Day 8 – March 2, 2021

Day 8 – March 2, 2021

We move forward, my friend, at the pace and the timing of our choice. There is no reason to fret or misunderstand our communication. It is what it will be and what it will be is love.

There is a timing to this world that is inherent in the nature of the trees but you have forsaken it for your fast cars and fancy watches. No, the nanosecond is not the speed of creation, the heart is.

As you live and breathe so will the creation principle which is meant to be. Do not be ashamed of what you have or don’t have. Be firm in your beliefs that the heart is the way to the center, and you will find the roads before you opening up.

If we must continue with these steps on this little journey, we are taking together than we will.

Step 9 – be one with the trees and the bees.

We love that rhyme and use it all the time.

What we speak of is the earth around you. That which is under your feet and in your air. Yes, this earth you live on is important and yes you are polluting it. But we speak not as you imagine we speak of trash and exhaust, no we speak of thoughts and feelings. The pollution of the mind is just as rampant as the pollution on the streets.

We ask you now to be with the trees. Be one with the earth and care for it like a mother cares for a child because it is a symbiotic relationship you have here. The thoughts you create of destruction are wounds against the heart of your mother earth just as the peanut butter jar thrown in the ocean disrupts the seas.

To clear your mind, breathe. It is as simple as that. Breathe in the particles that mother earth gives you. Take in the fruits of her trees and be in harmony with her bees.

Yes, yes, we know that sounds simple. You like living in a complex world but the world just is not as complex as you are thinking.

The man who lives in the boat may be a guru and the man who publishes the books may be a fraud. This system does not need to be complicated because it is not complicated.

To be one with the trees is to take the breath they offer you and return it with an act of love and service. What you breathe out becomes the environment you see around you.

And yes, we are speaking metaphorically here. We speak of your thoughts and feelings that emanate out of you like the carbon dioxide you expiate. Yes.

To be one with the trees you take the oxygen they give, and you release the love from your heart. It is as simple and easy as that.

Instead of concentrating and focusing on the negativity and the garbage, concentrate on the love that is inside you and give that as a token of your love to the trees and the bees. Giving love to them is your repayment for the oxygen you breathe.

What, did you think this is a free exchange? You just take, take, take from them and give nothing in return? No, they ask for payment. They ask for payment in kind. They give you their love and they ask for your love in return.

Yes, be one with the trees and the bees by sharing in their love. Give and take. What you receive from them you must return in kind.

Blessed be.

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