Day 2 – February 22, 2021

Day 2 – February 22, 2021

Now we begin again. First step. Put one foot in front of the other. Learn to walk. Learn to crawl. Learn to talk. Learn to experience the environment around you. There is no need to figure out what to do with the world until you learn how to explore and enjoy the world.

This is a step so often overlooked by the spiritual soul. The purpose of embodiment is embodiment. Meaning the purpose of being here is to live a physical life, not just a spiritual life. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the ideas of enlightenment and holiness when you chose to live this physical life for a reason. Live it.

How does the grass feel on your naked feet? You know you want to run your toes through some thick lush grass. How exciting does that make you feel? How about that favorite sweater passed down from your Nan? Does the silk feel different against your forearm as opposed to your back?

Listen to the voices of man around you and hear the different tones. Listen to the voices of the trees as they make their presence known. Listen to the rabbit as it emerges from its hill. The sounds around you are yours to enjoy and experience.

You will find the greatest comfort and enjoyment in the little pleasures in life if you actually pay attention to those little pleasures. How are you supposed to “enjoy the little things” if you are not aware that the “little things” exist.

How hot is the cup of tea you drink in the morning? How sweet is that dollop of sugar you add? How course is the bread you bite into? Do you even know what sun ripened jam tastes like?

Why are you wasting this precious time you have on earth not experiencing all these little things? All these sights and sounds and tastes and touches that you have the opportunity to expose yourself to.

Do you stop and smell every flower you walk past? Do you know the smell of a stew as it simmers on the stove? Do you anticipate the fragrance of the incense at the altar of your god?

Don’t be ashamed of your humanness. You are human. Let yourself live this human life. A spiritual life on earth is built off of the human experience. Don’t find yourself neglecting the human aspect.

Let yourself be emerged in the world of the senses. Let yourself experience what life on earth is and why you chose this experience.

Because, let us make this clear, you chose this experience. You chose to come here to this earth. There were other planets, other solar systems, other dimensional realities that could have been chosen, but you chose to come here. To this time. Right now. Why?

We will walk you through the steps to ultimate enlightenment if you choose to follow. No path is the correct path, and no way is the only way. These are all merely choices you can choose to make and renew your interest in each day. Each morning when you awaken you make a choice which path to follow. This is an option as good and as strenuous as any other. The choice is yours.

Your first step on this path, experience life in all its glory and enjoyment. Let your physical senses feel the world around you which you chose to experience. There is a reason, but does that reason matter if you don’t enjoy the experience now?

Blessed Be.

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