but we wish to speak of love and spirituality, so we speak of god.

Do you understand this?

You are one with your god and your god is one with you. Your god is both personal and omnipresent. Your god exists now and throughout the ages. Your god is both inside and outside your presence. Within your arm’s reach and without the sight of the world’s greatest telescope.

To experience this god, you must first experience yourself. Because you are of god and god is of you. How do you expect to know or respect this god if you do not know or respect yourself?

Love yourself and you love your god. Disrespect yourself and you disrespect the representative of god on earth.

To each their own, but we prefer to love and respect the creator who made us.

Ah, do you catch what we are saying there. That your god created you, but you are one with your god, so you also created yourself.

It is the age old “chicken or egg” conundrum you like to philosophize over.

So, let us continue with this teaching.

Trust in the lord your god and you shall have the bounties of heaven strewn at your feet. You shall hear the angels sing from the heavens and see a choir of multitudes raise up from the earth before you.

We speak in religious terms because we are religious beings. We are not of or through one religion but of and through them all. Are vessel is questioning us here, uncomfortable with this clearly Christian context we are placing on things.

Good, be uncomfortable. Feel the vibratory field that these words evoke. Let them be unto you as they are unto this earth. Let the heavens sing when they hear your voice, and the choirs rejoice when you join their chorus. For the lord your god is upon this heavenly earth and is existing at this time, at this very moment, as an aspect and frequency which is you.

So, we state again. Be of your god as your god is of you.

The more you learn to respect your inherent divinity, the more you honor the earthly body and field that has developed around and through you, the more you honor your god.

Yes, we will end here today, and we end with words of praise and exaltation.

We honor the divine trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit as all are one within the kingdom of heaven and that kingdom is upon us.

Blessed be.

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