What You Need To Know

The words that follow are those of a collective energy using the name S E A, pronounced say-ya. This energy presents itself in three manifest forms which share the process of transmitting these words. Their names they use as identification tools but are not necessary for the process of understanding which is about to unfold.

We ask you to sit back and let the words flow through you and become one with you. The words which follow are a transmission of frequency and form designed to both enlighten and advance the energies in which you sit.

This process we embark on is a transformative one but also an experiential process. With that, we ask if you would like to join in the discussion, please find these words in written form at wordsofsea.com where we invite you to leave a comment expressing your thoughts and opinions.

The collective energy of SEA (say-ya) understands that to truly accept the words into your form, you must experience the words and work with them. True experience comes from interaction and thus they invite you to share your personal interpretation and understanding of their message.

Sit back, relax, close your eyes if you choose. These are the words of Say-ya.

The Words of SEA