Day 6 – February 27, 2021

Day 6 – February 27, 2021

Listen to me dear child and hear these words. You are here to do marvelous things. Yes, each and every one of you. You need to shed the skin of illusion to understand the divinity on which you stand. A divinity that is whole and of itself. Be one with this divinity and you will be one with itself.

Now, we will let you get back to this little project.

Step 7 – be true to who you are, and who you are is love.

The love that emanates from you returns to you. Do not be a spirit of darkness hiding in the light. When we say love your fellow man we mean love all of him. Not just the big toe or the left ankle. No, we suggest loving the whole man, the good and the bad, the faults and the fallacies.

So often you want to be right. You want your way to be the only way and the light to prevail against the darkness. Well, we have some news for you child. Let that preconceived notion go. Let it fly out the window like your laundry on a windy day.

No, you must, and yes, we say must here, love all of man, even those you deem as unworthy of your love. Love all of man.

This is perhaps the most challenging prescription we can give you. How often do you go about your day saying demeaning and damning things about your fellow man? Well, that man is unworthy of my love because he littered. That man should not deserve my love because he is a false prophet. That man has a different religion or sexuality or belief system.

No. These are childish ideals coming from childish mindsets. To love your fellow man, you must love your fellow man. Not just your neighbor down the street, but the incarcerated man behind bars for murder.

Can you do that? Can you love the murderer and the mother?

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of your modern world. You like to divide your life and your relationships in neat little piles. This is a good mother. This is a mean man. But that is not how life works. Life is supposed to be messy. Life is supposed to be inconvenient. Do you want to go back to your castle and your chocolates?

No, we ask you to love the murderer. Love the rapist. Love those you deem the scum of the earth, because they are just as holy and as worthy as you are.

Yes, reading esoteric literature and spiritual philosophy has done wonders to your mind, but none of that matters unless you apply those lessons to your modern world. Live the life you are meant to live. And you can do that easily if you love your fellow man.

This is the challenge of the ages. One that has only been accomplished by a few but is needed by many.

It is not that hard. Just let go of your ideals of what should be and allow what is to permeate the world.

That man that murdered the children, he was a saint in his past life. Do you choose to damn the soul of a saint? That woman who cheated on her tax return, she was running a government agency designed to help orphans. Why are we calling these souls bad or evil? Why are we separating them into categorize and choosing to remove our love from their souls?

Yes, my children, love your neighbor and the murderer. Love all of humanity with a full and open heart. Love yourself just as much.

Blessed Be.

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